Literary sorrow sentence
  1. When love is deeply and stubborn, it is enough to travel through time and space.
  2, the fairy tale is over, forgetting is happiness.
  3, you don't understand me, I don't blame you, you don't love me, I don't hate you.
  4. Every girl who dare not love again must be deeply loved.
  5. Can you help me pull black after I have comforted you?
  6, a lot of truth, we all know, but we can't.
  7. Why? You said that you want to be reconciled with her, but I am heartbroken.
  8. Thanks to those who have no obligation to accompany me but have been with me.
  9, the movie of love , there is no relationship between the scattered, one is quiet, one is crying.
  10. I met you in my lifetime and spent all my luck.
  11, wrong who is wrong, who can say clearly is not as good as my fault.
  12, do not easily recall us, can only use warm smile to warm up.
  13, after I have you, it is equivalent to having the world.
  14. Sometimes, we should remember those sorrows and keep them in mind.
  15, really scared, one day there will be another person, replacing my position in your heart.
  16. If a deep feeling is a tragedy, it must be read in a dead sentence.
  17, time and broken dreams , buried together and constantly fermented, can not stop.
  18. The person who is usually willing to stay and argue with you is the one who truly loves you.
  19. The so-called persistence is just to hold back the tears after turning around.
  20, your soul is paralyzed, and only the echo is left in silence.
  21, pain is not painful only knows that you have changed, only you can understand.
  22, Dear, I love you in this life, and you will love me in the next life.
  23, I can always be a blind man, but I don't want to be a fool.
  24. Love, the greatest and most stupid way is called fulfillment.
  25, your feelings are too fake or too fake or blame me too stupid and stupid.
  26, only blame us too young, want to love but can not give each other the future they want.
  27, strong is not the relief I want, pretend to be good.
  28, some things, not to say is a knot, said it is awkward.
  29. Sorry for my fault, I should not disturb your world.
  30. We all strive to become what others like, and in the end we even forget our true self.
  31. Don't have to promise forever, just love me day after day.
  32. Listening to other people’s stories about you, how strong I am, I dare to pretend that nothing has happened.
  33. The person who loves me is you, and the person who leaves is the same.
  34. Love where the love begins, dreaming of the time when the dream begins.
  35, I have not betrayed you, just no longer love you, nothing more.
  36. Don't force yourself to change yourself.
  37, I am still waiting for you, but you have forgotten to have been here.
  38, the girl said that a thousand breakups are also not clean, the boys said that once the breakup will never look back.
  39. I subvert the whole world, just to correct your reflection.