Heartache and helpless sentence
  1. In this sad and bright March, I passed through my thin youth, through the purple sable, through the kapok, through the hidden sorrows and impermanence.
  2, love a person is not to have him, as long as he gaze at him in the distance, he will be satisfied.
  3, those love carved in the back of the chair , will not like the flowers on the cement, open a windless, lonely forest.
  4. Take my hand and walk with your eyes closed. You won't get lost.
  5, the roses are in full bloom, and the violets are quietly thankful. The grass also spreads quietly, a sinking and oppressive, but tasteful. I am silent, no longer leave.
  6. What is happiness? It is to hide your sorrow and smile at everyone.
  7. The best offense is to attack yourself.
  8. Not every effort will be rewarded, but every harvest must be worked hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
  9, like a shining star, is your eyes with a smile.
  10. Success is a concept. Getting rich is an obligation, and happiness is a right.
  11. Many things that we thought we would never forget in our lifetime are forgotten by us in the days we never forget.
  12, the continuation of friendship comes from the soul, no matter how much contact, as long as there is a sky in each other, then an occasional cry will bring a smile.
  13. No one is sorry who, no one knows who to cherish.
  14. We put down our personality, put down the principle, and let go of freedom, just because we can't let go of the next person.
  15. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and powerless the language is. There is always gap between the words and feelings.
  16. I also thought that if I didn't know you, I wouldn't have the pain of today, but I never regretted it. If you still love me as you said, I forgot to have a good time.
  17. Investing love in one person, taking risks; investing love in many people is dangerous.
  18. Those things that I thought I never remembered were forgotten in the process we never forget.
  19. I want to say a lot. But such a moment, such a place, can be left to you, only my silent prayer: treasure, friends!
  20, the promise is often very similar to a butterfly, the beautiful flying circle and then disappeared.
  21. If one day we are not together, we must be together.
  22, still used to feeling loved, maybe one day in the hustle and bustle of the city, you and I pass by, I will stop, staring at the back that is going away to tell myself, that person. I used to love it.
  23, a person always has to take a strange road, look at strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in a casual moment, you will find that the things that you have tried to forget are really forgotten.
  24. Withering is true. Blooming is just a past.
  25, a trace of sincerity over one thousand two gold, a trace of warmth can reach the miles of frost, a greeting sent warm and sweet, a text message to go to my heart.
  26. Who took my glass shoes and looked for lost glass shoes.
  27, I dare not want too much luxury, just want to think of the moment as forever, turn the present into memories, bit by bit.
  28, some things have not finished, then forget it. Everyone is a king, squatting in his own world, you should not listen to me, but you should not let me listen to you.
  29, only when the long queues, can really realize that they are "the descendants of the dragon."
  30. Hiding at a certain time, I miss the palm prints of a certain time, hiding in a certain place, missing a person who stands on the way and stands on the way, let me care.
  31. Forgetting is the fate that we can't change. Everything is like an unaligned drawing. Everything from the previous ones is not going back to the past. Maybe we should have forgotten something that was staggered.
  32. I like winter, because the day is short and the night is long, so there will be more time to escape.
  33. The hatred of memory is like the scales that have been crossed by the knife. Some of them are left in the body. Some of them are falling in the water. When the water is stirred, a few pieces will twirtle and flicker, but in the middle. Mixed with bloodshot.
  34. My choice is to love you or love you. Your choice is to love me or not to love me.
  35. The submerged mine pit drowned my dreams, and the submerged mines inundated a lot of smiles.
  36. I know that I am not a good recorder, but I like to look back on my own way than anyone else. I can’t help but look back, but time is still my life. Go forward.
  37. After leaving, the two people lost weight, three meals did not have appetite, the four seasons were less spring and autumn, the five bodies voted for the land, the six parents could not persuade, the seven feelings did not return, and the eight points were lonely.
  38. If God wants to destroy a person, he must first make him crazy. But I am crazy for so long, why God still does not destroy me.
  39, you laugh once, I can be happy for a few days; can see you cry once, I am sad for several years.
  40, only the sense of the king is a review, so that I think of the king and the embarrassment.
  41. My world does not allow you to disappear, no matter whether the ending is perfect.
  42. Some people meet like a meteor, and they instantly make an enviable spark, but they are destined to pass by.
  43. The so-called fairness is to cover up the unfair places that people can see.
  44. One day you can go to my mind, you will see that there is all the sadness you gave.
  45. What is wrong with making chicken? Isn’t KFC a chicken?
  46. ​​Passing by, it is also a deep fate.
  47. Hiding at a certain time, missing the palm prints of a certain time; hiding in a certain place, missing a person who stood on the way and stood on the way, let me care.
  48, you give me a tear, I saw all the ocean in your heart.