Most sad words
  1. When I am a kite, don't let me go, or take it home, don't smack me with an invisible feeling, and make me sad.
  2, on the other side of the perfect has just staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears in the withered thorns bred a flower bud, it will experience seven thunderstorms of reincarnation, and then bloom in the humid air...
  3. You can fall in love with a person in one day, but you have to forget someone for a lifetime.
  4. It is unconscious to let a person walk into his own heart.
  5, I have given it, I am willing, except to let you know that my heart is like a knife. 
  6. The regrets of this life have ended with him not starting, and he has passed by.
  7. Actually, I have been waiting around you. When you rely on my shoulder to appeal, will there be a day, your gentleness belongs to me, I will not let you sad again, let your tears flow again!
  8. The cruelest thing in the world is that you know that I like you, but I don’t know. 
  9, passing by, in fact, is also a very deep fate.
  10. People who love themselves are a kind of happiness. You can remember the beauty of the past.
  11, you care, he does not care, love people who do not love themselves, there is no return.
  12, love a person is not to have him, as long as he is watching him silently in the distance, he is satisfied.
  13. Regarding the memory of love, it is necessary to collect it well, but it is only happiness in the future.
  14, please do not leave tears in front of him, he can not give you care and concern,   at most only a little sympathy.
  15. I just lied to him for a day, but he lied to me for a lifetime.
  16, the fish is hooked, it is because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, it is willing to use life to Bo fisherman smile...
  17, the rainy air, tired and sad, the fairy tale in my memory has slowly melted.
  18, life is not only, lonely. Lonely life is endless, and loneliness is the theme of love forever. I am alone with my shadow. It said it had a whisper to want to tell me. It said that it misses you very much. It turns out that both me and my shadow are thinking of you.
  19. If there is no tears, the heart is a dry lake. 
  20, since love, why not say export, some things are lost, just can't come back!
  21, because I loved, so I will not become an enemy, because I have been hurt, so I will not be friends. 
  22, love is a feeling, when this feeling is gone, I am still trying to force myself, this is called responsibility! Breaking up is a kind of courage! When this courage is gone, I am still encouraging myself. This is called tragic!
  23, I like to leave my mark on you, but I never remember that you never belonged to me... If one day, I no longer like you, my life will be as degraded as before, decadent... I I don't want to live like that anymore, so before I have given up on you, please, at least, like me...