1. Love someone is to think of a beautiful romance like a squirrel in the winter, and put one of them in the most secret and safe tree hole. The next quarter of the clock wants to tell the world that it is proud. Message.
  2. Reciprocating between truth and hypocrisy, back and forth between faith and unbelief, this is the common feature of lovers and believers. -- Liang Wendao
  3, the so-called growth, is to force you alone, awkward injuries, stumbling and strong .
  4, deliberately looking for things, often can not be found, all things in the world come and go have its time and place. It is yours, it is yours, not yours, it is not yours. Man has the power to pursue happiness. A person who is willing to recognize this fact is wisdom and enterprising. - San Mao
  5, love is afraid of silence. Too many people think that love is deep in the ground. In fact, love is an emotion that is difficult to describe and requires detailed expression and transmission.
  6. You will meet two kinds of people in life : those who promote you, and those who attack you. But in the end, both of you will thank.
  7, our troubles, mostly from the comparison of those appearances, as well as the inner care, often the dislocation of the appearance, leading to the imbalance of the heart. The happiness of others may be just his cover; the happiness of each person can only be experienced. Living is only a state. We never know how much time is left in life. Don’t keep your eyes on other places, look at your inner needs, and let go of those emptiness, happiness and happiness will last longer.
  8. Perhaps, we should honestly admit that between compassion and suffering, between faith , responsibility and pain, in life itself and in painfulness, there is often no surplus between fish and bear's paw, There is a philosopher who can't remove this torture, called the "burden of existence". It may be right. As long as you live a day, you can't avoid it. We may have to learn to accept it and try it. get along.
  9, life is like this, lost here, often will be rewarded there, just like love , you got hurt here, but got favored by that person.
  10, life is like being in the thorns of the world, the heart does not move, does not move, does not hurt without injury.
  11, sometimes I really want to forget you, just remember the world, however, I often forget the whole world, just remember you.
  12. In the world, the only thing that can't be fooled is his own heart. It always exposes your joys and sorrows when you are least wary.
  13. If you want someone to love you, the best psychological preparation is not that he is not. You must be strong and independent, let yourself have your own life center of mind, have a sustenance, have goals, and have your own circle of friends. In short, let yourself have enough elements to make yourself happy, and then accept or reject each other's love with ease.
  14, should not be so close to you at first, so that I can not adapt to your sudden distance until now; once should not be so good with you, so that when we are not good, I will be so bad.
  15, the best age is, that day, you finally know and firmly believe how good you are, not vain, not exaggerated, not everyone, is clear inside know: Yes, I am so good.
  16. Everyone thinks that they can control the rhythm of things, but once they take the first step, they will find that they can do nothing about anything. This is especially true in feelings.
  17. There are many people who can accompany you to laugh, and there are very few people who can accompany you.
  18. Never ignore the person who cares about you. One day, you will realize that you lost a diamond when you were busy collecting cobblestones.
  19, life needs wits and bravery, which has nothing to do with academic qualifications, and is related to experience.