Lost love sad statement
  1. You are a tragic person in my life that no one else can see.
  2. I like you more than this world.
  3. There is no problem with naive people and naive people. Mature people and mature people have no problem together. Mature people and naive people have more problems together.
  4, we probably will never be as hard as before, until we cried out.
  5, fate such a thing, how can it be like a certain goal, as long as you work hard, you will be able to get it!
  6, ruthless does not seem to be more affectionate, one inch is still tens of millions. When there is a poor corner in the world, there is only endless love!
  7, love is like eating, you must be your favorite, you can wait for the dishes on the table, you can not help but first look at other people's dishes.
  8. I have been waiting for you, but I have not waited for you. I have not waited for you, but I have been waiting for you.
  9, there are two things that can prove love, the same is life and death, the other is time. After a long time, those who love and fade in love will also be scattered. This is the time to wake up.
  10. I have been watching you all the time, always.
  11. I know that someone in the world is waiting for me, but I don't know who I am waiting for. For this, I am very happy every day.
  12. If a man is handsome and handsome, it seems to be better than others in the eyes of women.
  13. Don't fall in love for loneliness. Time is a devil. If you are a passionate person, even if you don't love each other, you will have feelings at the end. What do you do in the end?
  14, love is like a cup of milk, fragrantly floating outside, sweetly floating on the surface, sour and soaked in the inside, bitterly sinking underneath, vaguely reflected you inside.
  15. The future is so long, long enough for me to forget you. It's enough for me to re-power my likes, just like I liked you.
  16. I look at you like a sunflower like a sunflower, but it is the most inconspicuous one.
  17. Affection is a burden that I can't afford, and love is just a lie that happens by chance.
  18, silence is not simply a blind talk, people who can't live without it are easy to fail,  timely silence is a kind of wisdom, a skill, a kind of advantage.
  19, the right time to meet the right person, is a happy life; the right time to meet the wrong person, is a heart injury; the wrong time to meet the right person, is a ridiculous; the wrong time to meet the wrong person is a sigh .
  20. Who has not suffered for the crush? We always think that the infatuation is very heavy and heavy, and it is the heaviest weight in the world. One day, when I looked back, we discovered that it has always been very light and light. We think that love is very deep and deep. In the coming days, you will know that it is very shallow and shallow. The deepest and heaviest love must grow with time.
  21. When love dominates everything, power does not exist; when power dominates everything, love is small, and the two are each other's shadow.
  22, the man who came home early, telling stories to his wife; the man who came home late, made a story to his wife.
  23, at least once in a lifetime, for a certain person to forget themselves, do not seek results, do not seek peers, do not want to have, or even ask you to love me. Just ask for you in my most beautiful years.
  24, I would like to ask who is a knowledgeable person to help me explain, what is love? Although I can't tell, but I can feel that love is like I am now to you? Did you feel it?
  25, sometimes, love is also a kind of injury. Cruel people, choose to hurt others, kind people, choose to hurt themselves.
  26, an unacceptable love, what is needed is not sad, but time, a time that can be used to forget. A deeply hurt heart needs not sympathy but understanding.
  27. You have been here for a while, I miss for a lifetime.