Sad English sentence
  1, Your sunset, my face, who 
  one third years. Your sunset, my face, who's a third of the year.
  2, I collected about you all, but I do not know how much longer how long. 
  I collect all about you, but I don't know how long it will take.
  3, If you fall in love you just a dream to wake up and then how to reasleep. If you fall in love 
  with a dream, how to sleep again after waking up.
  4, Perhaps silence proved not sure. 
  Maybe silence is not sure.
  5, We are Hardships for the worst, but can not. 
  We are all born with sorrow, but we cannot die of happiness.
  6, The story without tortuous how can teach people to grow. 
  If the story does not twist, how can teach people to grow.
  7, Because you are the demons of my life, I volunteered to degenerate. 
  Because you are the magic barrier of my life, I volunteered to fall.
  8. You love me like who. Who 
  do you like me?
  9. Alpha Never one like you, let me think about beating the pain. I 
  have never been like a person, let me think about the pain of hurting my bones.
  10, Despair doubled expect change twice. 
  Double the desperation with double the expectation.
  11, Youth is like a war, a pungent warm. Youth is like a 
  smoke, and the nose is warm.
  12, Last time I married a swaying shadow. 
  My past time married a shadow of shaking.
  13, I subvert the whole world just to straighten your reflection. 
  I subverted the whole world just to correct your reflection.
  14, Vulnerable to mention that I do not what kind of love. 
  I am not vulnerable, let alone what hurts.
  15, The heart has to hold, so Yiriweinian. The 
  heart is held, so it is only the day.
  16, Vulnerable to the attack, who are 
  incurable. Everyone who is not poisonous has never been saved.
  17. The most beautiful is not the rainy day, but with you avoid the rain eaves. The 
  most beautiful thing is not the rainy day, but the eaves that have escaped the rain with you.
  18, I would like to say that the fact you good, you do not even know. 
  I want to say that you are actually very good, but you do not know.
  19, A dream nobody cares, a Suigetsu mirror flower wasted. A dream of 
  no one cares, a glimpse of the water moon mirror.
  20, We are not wrong, is young ruined promises. 
  We are not wrong, it is a young ruined promise.
  21, Under the loess bones of me and keep you the centenary worryfree. 
  Unless the loess bones I keep you 100 years old without worry.
  22, Feelings of time always forward, never weak retention eyes. 
  Feeling the time forever forward, never stagnate in front of the eyes.
  23, There is always something, and you will see some people. There are always 
  things that will make you see some people.
  24, Love, then heard anyhow Valentine scattered forget it. 
  Even if the love story has been heard, the lover will forget it.
  25, Long absence, my old love, who is going to help me teasing your new love. For a 
  long time, my old love, who will help me tease your new love.
  26, Young love has always been headstrong , but not the flowers only once love. 
  Young love has always been headstrong, but not the only flowers once in love .
  27, Now the wind to flowers do not open, only a lovesickness. 
  Now the wind does not come to spend, only a piece of Acacia.
  28, Perhaps the 
  wind. Let acid, sudden burst into tears. Perhaps the acid wind in the mountains into the eyes, people suddenly burst into tears .
  29, I always remember my pain, but I can not remember loved. 
  I always remember that I hurt, but I can't remember love.
  30, Who gave me love placid who accompany me to see through the fleeting landscape. Who gave me the love that was not shocked, who accompanied me to see the scenery of the passing years 
  31, The world's lingering, the end is still no match for the forget the bitter oligonucleotide soup. 
  The lingering of the world, but still the enemy is not the forgotten of the bitter and sorrowful soup.
  32, One day we must say goodbye. 
  One day we have to say goodbye.
  33, Who said to me, all the thousands of pet me. 
  Who will tell me, all the thousands of pets to me.
  34, A person thinks unforgettable memories, maybe someone else already forgotten. A person thinks 
  that the memories are unforgettable, maybe others have long forgotten.
  35, Who is willing to accompany me crazy, crazy all over the world are touched. 
  Who wants to accompany me crazy, crazy to the world are moved.
  36, We 've lasted a long time, but lost to the enduring as the universe. 
  We stayed for a long time, but lost to forever.
  37, Don't want to swim and do not want to carry out an order. Do not want to 
  follow the tide and do not want to live alone.
  38, So happy to get separated, also glad that they are very powerful. 
  Let happiness go away, but also fortunate that I am very strong.
  39, I've got a whole summer memories. 
  I remembered my memories for a whole summer.
  40, I have no trouble, just a sense of security is too weak. 
  I am not troubled, but the sense of security is too weak .
  41, Sometimes think that you and I,too, are nothing more than red orbital. 
  Sometimes I think that I am the same without you, just a red eye.