Sad words
  1, men are not bad, women do not love, this bad does not mean heart and soul, selfish and ruthless. It means a slick tongue and a rhetoric. The average good man thinks that love is a slick, frivolous, so unwilling to do it. It’s not right to say this to others, but to your wife, you have to slick your tongue. Why can't you be a man with a good mouth?
  2, the rain will turn into coffee, the seeds will open a rose, travel is a date, parting is to appreciate the taste of loneliness, not no one to accompany, just blame coffee is not drunk, the road is tired, the rain hits Broken, only friends are the most precious.
  3, cold streets, cold rain, walking on the streets of the cold night, feeling the cold rain, it seems extra awake, but confused, looking at the gray days, rain like a filament Usually connected, hit my face, hit my shoulder, hit my heart.
  4, the world's hustle and bright, worldly joy and happiness, like a clear stream, in the wind, in front of my eyes, passing by, the heat and the same as the spring water, I have no luxury, I only want you to be happy Don't be sad.
  5. If God wants to destroy a person, he must first make him crazy. But I am crazy for so long, why God still does not destroy me.
  6. When your most difficult time is not far from success , if you are in trouble, you will retreat, then if success has already arrived, it will not be with you.
  7. Maybe the white sky is so beautiful because it is short, because it is unintentional but it is hard to forget that you are the beautiful episode of my life . In the ocean of time when people come and go, I will miss you and our love is like that cloud.
  8, I have never dreamed of you hundreds of times, almost every night your figure will come to my dreams. Now, on every side of the day, I miss you more strongly than ever. I only pray that God will give me endurance and not push the goodness of our reunion too far.
  9. Believe in fate and fate, everything is already doomed in the dark. Therefore, whether you are getting or losing, please let it go, and have a grateful heart. Thank you for coming into your life and letting you truly love it once. It is him who has enriched your life. memory.
  10, looking at the sun shining in the sun, the fluffy snow on the treetops, I am in love with those inadvertent happiness, the light time at the tip of the pen gently stopped, followed by the dance steps of youth, rendering I am the embarrassment of you and me, and I miss those beautiful things that belong to you and me.
  11, those love carved in the back of the chair, will not like the flowers on the cement, open a windless, lonely forest.
  12. When the fireworks are flying, the flame falls into the sea. Forgetting is just like remembering, it is the best commemoration for each other. Love is never a destination. Nor is it our mutual rescue.
  13. In this sad and bright March, I passed through my thin youth, passing through the sable, passing through the kapok, passing through the sorrows and impermanence.
  14, love is a bit of accumulation, bit by bit, slowly treasured in the bottom of my heart, slowly brewing in the bottom of my heart, two people come together to care. Quietly, love has changed, and it has become something called happiness, lingering between two people, for a lifetime.
  15. When you stop in such a beautiful and cold place, it will take a long time to think about it and go back and look at it. The other side is still youthful. The phoenix tree is straight on both sides, and the boy or girl sways all the way. The laughter stayed in the ear for a long time.
  16, gradually understand, the person who cares the most, is often the easiest to let you cry; gradually understand, a lot of love is an encounter can not be met; gradually understand, many things can only have one, let go means lost Gradually understand, too much care about a person will often hurt themselves; gradually understand, true love does not need to return; gradually understand, we are a passer-by, because they have not stopped for love, in fact, a person is very good.
  17. I am waiting for someone, a person who can put my loneliness on a rest! A person who can accompany me to listen to all the sad love songs but will not make me want to cry! One who can find a hundred shortcomings on him but still insist on love! One will say to me: We have pits to jump together, have a bitter taste together, and have a lifetime together! In fact, I have been waiting for you, don’t you really know?
  18, the time of love can be as long as possible. There are at least two advantages to this: First, full, enjoy the pleasure of love as long as possible, the feeling of marriage and love is very different.  Second, the longer the two get along with each other, the more they can test whether they are genuine, the more they can see whether the two characters fit together. This way the feelings after marriage will be much stronger.
  19, lonely people will always remember every person who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you still remembering my loneliness over and over again in every night of starry night.
  20, the sky and the sea fall in love, but their hands can not hold, can not let love continue. The sky is crying, tears are falling on the sea, even if punished, the sky will send the soul to the sea! Since then, Haibi is blue.
  21, the world is bright and bright, the worldly happiness and happiness, like the clear stream, in the wind, in front of my eyes, passing by, the warmth is like a spring, I have no hope, I only want you to be happy, not sad…
  22. In life, people are constantly leaving or entering. So, seeing, invisible; remembering, forgotten. In life, there is constant gain and loss, so invisible, saw; forgotten, remembered. However, invisible, is it equal to existence? Keep in mind, it is not forever?
  23, the years are like a river, the left bank is an unforgettable memory, the right bank is a youthful year worthy of grasp, the middle of the fast flowing, is the sadness of young sorrow.
  24, when no one is afraid to accompany, learn to be brave; no one asks when annoying, learn to bear; no one can rely on when tired, learn to stand on their own. If you are sick, you must learn to be patient, persist , and be strong. Even if you are sad alone, don't beg for mercy. It is cheap, and it is cheap. This society does not believe in tears.
  25. With the passion of magma jetting, you can calm down and taste the oysters of Kudingcha. After the flow of time, some of the thoughts were quietly lost, like the faded blue print, gradually becoming a blank. If it disappears, it will become eternal.