Sad sentence
  1. Walking and walking, the words are gone, the memories are all light; when you look at it, you are tired, and the starlight is dark; when you listen, you wake up and start to complain; when you look back, you are gone, Suddenly I was confused.
  2. When is the man the most handsome? When he said that he doesn't love you, this charm is the most toxic, be careful!
  3, my world is too quiet, quiet to hear the sound of my heartbeat. The blood in the atrium slowly flows back to the ventricle, and so on. Smart people like to guess, maybe guess the other person's heart, but also lost their own. Stupid people, like to give heart, may be deceived, but may not be able to get someone else's. You thought that I was invulnerable, I thought that you were not poisoned.
  4. Some women. It will make people feel that no one in the world is willing to be bad for her. However, this woman. I just can't get what she has been looking forward to.
  5. There is no softness in the hard city. Love , life, not Lin Daiyu, will not be tempered by grief.
  6, scorn a love story, write a love painting. Blooming in the ground, covering a piece of blue tile. Have a cup of tea and a bowl of blue sand. Pull up a veil and see the crescent moon. Love is like ink and blue flowers, why are you afraid of the moment?
  7. If you don't want to appear in front of me at the beginning, then I may not know the taste of happiness... How cruel you are, give me all the love, and I will give it to me, telling me I, you always like me, never leave me. Let me mistake it, I can be happy like a spoiled child, I am wrong to think that as long as you hold you, you can have the whole world.
  8. You see, or don't see me, I am there, no sadness or no joy; you read, or don't read me, love is there, don't come or go; you love, or don't love me, love is there, Don't increase or decrease; you follow, or don't follow me, my hand is in your hands, don't give up.
  9. We are afraid of the years, but we don’t know how gratifying it is to live. We believe that survival is boring, and many people are struggling between life and death. When are we willing to be grateful for what we have? Forget the years, forget the pain, and forget your bad. We will never say goodbye.
  10, time can prove love, but also can overthrow love. No sorrow can't be alleviated by time. If time does not make you forget those who should not remember, what is the meaning of our lost years? If all the sorrows, pains, and failures are false, how much better? Unfortunately, in the world there are many false heart, their heartbreak, pain and suffering before, sad melancholy, hysteria, and so on. But it is always true.
  11. Forgetting is a fate that we can't change. Everything is like an unaligned drawing. Everything from the past can't be seen in the past. Just like this, slowly stretch a little bit of staggering, maybe staggered things, really. It should be forgotten.
  12. I don't like to talk but say the most every day. I don't like to laugh but always laugh. Everyone around me says that my life is so happy, so I think I am really happy... but why do I? Suddenly silent in a large group of friends, why do you see a similar back in the crowd is sad, seeing the autumn trees frantically falling leaves, I forgot to talk, seeing the warm yellow lights on the road, I forgot my original The direction.
  13. The sun sets, when I miss it the most, in the city where you are, I said: I miss you, don't know, you can hear it.
  14, sometimes, very confused to see the front, clearly know that the sea is not you, but also stubbornly stepping on the train to chase the love you do not understand, fear is always true existence, wonderful lonely total It is with us that we should understand that we can't stay in the same place, we can't be stubborn, we won't come back, we can't struggle to watch you.
  15. People are affectionate animals, but feelings are nothing to do as a means of catching, and that life will surely be trusted in the vortex of emotions. No one vows: If you expect to be able to exchange for a strange view, I am willing to wait, even for a year, Yang or life! But who is the passer who lives outside, who is the runner of life?
  16. You are too anxious, I began to wonder if you have been there before. If it is only an illusion, why is the plot so clear? Go, leave, no heartache, just regret. I gradually realized that it is useless to retain. So I gave the freedom that I could give, so I didn't care.
  17. The silk of memory is like a spell. It wraps me in every rising moon. It reminds me that you can't forget the one you loved. I remember, I remember, so I am with other people. I feel embarrassed when I smile, so I walk side by side with others, and I feel heavy with my hands. What do I want to do, cut the thread, and then do not shackle.
  18. When we were young, we danced in the same field because of love or because of loneliness. After the vicissitudes of life, why are we lonely because we are willing to be strangers.
  19. Maybe. This is just a dream. A broken dream. Flower with flowers thank you. Finally, it is still awkward. Meet each other. In the end, it is still not harmonious.
  20. We are too close to memories and too far from freedom. Sometimes I never forget, just fall in love with memories. One hesitation, one betrayal, one accident, enough to make it wither. Get rid of everything and vanish.
  21, at least once in a lifetime, for a certain person to forget yourself, do not seek results, do not seek peers, do not seek to have,  do not even ask you to love me, but only in my most beautiful In the year of China, I met you.
  22, a few years later, found that countless feelings do not tear and break, the original is not complete, you do not need to shred. Now, I am beginning to miss the rainy night that shred your letters and photos. I envy myself at that time, and complete happiness can be shredded.
  23. Everyone thinks that they will be exceptionally regretted. Everyone thinks that the feelings they have are also exceptionally weak. Everyone who thinks that the object of love happens to be the exception, outside the change. However, in the end, except for the change, there is no exception.
  24, this smile, exhausted the strength of pain; this time relieved, use the place to remember; this farewell, exhausted the courage to love; this time crying, exhausted your expression of love; because this is the last time love you.
  25, youth, like a grand and gorgeous play, we have different masks, play different roles, perform different experiences, but have the same sorrow.
  26, when a person is intoxicated in a fantasy, he will turn this fantasy into a vague feeling, as a real wine. You drink alcohol for drunkenness; I drink alcohol to wake up from other kinds of drunkenness.
  27, that he called to ask: "How are you?" You replied plainly: "I am fine." In fact, you still love him, you are not good at all. The man is pretending to be strong , just afraid that the woman will find him weak. A woman pretends to be happy, just afraid that the man finds her sad.
  28. When we are in love, we clearly know two people, but why do we feel that we are alone? After separation, it is obvious that he is alone, but why can't he still get rid of two people? The loneliness of feelings is probably: love and relief - can not be completely
  29, let the woman remember the feelings, let the man remember is the feeling. Feelings of precipitation over time, feeling disappear over time. In the end, it is a different species, so who can understand who's deep love, who can understand who left.
  30, glitz life, forget about a season. There are memories and empty lines. The smile is gone, and there are thousands of smiles. String, think Huanian. Those years are like dreams. It’s also like running water, never going back. Don't cry, don't tell the end.
  31. Love is a hypnosis. After you wake up, who is sucking the spirit. This is why after I loved it, I always felt that I not only lost him but also lost part of myself. The person being loved is always a person in the palm of the hand, and the person who loves is lost. In every sentimental feeling, there is always someone who sacrifices the soul and gains cruelty.
  32. Never deceive a woman because we can see it at a glance. Do you know the biggest difference between men and women, lying? Men lie to make themselves feel better, and women lie to make each other better. We choose to deceive because we don't want to hurt the people we love. We don't mean it, but we don't have the courage to hurt each other, so we hide the real answer. .
  33. Face, not necessarily the most sad. Alone does not mean sad. Get, not necessarily long. Lost, not necessarily no longer have. Don't fall in love because of loneliness, don't be lonely for a lifetime.