Sad and sad sentence
  1. When the last rose in the summer, open the wine glass in the empty room! I know that it will eventually wither, just like our love is gone!
  2, I don't think there will be too many tears in the future, even if I cry, I will smile! Go face to everything.
  3. They said, don't be naive. Steady. They are all right, but can I finally relive my childhood happiness, then discard the childlike heart, do what everyone wants me to do, mature and steady people, I always want to know if they See, at that moment, my happy expression will continue to urge me to grow and make me mature?
  4. Habit is a kind of addictive thing, maybe I am. Get used to the sadness, get used to waiting, get used to everything that I used to.
  5, I think, this is not too unfair, you painted the vicissitudes of others to your face, and I deposited sadness , but there is no sorrow.
  6. Those who are afraid of being hurt will never catch true happiness; those who are afraid of harm will always be harmed by others intentionally or unintentionally.
  7. Think about your situation now. I am really confused. I don't want to find any excuses for myself to hide my heart! I broke my own retreat and refused this false love.
  8. The darkness of the darkness may be because of the short-lived beauty of the meteor, and what am I waiting for? what is love? Really awkward, really doubtful! Injured, hurt, tired, but the heart is still looking forward to the distant happiness, but this time, I lost very thoroughly!
  9, memory with the poetic strings to provoke the heart, long dragging the tired body and mind waiting, the long years floating the lost vicissitudes.
  10, once the pledge of the Shanmeng, every sentence is lingering! Some people love so much, the broken heart is never humble, and the silence is turned into a heartless orchid! Although you and I will not return to blame, the last tear in the world! In the most beautiful way, continue to heartbreak!
  11. The rain outside the window is still down, and my tears never stop. There is a problem in my mind. If I say goodbye, is it really never seen? I don’t dare to think about the end, because I’m afraid I’ll never see you again.
  12, the red dust in the past, the long-term love, do not cry for me, I am intoxicated, do not break my heart for me, I will grow old in your waiting, waiting for the old can not go anywhere At the time, I will tell you: Life is with you, and more cold is warm.
  13, the dust of the years is full of too much separation, the sun in April pulls the decadent figure very long, the long green silk witnesses the love of the cockroaches, once and for all, ruthlessly broke the line, the one under the lonely city looks forward to , messy with my vicissitudes of face, painful face of your infatuation.
  14. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this. When you hear sadness , you can find a reason for tears. If you hear the heartache, you can also vent your inexplicable sorrow.
  15. In fact, I am also eager to have a good mood, let myself walk lightly, forget the annual round to make myself a bright smile, but life can not be static, hope and disappointment are always intertwined, occasionally, I also want to find some new breakthrough, but I am struggling to find a new self.
  16, tears salted the loneliness under the night, the soul stalks in the ridiculousness of the dream, the autumn always mourns the pain of falling, the ice and snow freezes the beginning of happiness.
  17, the messy rain hit the limestone wall, too intense, the sound, as if my heartbreaking voice is exactly the same, too familiar. The raindrops on the face, accompanied by the sigh of the sound, soaked my heart, I think, since it is here, it will come even more fiercely, scouring my humble heart.
  18. Don't repent for what you missed. If you miss someone or something, someone will have a chance to meet, others will miss it, and you will have the opportunity to own it. Everyone will miss it, everyone has missed it, it really belongs to you, and will never miss it.
  19. I don't want to talk at the moment, I just want to cry. Looking at the words, recalling the fragments of those memories, at this time; as if I heard my heartbreaking voice.
  20, sometimes, we feel that we have come to an end, in fact, only the heart has come to an end. Deep despair is a process. When there is always an end, avoiding is always not a solution. With the courage to move forward, perhaps the opportunity is in the next second. A few meters have said that I always see the most beautiful scenery in the deepest despair.
  21. If one day, someone who can't come back disappears, and someone who can't leave can leave, it doesn't matter. Time will bring the right person to your side. Before that, what you have to do is take care of yourself.
  22, July willow trees grow more and more lush, rich green cover the sky outside the window, and all the joy or sad memories are also buried in the depths of memory by this group of rich green, which can be The horrible green obscures the sun and the sky, leaving me alone in loneliness...
  23, step by step in the wilderness, let the tears exile, lonely thoughts dyed eyebrows, who is in love who loves poison? When I look back at the road, too many clouds are too rainy.
  24, too many people, too many things, the most important people in my life debut one by one, gave me too much, then one by one, life is like this, cruel and realistic, how much A talented person must not be lost at the intersection of life, a talented person will take your blessing step by step, I will go forward.
  25, some things, knowing that it is wrong, but still insist , because not willing; some people, knowing that it is love, but also give up, because there is no ending; sometimes, knowing that there is no way, but still before OK, because I am used to it.
  26, can slowly cultivate is not love, but habit. What can be gained over time is not emotion but emotion. So love is a gift for a moment, there is, there is no. But on the other hand, love and marriage are not the same thing. Not all love is married, nor is it true that all marriages have love.
  27, your little bits and pieces are stunned by my heart; and my crying my smile, my every move is indifferent to let you ignore.
  28, the most cruel way to treat a lover, not love and hate intertwined, not deceive betrayal, but after the ultimate love, gradually indifferent love.
  29. Some people hit us with their shoulders, but they didn't have time to meet them; when they met, they didn't have time to meet each other; they met each other, but they didn't have time to get familiar, but they still had goodbye. -- Better for yourself, because life is not long; good for those around you, because the next life may not be met.
  30, face, not necessarily the most sad. Lonely, not necessarily unhappy. Get, not necessarily long. Lost, not necessarily no longer have. Don't fall in love because of loneliness, don't be lonely for a lifetime.