Super sad talk
  1, the heart is like the sea, not to sigh the poetry, who will read me. That kind of waiting mood, that kind of unknown feelings. Over the years, the mountains and rivers have been swaying, and since then, they have been disturbed, and the ink is pitiful, and the nightmare that entangles with me is vaguely unwilling to stay in memory.
  2, pain, is a form in the heart, the pain can not be said, the state of irritability is pouring into the heart, can not be relieved, can not be broad, do not know can still survive for a second; just because, too tired, do not want Indulge in the dirty corner of life.
  3, without your days, life is as quiet as usual, people seem innocent, and will not make any extraordinary moves. However, it can no longer be happy, the heart is silent, and the smile has become a difficult disguise.
  4, always in the cardamom years was banned by loneliness. In the night when every tear falls, I try to enlarge my eyes, but I can't see anything, surrounded by darkness and loneliness. No matter how hard you try, you can't escape. At the moment when the pace of life stopped, the heartbreaking voice was heard very clearly.
  5. Silence is the greatest forbearance in life. Repression and self-abuse are silent protests to life. They are not required, but they are no longer motivated, not indulgent, but they have never taken good care of themselves.
  6, why the heartache, let the brain swell, the heart that is about to collapse can not be calm, the pulse of the beat has been countless is a beat. Why the heartache, let the brain swell, the heart that is about to collapse can not be calm, the pulse of the beat has been countless is a beat.
  7. The clock's hands are turning round and round, looking at the clouds in the sky, dotted with the blue sky, but can't modify my heart. In this age of sorrow and sorrow, the singers of the past have been immersed in the long history, the once beautiful dreams, one by one. Sad , resident... my heart.
  8, through time and space, you know that I can not be your tomorrow. But our encounter is a legend in the world, mournful and unforgettable. Walking in the rivers and lakes, there are always so many big loves and hates. The process is blurred and unpredictable. It is not easy to neglect and ruin the dust of the world.
  9, you said, I am too melancholy, can not bring you the sunshine of life ; you say, I am too self-willed, always disturb your calm heart; you say, I love crying too, my tears always wet you sunny Blue sky.
  10, the dream is so ruthless, the heart is so aware, the fragile pace shakes the soul of the law, marked the powerless effort, a sad love is so free and easy, so beautiful, and touching drunk, describing tears Rain, simple pace, let the clear mind change the direction of the future.
  11, those quiet times, those warm as spring waters in the past, in the quiet operation, gathered together to grow the river, the shore all the way to bloom, like our bright future. And at the bottom of the turbulent Yellow River, how many people's smiles and tears were deposited, nostalgia and pain.
  12, life, only in the wind and rain, can experience the joy of chasing! Life is only in the dark, you can enjoy the beauty of a short-lived!
  13. Perhaps, all the encounters in the world are not accidental. It is the grievances of past lives. It is the cause and effect of a long-awaited reunion. It is the ups and downs of the Forgotten River. It is the compassionate thought on the Sansheng Stone.
  14, fold the willows, you smile. Then turned around. The action was fixed in the hustle and bustle, and the mist became a rain. I look fluent and dirty. I know that even though the railings are shot, time has made the final footnote.
  15, the dream of the heart, far and fascinating, the drunkenness of the mind, the quiet and affectionate, ask the way, the dream of the dream and the beating of the specimen in the dream, is so profound in the confession, or the goodbye of the light, not seen in the heart The tears in the dream fell for the strings of missing.
  16. If I have ever had happiness, even if it is only a very small piece, even if it is always full of defects, but happiness is simple, I think I should learn to satisfy, because the story is always Too beautiful, the ending is too difficult.
  17, night, the hotbed of loneliness, is also the cradle of indulgence. I am afraid, but I love it too. However, I still can't stop the habit of heating, even in such a blazing summer, still holding a cup of hot coffee and a cup of warmth.
  18, love tree wet flowers can not afford to fly, frosted ice heart is difficult to be fragrant. If the dream is alive, I can no longer afford a confident boat. The moist heart is soaked in bitterness. I can no longer feel the warmth of the season.  In the deepest, people are lonely. In the future, I will only be under the curtain, listening to people laughing, my heart becomes a lonely empty city.
  19. In the years of life, after seeing the vicissitudes of life and seeing the slowness of the eyesight, I saw that the scenery of the following year is also dazzling. One person can have no beauty, no language, but no thought, no ambition, so very Fortunately, I will realize and find my own correct position.
  20, the silent night sky, there is no earthly shackles, and there is no impetuousness of the soul. Only the sound of the singer fell from the sky that day, filled the vast universe, filled my empty heart, filled the mossy poetry.
  21, meet in a month and night that will not be drunk, mind as a stone, inadvertently, will be drunk of dreams, lost eyes, staring at the end of the world, lonely heart, ask the way back. The shallow pain of feelings, as if, can stay on the stone road that will not change, then, I go to the left, you go to the right. The ridiculous barriers that I built up, collapsed in an instant, did not see the stop, the wall of the heart was finally lost, and the mess became a blank.
  22, gently sigh, flow through the gap, cool and thin skirts, it seems that you can no longer find the stars, and the moon with the stars. Even if I prayed with utmost piousness, I was very humble waiting, the spring was cold, and I became a night.
  23, if you say that loneliness is just loneliness, people have nowhere to hide, I like the truth that lonely walks, maybe it will be lonely, maybe it will be sad , but this has anything to do, even if it is tears, It has also been a smile.
  24, after the turn of the joys and sorrows in the wind, filled the room, a person, turn off the lights, listen to the sound of the night, let the night erodes the wound, want to cry out, and found that there is no tears, The rest of the distressedness spreads throughout the body and spreads in the silent night.
  25, the heart of the injury, the feeling of being drunk, a tear of tenderness, how many lovesickness have met, change in the middle of the day, change in tears, how to change the heart, how to change the tears, walk in The road is longing for the heart, asking in the heart of the drunk in this life, how much the meaning of this life understands, how much perception of the afterlife agreement.
  26, loneliness is also a landscape. It’s just that the clouds are fascinating, it’s another grace. From then on, you can't shelter you from the wind and rain. Go to the window, and then renew the wine, put your thoughts down, let you lose weight. Long drunk, dance with the moon. In the leisure time, the twenty-four bridge is still there, the waves are swaying, and the cold moon is silent.
  27, tired, thinking too much. But I want to let it go, but I can’t let it go. And some things are always lingering in your heart.
  28. Fear of seeing your change and looking forward to your change. This contradiction is struggling and grimacing. It’s hard to say that those sadness can’t be said anymore. No sleep, the exhaustion of the body can not resist the embarrassment of the soul. Only, let the pain spread and dissipate on its own.
  29, lonely flowers, in this beautiful music, silently bloom, fragrant my life, rich in my Han ink book incense! The sorrow of the ink color faded in the rain, melting in this transparent rain curtain, no trace, no sound! Only leave this euphemistic sound and the quiet rain sounds complement each other, and make a cup of rich vintage!
  30. At some point, the world will fall into silent silence. In this short moment, the thoughts will return to the time like a yellow scroll - as if this little light in front of the eyes is still burning in the past window, warm as ever.