1. The years disappeared, you are overwhelmed by what I can't guess... I don't think it's irrelevant.
  2, pure and innocent love , with honest character, pretentious love, draped in hypocritical coat.
  3, love needs reasonable content, just like a raging fire to maintain oil; love is the harmony of two similar nature in the infinite feeling.
  4, love, only love, can make people dare to sacrifice their lives for the people they love ; this, not only men can do, but women can do it.
  5, love a person and that person does not love you is very uncomfortable, but more painful is, love a person, but never have the courage to tell him.
  6. When love carries more hope, it will also be disillusioned faster.
  7, love mixed with fake, like the alcohol in the brewing water. The flowers that open in the sunshine are beautiful, and the love with the revolutionary ideal is sweet.
  8. Love is always sweet at the beginning, and there will be boredom, habit, abandonment, loneliness, despair and neglect in the future.
  9. When everything is gone, when I decide to go, you understand that I am cold, I don’t want much, but you have not given enough, even a gentle embrace, for me, happy.
  10, love the sea, can not bury the man's body; gentle township, should be buried in the king's bones, love to me to this side, but reason to pull me to the side.
  11. When you don't feel anything about one, you will find many reasons not to love him.
  12, love can be a momentary thing, it can also be a lifetime of things, everyone can fall in love with different people at different times, not who can leave, who can not live, forgetting to make us strong .
  13, love is the salt of life.
  14, I have spent all my life thinking, just waiting for you to appear.
  15. Love is unconstrained; once the system wants to be arrogant, the god of love will flutter and fly away; like God and other gods, is also free.
  16. Love is a beautiful wave that continues to bloom in the long river of life, but the river cannot be reflowed by enjoying the beautiful waves.
  17. Do you not cry with another form of crying?
  18, can not forgive people can not love.
  19. Love is the spark of the impact of the mind and soul.
  20, I am with him on the journey of love, may be to supplement the dissipated heat, warm each other, and then continue their own way.
  21, if I have never met you, if I have never fallen in love with you, if I did not believe in the beginning, maybe I will not be this one.
  22, is it because of the numbness of heartache, I only laugh most beautifully.
  23, the past is my dusty diary, suddenly one day, I count them, they are neat but fuzzy, far away. I think, maybe you can mark them behind the monument called love.
  24, love is the tyrant in the heart; it makes the reason unknown, unclear; it does not listen to advice, go straight in the direction of crazy.