1. After losing you, I am suffering first, then helpless, and finally grow up.
  2, a person has trouble because the memory is too good, if anything can be forgotten, every day will be a new beginning.
  3. One day, I will get rid of all the restraints. Go further afield.
  4. Everything about people is working hard for something that is uncertain.
  5. If you don't see the sun, it doesn't mean the sun doesn't exist.
  6. In any case, the cold is always desperate.
  7. Many people may never see each other once they are separated.
  8, the prosperity of life until ridiculous, in exchange for a world, it is worth it.
  9. I will always lose the person I want to get in this life forever on the way.
  10. If you are back, even if my eyes are crying, my brain will swell, my mouth will be swollen, my body will be paralyzed, I don't care, you will be back.
  11, there is no eternal thing in the world, a meal can only last for three or two hours, life is only a matter of decades.
  12, life is an illusion, do not leave or death is the only ending.
  13, trust the majority, do not harm anyone, love everyone.
  14. We can go further and see the strange scenery. Because there has been a moment, feeling deep affection and favor, you can use your life time to send you away.
  15. I can't see it, I saw it. The summer wind blew gently, and the grass leaves fluttered. In the past, remember. The dark clouds gradually dispersed, and a soft moonlight fell on the window.
  16. As long as you breathe hard, you will see a miracle.
  17. I have everything before. With you, I have more. After you left,I have nothing. Not even the original.
  18. One day, I will once again pick up my bags and set off with you to see the mountains I have not seen, the water that I have not walked, and the commemoration of the eternal commemoration...
  19, I hate the closing sound when I left, I will fuck the door.
  20, it is not that I can't put down my body, I can't pull my face, but I can't help myself.
  21, I was led by my heart. My heart is being led by you. I have to miss you.
  22, feelings are sometimes just a person's business. Not related to anyone. Love, or not love, can only be broken.
  23, life is an illusion, fireworks bloom, we left.
  24, the finger will not move, the tears will not flow, time will not go.
  25, love and hate are two drops of water on the glass plate, sometimes mixed together, can not be separated from each other, sometimes after the evaporation of time, all disappeared.
  26, maybe there will be many encounters in life, but they can only choose to pass by, like the leaves, the process of growth and fall is just a lonely reincarnation.
  27, loneliness is destined to bear with a lifetime from the beginning.