Beautiful sad text
  1. Perhaps, turning around is to forget, but turned around, but found that there is a heartbreaking lung called a miss.
  2, people who love, not necessarily get married, and the person who is married is not necessarily his own person.
  3, maybe, God does not give me, no matter how tightly my arms are, I still leak; give me, no matter how I lost in the past, I will have it.
  4. When you can't have it again, the only thing you can do is not to forget.
  5, there is a kind of blessing called no words, there is a kind of concern forever, regardless of the ends of the earth, if you are well, I will be sunny.
  6. Only those who are displaced can understand that the thing is a pain.
  7, don't rely on others, it is when you still have someone to rely on.
  8, because of deep love, so speechless; because of understanding, so tolerance; because you want to save a good, so choose to forget.
  9, you and me are interlocking, finally let me feel the gentleness of your hand.
  10, the lingering in your mind is your figure, I still can't forget.
  11. If there are not so many faults, we will not be sad.
  12, watching the story of others, flowing their own tears.
  13, I will wait for life, can't change the gaze of your moment.
  14. I like my present self. I miss the past.
  15, the infatuated side is destined to the deepest injury, since the ancient infatuation eventually became empty.
  16. One day you can go to my mind, you will see that there is all the sadness you gave.
  17. If love can come back, I will not be hurt by you again.
  18. When you came, you have missed the flowering period, so let this feeling be sealed in your heart. Sometimes, gazing far away is always better than a flash in the pan.
  19. Please be confident . You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in other people's landscapes.
  20. Everything I do is silent, bitter and sweet, and more is chewing on my heart.
  21, love is like a tug-of-war competition can not stop at the beginning.
  22. The girl actually shed a tear in my heart. I can feel how sad she was at the time...
  23, time, you can forget everything, you can also make some memories deeper, some people say good to forget, but can't do it; some feelings, after a circle, will still return to the original point.
  24, I also don't want to hang under your tree, because it will bring you concerns, but I can't help myself. Do you like a person wrong?
  25, everyone is eager for happiness, because happiness is always ahead, so the heart is always on the road.
  26, do not cry, not necessarily did not feel, it is too deep pain, drowning all the echoes.
  27, life is not the same thing, seventy-eight, although the sunset is west, but in a certain country is the sunrise.
  28, give yourself a smile every day, tell yourself to be happy, because compared to those who struggle on the death line, living a healthy, is a kind of happiness.
  29, when love passes by, you no longer belong to me, we are just passers-by.
  30. You are the prince in the fairy tale I made, and I am just a passing passenger in your life .
  31. True love cannot be expressed in words, and behavior is the best illustration of loyalty.
  32. Don't give up the purpose you were determined to achieve just because of one failure.
  33, I am very good, no noisy, no trouble, no show off, don't be wronged, don't laugh, don't need others to know.
  34, I pretended not to see, but I heard those rumors in my ear.
  35. Some things will be remembered inadvertently; some memories, white hair can not be forgotten; some wounds, others will never see, because it is deep in your heart.
  36. There are always some sentences that will be injured and hurt; there will always be one person who will stand in memory forever.
  37. I don't dare to ask for too much. I just want to treat the moment as a forever, and turn it into a memory, bit by bit.
  38. Awaken the forgotten time with a song that I saw before.
  39, my choice is to love you or love you, your choice is to love me or not love me!
  40, I just want to be serious now, no matter how good or bad.
  41. Everyone has had the experience of struggling in love and not love. If you love it, you can earn it by flying. You can't earn it or you may die.
  42. It is unconscious to let a person walk into his own heart.
  43. You have never given me a look back, but I am always smiling at you.
  44, I have given it, I am willing, except to let you know that my heart is like a knife.
  45, people, not afraid of small, afraid of humble; people, can be arrogant, but not arrogant, no matter how others look at you, you have to see yourself.
  46. ​​I don't know how long the sky is, how long is the land? But I know that on the road of love, everyone is eager for a long time.
  47. To love someone is not to have him. As long as you look at him silently in the distance, you will be satisfied.
  48. Some get, not necessarily long-term; some lose, may not have to own. Life is like a hike. It is important to learn to smile in pain.
  49. There is a kind of feeling called perfection, there is a kind of leave for thinking, when the thoughts and fulfillment become a dream, who's tears smashed whose smile?
  50. Life is too short. If you are ignorant of your life, your short life will be too long.