Sad microblogging talk
  1. Sometimes we have some nearsightedness, ignoring the most real emotions from us; sometimes we have some farsightedness and blur the happiness that is closest to us. Life is really short, far from what we think, and it’s really not far. Therefore, it is better for those who love you and for yourself. Today is your pillow. You may become a stranger tomorrow. If you don’t have time to fall in love, don’t expect to meet in the next life.
  2, do you feel very lonely, very lonely, there are always endless thoughts to tell, always feel that you have too much sadness . In fact, you don't have to be like this, because many people are the same as you, like you, like me, like him... We are all people living in the ordinary red dust, natural life will be scarred on us, the degree of sadness is not the scar How much, but how fast it heals. Life is an alternating process, and joy and sorrow always come and go.
  3. Leaving is always easier than meeting, because encounters are the fate of hundreds of millions of people, and leaving is only the ending of two people. However, the world does not see the hustle and bustle of the affair, always thinking that the opportunity is unlimited, so do not cherish the people in front of you. People always do this, want a shoulder when you are sad , and want to embrace the world when you are happy. Love someone does not necessarily have it, but if you have it, you must cherish it. The time stolen is always precious that cannot be seen under the eyelids.
  4. If I don't care about you, I won't laugh for you; I won't be so fragile; I won't care about everything you do, I won't think of you in a daze; I won't remember every sentence you say. Words won't hurt you; don't cherish when you are with you; don't always think of you involuntarily; don't torture yourself so easily; don't argue with you for small things; all because I care about you…
  5. The beginning of the beginning is always sweet. Then there was boredom, habit, abandonment, loneliness, despair and sneer. I was eager to stay with one person, and later, I was glad that I left. Once upon a time, in a short period of time, we thought we were deeply in love with someone. Later, we realized that it was not love, it was just lying to ourselves.
  6, the arrival of the lucky god is often because you insisted for a while, took a few more steps, found a more road, and turned a corner.
  7. For those who don't love themselves, what they need most is understanding, giving up and blessing. A person who understands knows how to give up, and a true one knows how to sacrifice.
  8. I want to give you happiness, but I can't walk into your world. I want to use my world to exchange for a ticket to your world, but that is just my wishful thinking.
  9. Don't love me, don't touch me. The most terrible word in the world is not separation, but distance. One person is afraid of loneliness, and two people are afraid to live up to it. Once the sea was dry and stone, it was not good enough to get together. We always practice smiling and finally become people who don't dare to cry. Gorgeous turn, gorgeous tears, gorgeous talk, don't love you. It is said that after losing, I know how to cherish it. In fact, the loss after cherishing is the most painful.
  10, breakups are often said to be accidental, on a certain day is inevitable, because we are too strong and too confident , think that we can accept everything from the other side, that only they can give her happiness, but in fact it is not the case. When you leave her, someone will be with her and make her happy. When you don't love her, she will fall in love with another person who shouldn't love and choose to forget you. Love seen with the eyes is only superficial, true love is to listen carefully.
  11, women remember, some men love you, I want to live with you for a lifetime. Some men love you and just want to spend a while with you. A man who has lived a lifetime will not be very hard to love you, because he has to put his strength into life. A man who will spend a while will love the death of your love, because he only needs to love you, sleep over you and abandon you. So good men take care of your life, bad men take care of your feelings.
  12. If there is no "love" in this world, will I not be so sad now? If there is no "love" in this world, will I not be so sad now? If you haven't met you, have you not left? If I have never touched the truth, is it still very happy now? Because I love, so my heart hurts, maybe you don't care, so I am cold...
  13. There is no unchanging commitment in love, and there is no indestructible commitment. Love is just a kind of emotional desire when people are alone. Real love is not as sacred and elegant as ideal love. It is an equal amount of substitution, if there is no other material security.
  14, I want to have a person, his signature is only for me to write, can give me the only group on Q, when I am with me, only me in my eyes, will only be vulnerable in front of me, all the thoughts in his heart Give it to me. When I look at me, I will always make me warm. I will always think about me, and I will let me know. I will care for me and say something that will warm me up... I will not deceive me to betray me. When I am angry, I will Tell me: I am angry. Not hiding in my heart...
  15. I love you very much, but I don't know how to get close to you, so I feel that it is okay to leave. There is no difference. The result is the same anyway. It is not good or bad. The important thing is that I used to be obsessed with you, just like I was obsessed with a carved wooden chair in the late Qing Dynasty.
  16. If there is a kind of love that can never be seen, it is like a kind of fire that never ignites, lonely staring at the dark sky, but there is always a heart that needs to be clarified , and love needs to be carried out to the last moment,  is not worthy of this life! Life is like this, missed the snow, missed the winter, missed the grass, missed a soul, missed a decision, and missed the whole life! The time is right, the location is right, the feelings are right, but the characters are wrong.
  17. I didn't meet at the beginning, maybe I won't be me now. In your world, I laughed and hurt. Today, I am exhausted and walk out of your world with my own shadow. Will not cry for you again, will not be silly waiting for your call, will not ask you not to leave. If love is humble, it is no longer love; if love is painful, it is not love, letting go is the best relief.
  18, I finally decided to forget you, I do not wear the clothes you sent me, do not go to the coffee shop, cinema and other old places we have been, I am afraid to meet you; I decided to forget you, I will not see us A common friend, I deleted all your contact information, I was afraid of getting your news; I decided to forget you, I don’t watch the movies we have watched, I don’t listen to the songs we have heard, I’m afraid I will think of you suddenly; Feelings, the more you deliberately forget, the more you forget.
  19. I remember that your palm is warm. You said that you love me. We walked around for so long and returned to here. You quickly plunged into another relationship. We once said that the good sweet oath was broken by us. The original time made us lose each other, and let us learn to forget. Love and love, but it is a self-satisfaction. But I love you and love a whole one.
  20, some people will never know, his words, I will remember for a long time; his one promises that he does not agree, I have to wait for the wait. After that, it changes after the passage of time, and fades, gradually, and forgets. The last second, with full expectations, like being pushed into the high sky; then the next second, full of disappointment, like falling from the sky...
  21, if I don't care, anything you say, anything you do, can't touch my nerves, you are the one who walks outside my heart; if I don't care, the pain is a kind of numbness, hurt It is a kind of indifference, and more injuries, I will gently say to you: It doesn't matter; if I don't care, I can dust all the memories and think about how to go in the future. But I can't do it, I care so much about you.
  22, don't believe in the oath of the sea, because you can't wait that day. Keep your heart clean and don't say your love easily. Believe in true love, but never foolish, don't fall in love with a person who uses all means in love, don't believe a person who is not ready to introduce you to his circle of friends. The most important thing is to keep a few innocent children, be happy, cheerful, and be a happy and warm person.
  23, love and be loved are all happy things, don't let these become pain.
  24, before love does not begin, you will never imagine that you will love someone like that; before love is over, you will never imagine that love will disappear; before love is forgotten, you can never imagine that Unforgettable love will only leave a trace of faintness; before love begins again, you can never imagine that you can find such love again.
  25, when I was a child, I hoped that I would grow up quickly and grow up, but I found that I lost my childhood. When I was single, I began to envy the sweetness of my lover. When I was in love, I missed the freedom of being single. Many things always feel good when they are not obtained. After they get it, they begin to understand: "We are also losing when we get it."