Beautiful and sad sign
  1. What is the beauty of life, only the glory that comes out.
  2, in fact, sometimes men, not as strong as we think .
  3, in addition to the memorial in front of the tombstone only the last world complaints.
  4. Dear, I am still thinking about your smile. Can only imagine.
  5, life is too long, you are just a landscape!
  6, the years of gold, like the water of the years, with your departure, I ruined my years, you understand?
  7. The real meaning of life is: give birth, live...
  8, the feeling of this thing, knowing that it will be injured, but some people have to try.
  9. Roll it, bring my last charity and roll back to your noble world.
  10. Although sometimes I will feel sad, but I have happiness that others have never had, so I am content!
  11, the whole world can ignore me, only you can not ...
  12, stay with you, my life has only one possibility, that is pain. But leaving you, my life has 10,000 possibilities!
  13. Please stop destroying the only calmness in my heart. I just want to hold this calm and watch you quietly.
  14. Gently don't want to bother you. Unfortunately, I still encountered a memory that made me hurt!
  15. The promise you give is like a star, so much, but I will never get it!
  16. He said, I am afraid of you, yes, you are afraid before you like her.
  17. Age is not a gap, height is not a distance.
  18. The meaning of living is not to say: "I'm sorry," but to say: "It doesn't matter."
  19, in the end, still not enough care. Otherwise, how can you bear to leave me...
  20, love can be a matter of a moment, it can be a lifelong thing.
  21. Not every woman will kiss the frog and imagine that he will become a prince.
  22, deep into your arms, tightly attached to your chest, quietly listening to your heartbeat!
  23, after the injury, I realized that the happiness is coming soon.
  24. If you are not destined to give me the expected response, then we are still outside the safe distance!
  25, love is like the bloom of fireworks, and then beautiful is also a moment of brilliance.
  26, leave you, I will not cry, because you are not worthy...
  27. Close your eyes, I don’t care if you see you.
  28, affection is the burden I can't afford, love is just a lie that happens by chance.
  29, if one day, I am dead, then I must be turned into a wind, always with you!
  30. The most precious words in life are “forgiveness”!
  31. We separate the two cities but have the same breathing.
  32, it’s not that I don’t care about you, but what you call care that I can’t afford it...
  33. Too many things, you know it, you don't have to preach everywhere.
  34. If one day, you said that you missed me, I will tell you: It’s late...
  35, no one will love you forever. Take care of yourself.
  36. There are many things in life, not getting it or losing it. Maybe I have lost a lot, but there must be income!
  37. Those injuries are so beautiful that I refuse to let go, so that smiles are so painful!
  38, life is a one-way ticket, no back, no return!