Sentimental talk about mood phrases
  1, because the heart is hard, so it will break when you fall.
  2. I am so good to you, what about you? Have you cherished?
  3. I am too young to even know how to love her.
  4, watching you turn around, only to know how arrogant the original arrogance is unsightly.
  5, I have been paying attention to you, everything you know or don't know.
  6, keep telling yourself not to care too much.
  7, I give you all my gentleness, you give me your entire universe.
  8. Seeing it clearly is awkward. The more you understand it, the more you are afraid.
  9. If heaven is full, then we will go to hell.
  10. Some people are deceiving all their lives, and some people use a lifetime to deceive a person.
  11, your smile with a touch of sadness, watching you smile when you are joking with others. My smile is a bit awkward.
  12, find a person who does not love to fall in love; even if he is lame, he is indifferent.
  13, gray days, confused rain, you always have such a trace of sorrow, there is always a trace of sadness, and I can only say some pale and powerless nonsense, only in the world A corner is your helpless blessing! Why! ? You can only rely on yourself to find the sunny day. What you can do for you is only silent support, waiting quietly!
  14. In everyone's heart, there is a song with a long memory. In the depths of each heart, there is an untouchable dream. Occasionally, when the night is quiet, listening to the sad songs, reading the broken heart words, then brewing a few drops of tears in the corners of the eyes, along the cheeks, along the memory, along the pain of the heart, slowly surging, resulting in love river.
  15. A lover who always stands in the memory of a sad person; a lover, a person who cannot be close but cannot be forgotten; a lover can only become a landscape, beauty is in it, but it cannot be eternal.
  16. It is not the footsteps but the mood that is exhausted. The failure is not the result but the will.
  17. The past things can not be forgotten, but they must be put down.
  18, today I know that the hoarse voice that can make me cry in an instant is from 4men's Shen Yong! I heard this voice in the Korean drama episode a few years ago, and I will never forget it.   I always thought it was a big uncle singer. I really didn’t expect Shen Yong to be born in 1989. A sad song!
  19. Your camouflage technique is really good. I lost you so much before.
  20, the quiet autumn cool, pillow a window of the moon silver, a distant Acacia.
  21, the best hardship is to think of you crying, the best happiness is to remember a person!
  22, now watching Jian Yu has not been so sad before, but there are regrets, the mood is now very different, unlike before, do not want to see.
  23, when you meet a warmth besides me, the happiness of the two becomes three people crowded.
  24, the most afraid of loneliness, where will be now.
  25, watch a movie that is not painful, talk about a love without purpose .
  26, to do a light and happy woman, write a noble love letter to myself.
  27. When you want to give up, think about why you insisted on coming here.
  28, my state of mind, always accompanied by my own emotions, in this awkward city, with the wind. I always feel that I have too much sadness, and I always feel that I have endless shackles. In fact, this is just my own feeling! Quietly, a person quietly thinks, there should always be their own home. Although I have had it before, but I can't get it now, in fact, this is also a sincere emotional life!
  29. Time will take our secrets.
  30. I entered this door last year. The face of the peach blossoms is red, and the human face does not know where to go. The peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze. The woman who looked at him and made him think for a lifetime could never understand the unspeakable grief in the heart. This past year, it should be a good morning, since you have already left, the beauty of the scenery is also addictive. Life is such a reunion of the wrong, no regrets, how can you realize what happiness is?
  31, my love, only one, either do not pay, or pay all.
  32. For you to pay, will you know this kind of person?
  33. Paying always pays off. I believe that there is love in your emotions.
  34. When you are dull, you are willing to be with me.