1, break up or good friends only in the situation of seeing each other without love or hate, just how good is that good friend? Dissipate, forget it.
  2, thank you for being so cold in the end, let me forget to die; thank you for the end, let me give up completely.
  3, I will never regret falling in love with you, I am willing to use breathing to stop all the time before, to mourn that beautiful and painful memories.
  4. Although the tears left behind are wiped by myself, the enthusiasm in the heart never fades, thinking about your joy, thinking about your sorrow, your mood is my eternal concern!
  5, falling in love with you is wrong, not loving you is wrong. What should I do? Why do I have a relationship with you but I don’t have a tail?
  6. Let me slowly forget that you are like the sun evaporating toward the dew. The clean mood is no longer burdened with thorns. Remember that it belongs to life who can easily erase it, I can only hide it.
  7, not every love song has a good memory, after the use of sadness is only separation.
  8. I love you very much, but I know that I will never have a chance. But I won't be sad, because I know that you are doing very well. In my opinion, your happiness is my happiness.
  9, the fate let you pass by, no mouth but there is a feeling, love is most afraid of hesitation, and then can only remember. Lonely is strong because of you, but it is not a long midnight, the end of the world can not stop thinking, eager to see him again in the day.
  10, the right time to meet the right person is a happy life, the right time to the wrong person is a heart injury, the wrong time to take the wrong person is a ridiculous, the wrong time to meet the right person is a life sigh.
  11, I think I will wait for this, waiting for you to understand that I am so deeply in love with you, your decision to leave has caused the tragedy of my life!
  12. I never thought that you who love me deeply are drifting away from my self-confidence . I hate myself, why I don’t know how to cherish it when I have it.
  13, maybe people are like this: easy to get will not cherish, but when you lose, you want to try to save.
  14. I finally thought of a way to forget you. I won’t miss you again, I won’t love you again. I have never had you in my life.
  15, I am a broken kite flying high, youth is destined to be short-lived, no one knows no one to accompany, the wind has no trace of cloudless heartless, lost your life is doomed to regret.
  16. You are already away from me, but there is still your existence in my heart. I can't forget you. I can't forget everything about you. My heart will remember you far away. A space!
  17. I really want to know how so many couples in the world are produced. In the face of being neither hot nor cold, sometimes you feel that the whole world is empty.
  18. If the torrent of life is destined to be separated, please forget me completely and bravely look for another beginning, and I will quietly miss you in this life.
  19. One person is difficult, it is harder to forget someone. Come in a hurry, go to the hardship, the fate will not go back.
  20. If the fall is over, I will love you in the snow; if the world disappears, I will love you in heaven; if you leave, I will love you in tears; if I am gone, I will love in the distance you!
  21, if, if there is, I will chase you again. Can there be in the world? No! Although I still want to come again, this is already impossible.
  22, maybe who is not who broke up, but the two right people loved one time when they were wrong.
  23, ten times of secret talk is not as good as a dispute, let me know each other, so after the breakup.
  24. For you, I may not be a good lover, but for me you are the most beautiful in the world, you can not love me, but you can't stop me from loving you.