Sad parting
  1, you know, longing for a taste, like to enjoy a cruel beauty, then very, very small voice, telling myself strong face.
  2, you will never see the way I am the most lonely, because only when you are not with me, I am the most lonely.
  3, some times, it is just for love to sneak away, hiding is the figure, but it is the silent feelings.
  4. When you are alone, don't think about two people, throw your memories aside, when you are alone, just want to be happy, leave sorrow behind your head, when you are alone, come To a person's romance, release your emotions, open your emotions, and open your mind.
  5. Perhaps, life is not all that difficult; perhaps, simple things can make people feel happy. The difference between heaven and hell is who you are with: When you are with someone you like, a bowl of simple noodles will become the most beautiful dish in the world.
  6. You have your sufferings, we have our sufferings, you have your blessings, we have our blessings, don't think that we are unfortunate, don't think that others are happy, each person's life is different, everyone's way It is also different.
  7. Nothing can't be forgotten. I will forget you at a later time. I will forget your appearance, forget your voice, forget what you said, not now, and you can do it later.
  8. The city is so rich, the city is so hard, the city refuses to sympathize, and the cold eyes see you survive. “Everyone has his own style, whether it is good or bad. If there is no idea or dream , life is too painful, even though It will put a lot of pressure on yourself, but the pressure will force you to be strong. Because at a very young age, I know that no one will be interested in your life, and no one will be responsible for your destiny."
  9. Lonely is not born, but the moment you fall in love with someone.
  10, is easily the suffering of seeds, the seeds of suffering is joy, "Believe not believe, is the real trust!"
  11, do not fall in love for loneliness, time is a devil, for a long time, if you are a passionate person, even if you do not love each other,  will have feelings at the time, and finally what do you do?
  12. A girl is an angel. When she falls in love with a person, she will break her wings and come to the side of the person she loves. When you meet her, remember to be kind to her, not to hurt her, because she has no wings, can no longer return to her paradise.
  13. It is even harder to give up a person than to love someone, but it will be even harder to forget him completely.
  14. When I don't want to wake up, the table lamp is projected on the wall, only my lonely figure.
  15, I have given it, I am willing, except to let you know that my heart is like a knife.
  16. For the blame of a stranger, I don’t care about the harm of an ordinary friend, because I don’t think it’s worth it. However, even the people you care about most misunderstand that you may say that "the speaker does not intend to listen to the heart", this is what kind of mood.
  17. What do you see , worrying about my heart.
  18, lonely people will always remember every person who has appeared in his life , so I always think of you, in the night of every starry night, count my loneliness again and again.
  19, many people, because of loneliness and love one person, but more people, because they love one person, and lonely life.
  20, my sister, you millennial practice, is it worth it for a Xu Xian?