1. The old man leads us to rest assured that the children lead us happy.
  2, you let me roll, I rolled you and asked me to come back, sorry, I rolled away.
  3, humor is a person who wants to cry when there is a smile.
  4. The reason why angels fly is because they see themselves very lightly...
  5, nod to yourself, because life is not long, good for the people around you because the next life may not be able to meet.
  6. Some happiness is silent, but the tragedy is also happening silently.
  7, I am such a person, rather jade, not for the whole. Since I have lost it, I don't care about nothing.
  8, the camel will not cry, because it knows the preciousness of water, I will not cry, because I know the sadness of infatuation.
  9. Don't look back, don't think about turning back.
  10, like a person, is very happy together; love a person, even if you are not happy, I want to be together.
  11. In fact, it doesn't matter how far you go. It is important that there is no one on this road to accompany you.
  12. Originally, I have always been a deceived person. The happiness in the mouth is nothing but the dislike of others.
  13, instead of looking for excuses everywhere, it is better to directly say that I do not love.
  14. What I want is that no matter how difficult it is, there is still one person who lives with me.
  15. Flower arrangement is an art. Interjection is another art, and it is a more practical art.
  16. I don't want much, just hope that the person I love loves me.
  17, the test can use fire, try women can use gold, try men can use women.
  18. I am not unhappy, just can't find a reason for happiness.
  19. It used to be unimportant. The important thing is now. Despite this, some injuries are still deeply rooted in the heart, like a gap that can never be crossed.
  20, happiness is disguised to others to see.
  21, coffee bitter and sweet, not how to stir, but whether to put sugar; a pain, not how to forget, but whether there is courage to start again.
  22, just break up, do not exaggerate the loneliness.
  23, think you think you really miss you, ask a painter to paint you, draw you on the eye, see where you are.
  24, the whole world is disguising, only I do not like, do not wait for you to break up, I took the initiative to go out.
  25, today's moon is really round! Dear, have you seen it?
  26. I like my present self. I miss the past. Do not miss, Do not miss, nostalgia can not return to the past.
  27, the night is deep, people are quiet, lonely sleep, who solves my heart.
  28, people do not have feet are unstable, no head is also unstable.
  29, I can safely understand your feelings, even your thoughts, because we all have the same past, the same experience, and the same pain.
  30. Quarrel with the loved ones and talk to strangers.
  31, brother is not smoking cigarettes, not lonely, is heartbroken.
  32. Even if the earth is shrouded in darkness, even if the night does not end, even if the hope has been shattered, at least, at least there is me.
  33, because of pain, so humor, because of humor, so happy.
  34. Escape is not necessarily what you are afraid of, it may be waiting for something.
  35, don't make me quiet, I want to be crazy.