1. It is right or wrong. Although you are no longer stubborn, I am no longer a wandering me. Therefore, we still have to pass through the deepest love.
  2, color is empty, empty is the color; heart is the temple, from the edge, what is the shape of the wave? Happy every day, enjoy every bit of nature!
  3. How many stories have you and I have been in a hurry, how many inexhaustible memories are in the heart of the vicissitudes of life, the true future will tell you more truth, and let the stories of the past be light and light.
  4. I know that our breakup is a big blow to you. I don't know how to comfort you, but things have happened. I hope that you can put a knot in your heart and give you a new starting point for life. There is a cloud: "Good to get together."
  5, last night, the month is being smashed, I quietly sent you a long way, since then, there is a little star with tears in the sky.
  6, you left, and left the sentence, in my calm heart lake, a messy, mysterious dream.
  7. Dry your tears! Be gratified, because we worship the love and form a holy alliance. For sweet and pure love, we can endure all suffering and misfortune and stand the parting and poverty.
  8, the sunset to send you to the journey, the wind to send you a long journey, leaving the night sky. When are you coming back, in front of the window, both shadows?
  9, gradually drifting away from the hustle and bustle, lingering like spring water.
  10. Even if I leave you far away, I will not be separated from you, because in my heart, I have already filled up with memories of you... The sleepy gentle lips and eyes will torment my memory. .
  11. Knowing that you are happy, leaving you is painful. In the days of separation, supporting me is a deep hope for the joy of reunion.
  12. The tears of parting are like pearls. May we cherish each other.
  13, leave you, no matter how long, always hope that in an instant, you will appear in front of you.
  14, the grove we have smashed, the blue-yellow pink flowers we have watched, everything is still the same. When are you coming back, let's swim together again?
  15. Your parting smile is just a short moment, but it is taken on the negative film of my heart, but it leaves eternity. I always put it in the palm of my thoughts, the image is so real, so clear!
  16, do not have to guard, do not have to vows, just remember that moon and night, just remember that hour, there is that affectionate kiss.
  17, really heard from your mouth no longer love me, so overwhelmed. You took everything away from me, all that was left was an empty shell and a broken heart.
  18, I can't bear to wave, because it is a farewell; I dare not want to shake hands, because that does not know when to wait.
  19. Not every effort will be rewarded, but every harvest must be worked hard. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.
  20, dear, let me call you like this last time, I have to go, although I have a lot of disappointment, but I firmly believe that it is time for me to go. No, dear! Take care!
  21, forgetting is our fate that cannot be changed. Everything is like an unaligned drawing. When everything is back in the past, it will slowly extend a little bit of staggering. Maybe we should have forgotten something that was staggered.
  22, the small building has a spring breeze, the branches are floating in the west, recalling the separation, the willows are sent, and the vows are heavy. As soon as I went to the autumn and winter, the flying geese came and went. When will the industry come back, drink and drink, and then dream?
  23, I know that at sea for three years, do not send a paper book between the clouds.
  24, stunned people, let you and I meet in an instant and instantly separated, but your heart will always know each other and tacit understanding.
  25, silently broke up, just as they met silently. May the warm breeze here give you my deep blessings and prayers.