Sad heart sentence
  1, the legend, the memory of the fish is only seven seconds, if it is really like that, I would like to fish, remember you frequently, and then forget you.
  2, said on the mouth, quit me, said in my heart, remember me...
  3, I took the flow of years, chaos of life.
  4. Why do we always understand at the last minute that our love is no longer there.
  5, I always want to get your love, even a little bit, but I forgot, you do not love, even a little bit.
  6, a person does not know what is owned, two people do not know how to grasp, the more you care about the more vulnerable.
  7. The simple sentence disappears, we are not even strangers.
  8, I, a woman with a heart, seduce how many men, including you, you, a passionate man, how many women, including me.
  9. Perhaps, I am passionate about myself, let me self-directed this tragedy.
  10. When the time passes, we will eventually become strangers, and the unchanging story will be the end.
  11, I will always remember, the twists and turns in your eyes, how much time to exchange for the qualifications of ordinary friends.
  12. Our director is just a play that I see clearly.
  13, some people, I can not let go, but I am helpless, pretending to be strong, laughing and saying no matter, the more happy the smile, the more pain in my heart.
  14, maybe everyone has to remember can not forget, love is humble, but also bite the teeth and refuse to let people.
  15, love, hate, cry, tired, it should be over.
  16. Please allow me little pride, because I am alone!
  17. If we are two parallel lines, even if they are not parallel, there will only be one intersection. Once separated, they will gradually drift away.
  18, I use the inner repression, change to a smile, stubborn, and unique.
  19, like to be shallow love, love is deeply like, if I can't get all, I would rather have nothing.
  20. Later, we were a bit strange.
  21, if, I can go back to the past, I will choose not to know you, not my regret, I can not face the end without you.
  22, in your eyes, I saw that my article is worthless.
  23, used to it, see through, understand, heart is dead, tired, it should sleep.
  24, never thought about it, you can love so humble, humble, just because of your words , I am very happy.
  25. If everyone is independent, then the so-called grief will be less.
  26, smile to see you turn and leave, then gently lick the corners of your mouth, pumping yourself a slap in the face.
  27, countless times use 'you care about me' to cover up the injury you gave me, but you never care about me.
  28. It turns out that everything is my own passion, you are just playing with me.
  29, after the future, only live for yourself.
  30. If everything is a play, why do we play so realistic.
  31. I used to think that if you leave me, I will die. After half a year, I am surprised. Why am I still alive?
  32. How many injuries are hidden behind each smile?
  33, your love, I am embarrassed.
  34. Occasionally recall that you are clumsy and serious when you say that you love me, if you are separated from the world, you will die.
  35, suddenly do not know, I should be distressed, he should still feel bad.
  36, happy, but it is an excuse to find a tear and a tear in the wound; happiness,  just wants to have a reason for happiness.
  37, I cried a hundred times, just want to make you feel bad about me once.
  38. We have had feelings, but those are once, once there was someone who said that I love you forever.
  39, you said, sorry, I don't deserve, I laugh, oh, good reason.
  40. As long as you have a sentence, let me leave.
  41. Why are you close to me, but I can't see you with a magnifying glass.
  42, life is like a dream, I always sleep, life is like a play, I always laugh.
  43. After you, I love myself more.
  44. There are so many lonely people, and there are several happy ones.
  45. As long as you are simple, how can I have the heart to play with you?
  46. ​​Everything I know, I am just cooperating with you to hurt my heart.
  47, I will not tolerate learning, I will not give up, I will not learn to be smiling after you betray me.
  48, the hands on the keyboard have been shaking, tears dripping on the keyboard, you never know.
  49, night, sleep, wake up, drunk, you are still gone.
  50, seeing me crying, you really don't care.