1, good love , victory over time, can withstand the flow of years, can stand the parting, can withstand missing.
  2. I love you. This is a transparent secret. Until the end, our relationship still has no ups and downs.
  3, the night is the edge of a person's emotionally fragile.
  4. When the heart is given, you should know that it is impossible to get it back unscathed.
  5, the real pain no one can share with you, you can only change it from one shoulder to the other.
  6. If the age is really like water, why can't you retreat? If life is really like a dream, why can't you wake up?
  7. If the gentleness of cold and hot is the freedom you want, then I would rather never be serious about you.
  8. Those past are more permanent than permanent, and the future is more desolate than desolate.
  9, I want to be strong, nothing can destroy the peace of my heart.
  10, no signs of thoughts, about expressions, about language, all kinds of empty joy, empty grief and flood.
  11. If you decide to leave me alone, don't give up and avoid all the places that have me.
  12. I feel that the individual is too small to overcome the whim of fate.
  13. Those things that I can't resist can't change, but let me break into the army is fate.
  14. In the heart of each of us, there is a person hiding in it. Every time I think of him, I feel a little bit of pain.
  15. It is normal to be misunderstood. Not many people can really understand another person.
  16. Once the heartbreak has reached the limit, how many years have healed incompletely.
  17. The human eye is black and the heart is red. But when the eyes are red, the heart is black.
  18, your tears shed for others, how do I reach out to dry your tears for you.
  19, love is artificial, please don't blame love again.
  20, some things, don't think when you pass, because it really hurts.
  21, do not be comforted after leaving, to know that every time the sewing, will puncture heartache.
  22, my young and frivolous has long been wiped out, only left.
  23. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and powerless the language is.
  24, loneliness is to hear a familiar name, accidentally remember some stories.
  25, perhaps, should not go with those past.
  26. Believe in life, there must be a right person waiting for you, you will meet sooner or later.
  27. A person who can't let go of his heart will never get true love. If you really want to love someone, you must first put it down in your heart.
  28. Some things have passed in the past. Some people will never meet again if they miss it.
  29, there must be a person who can make me smile the most brilliant, cry the most thorough, remember the most profound.
  30, you have to understand, if the heart is moving, tears will be thousands of lines.
  31. Death is not to lose life , but to walk out of time.
  32. I believe that there are always a few people in the world who live for me. I always say this.
  33. Maybe I wrote too many sad words, so now I don’t even know how to describe happiness.
  34. When the human heart becomes a market, when the market becomes a battlefield, how many ideals are buried in the battlefield.
  35. Some people turn into photos, piled in the corners, and the dust freezes like snow.
  36. Don't rely too much on people other than yourself, because only you will not abandon yourself.
  37. The most beautiful thing in the world is the smile that broke free from tears.
  38. Thank you for coming, but unfortunately you are still walking away.
  39, a heart, how many secrets can be hidden, want to say too much, but do not know where to start.
  40, everyone will be tired, you have to understand that no one can bear all the sadness for you, people always have to learn to grow up for a while.
  41. Please believe that all encounters in the world are long-lasting reunion.
  42. Is it that I changed, or did you listen to more rumors?
  43. Suddenly, the street lights are actually very lonely, so far apart from each other.
  44. Some things exist, but they are always helpless.
  45. How many past events can a person back, why there are always so many joys and sorrows.
  46. ​​Don't live in the shadow of others. You are you, not a copy of others.
  47. Sometimes, we do wrong things because we use emotions when we use our brains.
  48. No matter how many sea and stone are rotten, it is not enough to get together.
  49. It is not that this time it hurts more thoroughly. It is not that one person is watching the night, I can still live alone.