Loneliness and sadness
  1. You suddenly wake me up. Our acquaintance can be calculated in years. You find what you love, and I am still squatting.
  2, under the window, snow, a cup of coffee, hold it cold, only to know that you think of you. I am looking forward to how you can understand!
  3, I have given me all the will, except to let you know that my heart is like a knife.
  4. When they can't meet, they miss each other. But once they can meet, once they walk together, they will torture each other.
  5, in the countless nights that I can't sleep, I believe there will be many people, habitually starting to close their eyes, quietly missing a person, missing a face. And in their hearts, it is enough to have such a person to miss.
  6. Death teaches everyone everything, just like the results announced after the exam--although suddenly realized, but it is too late.
  7. After leaving, I think you should not forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.
  8, love, can not tie, try to let go, go and not go, stay and not stay, I do not want to understand.
  9. When tomorrow becomes today, it became yesterday, and finally became a day that is no longer important in memory. We suddenly found ourselves unknowingly pushed forward by time. This is not a static train, and adjacent When the trains are staggered, it seems to be the illusion of moving forward, but we are really growing up and become another ourselves in this matter.
  10. Whether you are young and youthful, you are only on the road, but you are not going to leave. Or maybe, too much love, we are all on the road of growth, blindly looking for no direction, stumbling and rushing to the distance. A encounter has been as cool as the fall of the smoke, and a beautiful opening is the end of the opening.
  11. You have your sufferings, we have our sufferings, you have your blessings, we have our blessings, don't think that we are unfortunate, don't think that others are happy, each person's life is different, everyone's way It is also different.
  12, the cold was originally a very sad disease.
  13. I would rather not meet you. I would rather we are still strangers. I would rather you want to be the same before, so that I don’t have to suffer any more, so I don’t have to be wronged again!
  14. Many things can't be controlled by themselves. Even if you are lonely again, you still have to go on. Don't stop and can't look back.
  15. Happiness should be accompanied by sorrow , and there should be fine weather after the rain. If it rains after the rain, if it is sad after grief. Please let us calmly face the parting after this parting. Smile to find an impossible person!
  16, young love can be quiet, but in the years to come, I will always walk in the scenery less.
  17. If I turn around, no one will see my tears.
  18, if I do not love you, I will not miss you, I would not envy your side of the opposite sex, I would not lose self-confidence heart and fighting spirit, I will not be painful. If I can not love you, then how good.
  19, the boss no one loves, the house is still not covered, the car did not buy, only love you, plus empty bags,  If you marry me, only love like the sea!
  20, you let me know what is love; you let me know what is cherish; you let me know what is eternal; you let me know what is giving up; I will always put you in me A corner of my heart!
  21. I once had a sincere love in front of me, but I didn't cherish it. When I lost it, I regret it. The most painful thing in the world is this. If God can give me a chance to come again, I will say three words to the girl: I love you. If you have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it is 10,000 years!
  22, your heart is my cape and the end of the world, I can not go further. We have traveled to the ends of the earth in this life, not to travel half a globe, but to be accompanied by people.
  23. If you like someone to be with him, then there will be no tragedy in this world.
  24, the promise was originally a man and a woman's wrestling, sometimes happy, most of the situation is both hurt.
  25. Is it possible to cover your eyes with both hands, and I can see nothing, including when you are with her.
  26. It is not that we are not suitable, but that you are more suitable.
  27. When you fall out of love, there are only 2 possibilities, or you love her, she doesn't love you, or vice versa. Then, when the person you love no longer loves you, or never loves you. You have no regrets, because what you lose is just a person who does not love you.
  28. There is a person in the world who will wait for you forever. No matter when, no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is always such a person.