Describe the heartache statement
  1. If you like it, you should cherish it. If you cherish it, don't give up.
  2, when the thoughts are too accumulated, deep as a negative, will make some of the words in the distant memory floating to the mouth, people can not help but want to listen again. Because no one can send it, you can only borrow one ear and tell yourself. It will make you burst into tears...
  3, in the countless nights that can't sleep, I believe there will be many people, habitually starting to close their eyes, quietly missing a person, missing a face. And in their hearts, it is enough to have such a person to miss.
  4. Although there are only two short words for "forever", no one can say it completely with words. How far is "forever"? It will not dissipate with the end of life , and the real will always be hidden in the heart. Although the sky will change, people will be old, but the heart will not change.
  5. If the number of old friends in the mobile phone is getting less and less, don't feel lonely, it is inevitable.
  6. If a person is over twenty years old, he will not make a promise and will not let it go. In order to give up the ideal, everyone should know that "take you to see the world" is just a sentence , but also Learning, sometimes in front of life, your so-called dignity is worthless.
  7. Things that are too good are never suitable for experience, because once they are experienced, they cannot be forgotten.
  8. Whenever you are bored, the person who will always give you a text message is the one who cares about you. Don't feel that it should be because of your habits. You should know that there is nothing and no attempt, and there are not many people who will call you. If you have been talking for a long time, you should know why.
  9, have the opportunity to travel alone, remember to turn off the phone.
  10, there is a kind of fate, let go of the scenery, have a heart, insist that the Chinese is sincere.
  11, don't owe friends too much, because you may never have the chance to pay him back.
  12, many things, always understand after the experience, just like feelings: missed, regret, only know that life does not need so many unnecessary attachments.
  13. Many times we don't know, but pretend to know; many things we know, but pretend not to know; many times we are not happy, but pretend to be very happy.
  14. If you like someone to be with him, then there will be no tragedy in this world.
  15. A lot of things can't be controlled by themselves. Even if you are lonely again, you still have to go on. Don't stop and can't look back.
  16. Some people, if they don’t come, can only leave; some things, if they can’t, can only give up; some in the past, about happiness or hurt, can only be buried in the bottom of the heart; some hope, about now or in the future, Can only choose to forget.
  17, if you really like a person, then it is enough to keep a friend's distance, so that it can last a lifetime. Don't expect to be close, once a person has greed, he is destined to lose.
  18, young love can be quiet, but in the years to come, I will always walk in the less of your scenery.
  19. Don't value your dreams too much . Eating enough is the premise of everything. Don't pay too much attention to reality. He (she) will accompany you and give you a shoulder. It is enough.
  20, life is like a train, there are always people of all kinds in the car shuttle. You may also encounter a lot of people in the car that you think have fate, but when the car will stop, there will always be people going up and down from the train of life, when you go down You wave your hand, and you can only remember the way home when you turn around.
  21, life is a hero in success or failure, so you must be strong. If you want to be a big tool, you can't be afraid of it. The road is farther away, and then the thorns are full, as long as you go, bravely thorns, you will be able to go to your destination.
  22, when the tears run out, the left should be strong .
  23, look at the opening a little, the injury will be less.
  24, whether it is youthful youth, meet you only on the road, but I do not know that you are about to leave. Or maybe, too much love, we are all on the road of growth, blindly looking for no direction, stumbling and rushing to the distance. A encounter has been as cool as the fall of the smoke, and a beautiful opening is the end of the opening.
  25, some people have been watching for a lifetime, but have neglected for a lifetime. Some people have a look, but it affects your life. Some people are happy for you, but they are left cold. Some people let you have a short happy, but get a chain of your thoughts. Some people have been wishful for N years, but they have been rejected by you for N years.
  26, do not seek to compare with people, but seek to surpass themselves, crying and crying excited tears, laughing to laugh out of the growing character.
  27. Learn to say "Your tears have nothing to do with me."
  28. Waiting for no bitterness, bitterness is waiting without hope.
  29, it is normal to pay without paying back, just like eating in the cafeteria, giving money, the meat in other people's bowls is more than you.
  30, everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sadness for you, people always have to learn to grow up for a while.