1. Looking at you, why do you still feel lonely; thinking about you, why are you crying? Because some things can't be denied, just as you never love my reality; because you are already tired of self-deception, the one-man show of love .
  2. Some people in life rushed past us, but they didn't have time to meet them; when they met, they didn't have time to meet each other; they met each other, but they didn't have time to get familiar with them; if they were familiar, they still had to say goodbye. -- Better for yourself, because life is not long; good for those around you, because the next life may not be met.
  3, leaving, was originally the normal state of love and life. Those pains increase the thickness of your life. One day, when you can turn around with a smile, you will know that you are different. After all, love is a fate, and business does not come. The only thing we can do is to be ourselves.
  4. In our life, if there is no existence of love, how lonely it should be. However, love is sometimes more like a fairy tale. It is always difficult to grasp if it is forever. In the simple life, we may not be able to find the most ideal and perfect love.
  5. At that time, I decided that I would never want to fall in love again. However, no matter how much injury and suffering, I still want to dream again, and I really want to love someone. The next time I fall in love, find a man who is apathetic, find a faceless way to face my waywardness, not one by one, but at least the next day after the quarrel, will send me a flower, tell me love me The kind of man.
  6, some scars, in the heart, even if it is very light, will stay in the heart. There seems to be a kind of pain in life that can't be sustained. Some regrets are destined to bear a lifetime; in life, there are always some beautiful emotional porcelains that are broken around us, but the cracks remain in the moment when the old ones look back.
  7, the feeling between two people, only by you alone in the struggle, want to give up and can not decide. The first thing you should give up is yourself, and then you can give up the others you want to give up. Love should be tolerant, but if you are always tolerant, it is no longer love.
  8. If they appear earlier, they may not be tied to another person. Be kind and compromise, maybe when you come together, you will not give up so easily, turn around willfully, let go of love. But time will not look back, can love "if"?
  9. The most uncomfortable thoughts are not that the other person does not know your thoughts, but that he does not care. Some people, no matter how good you are to him, he will not pay attention, because in his life, how insignificant you are.
  10, some grievances, have been relieved to understand it; some hurt, endured the pain for a long time and became accustomed to ... but in a lot of lonely moments, and re-emerged. In fact, some words hidden in the bottom of my heart are not intentionally to be concealed. However, not all pain can be shouted.
  11, love when you are in love, you can care nothing. I can give you everything I have. Once the feelings are calmed down, there will be continuous calculations in my heart. Why do I pay more than you; why can I give you anything, but you have to hide, then cold war, quarrel, break up...
  12. You have never advised me to leave. I have never advised you to stay. You have your persistence , I have my attachment. You have your face, I have my dignity. You have your story, I have my story. So, you have your direction, I have my direction. You, leaving is your business. I, leaving is my business.
  13. Some things have never had a chance to do it. When I have a chance, I don’t want to do it again. Some words have been buried in my heart for a long time, and I have no chance to say that when I have the opportunity to say it, I can’t say it. Some words have a lot of opportunities to say, but I want to talk about it later. When I want to say it, I have no chance.
  14, inexplicable grief once again in the bottom of my heart, night, still so mysterious, deep; people, in the darkness, it is extraordinarily so pale and powerless. The unknown melody sounds in the ear again: Is it really nothing? Where will I be parked tomorrow? The leaves are speechless, the west wind rises again, and the land is lonely and sad. Smell, Jun Mosi return.
  15. Looking at you, why do you still feel lonely; thinking about you, why are you crying? Because some things can't be denied, just as you never love my reality; because you are tired of self-deception, the one-man show of love
  16. Do you believe in the scenery that has come out? On the wrong path, others are faltering and frowning, but you are still smiling and moving forward. After a long time, you become a landscape on the wrong road, brighten the eyes of others and delight your heart. The heart is different, the road is different, the sun will be bright, and the pain will be far away.
  17. If you stop working one day, who will top up for you? Perhaps, in this life, we will never meet such a person. But remember: those who recharge your money after your downtime are the ones who really care about you and really want to find you.
  18, love is forever, love is the eternal change of two stars in the sky. There are too many regrets in life, and there are too many sadness in the years. In our lifetime, we must take good care of our love, love our people well, and treat others' love well. Only in this way, when life is over, will not let the lover take away regret.
  19. Sometimes, the world is so big that we have no chance to meet in our lifetime. Sometimes, the world is very small and small, and when you look up, you see your smile. Therefore, please be grateful when you meet; be sure to cherish when you are in love; be sure to be elegant when you turn around; be sure to smile when you say goodbye.
  20, some people are on the same surface, but the heart can't be together; some people never think about it together, but they are naturally together; some people are finally together, but they find that they are not suitable. Can't see through, can't tell, love is an eternal puzzle.
  21, there is a feeling that always insomnia, only to admit that it is "Acacia"; there is a kind of fate that always believes in "eternal" after awakening; there is a kind of gaze always breaks up, only to see "love"; there is a kind After the mood is always parting, I understand that it is "lost." Waiting, maybe not easy; hurt, but easy.
  22, who is not injured, who has no sad past, just tears in the bottom of my heart, pretending to be kind, pretending to be strong . In fact, can you not be so sad, can you not be so kind? I am not a saint, no one is made into steel. I am just tired and want to cry a lot.
  23, leaving the station, pulling the best friend to send you, although she has always opposed us, but now she knows that I need her. Surprisingly calm and watched you check in to board the bus, and then turned around and tears before you turned back. You can't see my tears when you are far away, and you still wave goodbye to you.
  24, thinking is a kind of pain, reading is a kind of suffering, want to see but can not see is a bitter pain. Your meteor-like life, meteor-like love, left me with star-like thoughts and obsessions. She had already tied him in her heart and wrote it in her book in a drawer, locked in her pale, melancholy and obsessive love house.
  25, when you miss, you are so far away from me; when you forget, you are so close to me. I thought I was free and easy, I thought that time can go beyond the horizon. In fact, I can't get rid of my heart-woven net. If you can accompany you, I would like to sneak in the middle of the night, just to accompany you alone, if you meet the right time at the right time, I would like to accompany you to the end of the world...
  26, if you really love, then don't give up, even if he makes you sad, try to care about him, listen to him, let him know that you still care for him; if you really love, then don't give up, Even if he disappoints you, try to understand and gradually understand, the person who cares the most, is often the easiest to let you cry, gradually understand, a lot of love is an encounter and can not be asked, gradually understand Many things can only be owned once. If you let go, it means losing. Gradually, you really don’t need to pay back. He, let him know that you still care about him.
  27. When you like someone, you don't need any reason. When you don't like someone, you have a lot of excuses. If you want something, let it go. If it can come back to you, it will always belong to you; if it does not come back, it is not yours at all.
  28, some things, doomed to miss you, you will force, and eventually will leave you; some people can only play the spectators in your life, you are nostalgic, all the hunger in the end is still slowly melted. After all, we can have limited, don't let the bottomless desire to bury the original happiness and happiness.
  29, I am separated from you by a distance of one millimeter. My fingertips have come to your city, so I narrow the distance of reality every day. Through the sight of the sun, I saw you, your smile is as pure as cotton candy, and my world is spring.
  30. The most cruel way to treat a lover is not to love and hate, not to deceive betrayal, but to gradually become indifferent after the ultimate love. Happiness is actually very simple. When I am lost, when I am sad, when I cry, you will come to me and give me a hug.
  31, divorce is because they do not know how to grasp their feelings and run their own lives. I believe that at the beginning, they were in love, and they loved to be vigorous and violent, and they once said that they would be together forever, until they were old. It seems that this is the common beginning of all free love, but in the end some have been holding hands, some are walking, walking but scattered.
  32. Before love begins, you will never imagine that you will love someone as you would; before love is forgotten, you will never imagine that such a love will leave only a trace; before love begins again, you will always imagine Can't find such love again.
  33. It is clear that when I look at it, I let go of it, but every time I always think of the person who gives warmth. Every time I always see the reality when I am smiling and intoxicated, I think of the pain, and then the cold feeling can no longer warm up. So repeated, my heart is finally tired, and the reality is like this.
  34. When you can hold hands, please don't shoulder to shoulder; when you can hug, please don't hold hands. When you can fall in love, please don't say separation; have love, please don't touch it. Maybe you don't have a look, but you are talented; maybe you don't have talent, but you are gentle.
  35. When love comes, we are also ecstatic, but there will always be a few times when you are happy, and I will make you cry. We learned to sigh and learned to tell. In addition to tears, this place is no longer strange. Going online every day, no matter whether she has new developments in her heart, we will go into her space to see.
  36. I was not happy because I have not let go, I am immersed in pain. Now I have learned to forget, and I understand that only when I let go, I will be happy! Good memories, just a smile that occasionally appears in the corner of your mouth, smile and forget it... Dry the tears that fell for you, and say goodbye to yesterday, love, has been a thing of the past...
  37. Even if you are so good, you can only help you when you are in trouble. There are only a few people, carnival, but a group of people. A true friend is the one who can accompany you through loneliness, loneliness and silence.
  38. Love is a bright sorrow . Time has turned many people into familiar strangers. You cried too sadly and even despaired, and finally, after all, you changed your head and looked back and smiled. Who still remembers who once said that whoever remembers, waiting for the egg to touch the stone is self-effacing.
  39. A piece of flamboyant past, writing different endings. Forgotten, on the road. Constantly use a large section of text to confess, record, walk in a hurry, time has long forgotten each other's face. I have fantasized about the moments of reunion with each other countless times. Is it possible to say calmly and for a long time? Memories are always hidden in the soft depths of my heart.
  40. It is not easy to start a relationship. It is not easy to forget a relationship, so you can't just start casually, and you can't just end it casually. Giving up a relationship is not just about feelings, but also your own mood and youth. Therefore, since you start, you must learn to accept its good and bad.
  41. What a woman ultimately wants to find is nothing but a tolerant embrace, and she is arrogant in her own way. Losing love is the only way for women to grow up quickly. When the day is over, the woman is no longer obsessed, no longer swearing, no more moody, and then no longer loves. Some people know that they will be hurt when they fall in love. We have always been this, affectionate and cruel. Those windy months are just windy months, and that’s all.