1. Sometimes, you give up someone, not because you don't care anymore, but because you realize that he doesn't care. I understand now that it turns out that a person can be sad, no emotions, no words, no expressions;
  2, can not be friends after breaking up, because they have hurt each other, can not be an enemy, because they love each other! So we became the most familiar stranger! In fact, I really can't afford to lose! If one day in the future, you say you want to leave me, I won't leave you, I know you have your reason! If one day in the future, you say that you still love me, I will tell you, actually I am still waiting for you!
  3. The most cruel sentence in the world , not sorry, not that I hate you, but we can never go back. - This is a simple sentence, the separation of two originally intimate people into alienation. People who have never experienced it will never understand, what kind of pain is it.
  4, turned away before tears, leaving a simple back; learn to give up, will be buried in the bottom of my heart, leaving the most beautiful memories; learn to give up, so that each can have a more relaxed start, all over the body of love It doesn't have to be unforgettable. This process is deeply rooted. It is not easy to get to today. I gently pull out my hand and say goodbye. Thank you very much. You are on this road.
  5, sincerely waiting for your people, he will always wait for the people, do not want to wait for you, always turn someone else's hand when you turn around.
  6. If love is the most hurtful, it is not that she does not love you, or that you do not love him. It is a clear love, she can't love you, or you can't love him. Looking up, but can not embrace; think, but can not have; walk, but can not be synchronized; say, but can not look. Even if I have exhausted my life's strength, I have been fortunate for a lifetime, and I can't get close! Also face the day-to-day forgetting.
  7, do not ask you to remember me for a lifetime, just ask not to forget your world I have been. Not everyone who passes by will know each other, and not everyone who knows each other will be worried. At least in our lives, in that place, I didn’t miss it when I turned around. It is really not easy for a big earth to meet you. Thank God for giving us the fate of this acquaintance. Don't forget, I have been to your world.
  8. At that moment, you finally discovered that the person who had been deeply loved, has disappeared into the world on the day of farewell. The love and thoughts in my heart are just the memories I have had. I think that some things can be forgotten, some things can be remembered, some things can be willing, some things have been powerless. I love you, this is my catastrophe.
  9. Sometimes crying is not because of sadness. If something is missed, it will be missed in a lifetime. People will change and keep a constant promise but can't keep a fickle heart. Sometimes obstinacy is a kind of burden to give up is a kind of relief. People have no perfect happiness. No one knows that they have no ability to have so many at the same time and have no power to ask so much. Otherwise, they are also embarrassed.
  10, there is a kind of love, obviously love, but the expression is not perfect. There is a kind of love, knowing that you want to give up, but you are not willing to leave. There is a kind of love, knowing that it is suffering, but it can't hide. There is a kind of love, knowing that there is no way forward, but the heart can't get it back.
  11, some people will never know, his words, I will remember for a long time; his one promises that I do not agree, I have to wait for the wait. After that, it changes after the passage of time, and fades, gradually, and forgets. The last second, with full expectations, like being pushed into the high sky; then the next second, full of disappointment, like falling from the sky.
  12, time, let the deep things get deeper and deeper, let the shallow things get shallower and lighter. Look a little lighter, the wound will be less, the time is over, the love is light, it will be scattered. - Don't wait for someone who shouldn't wait, don't hurt the heart that should hurt. It really takes us a long time to understand what kind of people and what kind of things we really miss.
  13. If you are tired, use silence instead of everything. I, I won’t ask, I won’t mention it, I’m sad, my heart hurts, I’m going to keep going, I use silence to replace everything. I will not cry, I will not laugh, I will disappear when I am tired. I know that every road is hard to walk. I know that my road is destined to be rough. I know that I can not force anyone.
  14, some people's life is a direct car. Some people are slow cars, and there are always many stations in the middle, and they experience many people. Someone is always on the wrong side, sitting over the head, not missing the scenery outside the window, is missing someone next to him. No one knows who the person who can accompany him to the terminal will be.
  15. There is a kind of loss, can not be said, can only rely on feelings; there is a kind of sadness, can not say, can only rely on collecting; there is a kind of like, can only be concealed by deception; there is a kind of heartache, called love can not speak.
  16. I thought that without you, I would have lost the world, but now that you are gone, my world is still there. It turned out to be a lover, it has nothing to do with the world; it turns out that I just can't see the direction for a short time, or I don't want to go forward; it turns out that you hurt me not because you are good or bad, just because I gave you hurt. Opportunity. If I don't want to, no one can hurt me.
  17, you do not understand, how many times I see your information a day . You don't understand, I will start thinking about it when you sign it. You don't understand, I will laugh happily when I chat with you online. You don't understand, I went online to see how much you lost when you were not there. You don't understand. When everyone says that you are not suitable for me, I only say one thing I like. You don't understand, just go to the line every night to wait for a good night. You don't understand, because that's you, so I cherish it.
  18, had been so passionate, scarred, and finally learned to be ruthless. One day, not so young, I still love you, but I always tell myself: I can live my own life. Only in this way, when I am disappointed and lonely, I can not shed tears, can not waver, smile and tell myself that it is not that you are not good to me, but that love is inherently illusory, how warm it has been, how lonely it is. .
  19. I am stubborn about myself, and I want to stay in someone's heart for a long time; I don't want to worry about the world, I also want to take some hands seriously. This person can read my stubbornness, understand my disdain, and see the weakness of my strong , ( www.lz13.cn ) to smooth my sadness after smiling . In fact, I am not indifferent, it is just my appearance, I am not humble, it is just a way to resist damage. When you are close, be sure to say something to me gently.
  20. The saddest thing in the world is that two people are enamored with each other, but they miss it because of silence. Happiness is not waiting for you. If you love someone, you must boldly confess. As long as you work hard, you will not regret it in the future. If you miss a good love because of your silence, you may be worried about your life. . If you have love in your heart, you must say it out loud. Only if you bravely express your love, love will not regret.
  21, too love a person, you will care too much about who he is with, whether there is you in your heart; too love a person, will be led by his nose, can not be himself; too love a person, will endure him unprincipled, Slowly he is used to being indulged; too much to love someone, he will get used to your good for him, and forget that he should also pay. Therefore, if you love someone, don't love it very much, eight points is enough, and the remaining two points love yourself.
  22. Maybe after many years, I will forget what you love now; maybe after many years, I will forget all the details I have experienced; maybe after many years, I will forget that I will not care for you. All the memories about us are against the years. But no matter how time passes, I will not forget the mood when I first loved you.
  23, do you know that the mobile phone is always in your hand, dialing those numbers over and over again, but never have the courage to dial out; you know, when the phone rings, you will be flustered and see the call. When you show it, it is a heavy loss; you know, always sitting in front of the computer, staring at the screen, thinking of you in your mind. Do you know that this is actually the taste of missing someone.
  24. Forget that person, it is better to forget yourself and tell yourself that you are not afraid of forgetting, but that he will remind you of it one day. The years are taking memories, but the memories will become clearer and clearer. One day, he turned to tell you that he has been thinking about you, don’t believe it, because he is not the original, and you are no longer the past.
  25, I love you, will reveal to you all the world of the soul, show you all the joys and sorrows, only you are not fortified; I love you, will play with you a little temper, for no reason to leave you Far away, in fact, I just want to walk into your hot arms and listen to your heartbeat; I love you, so I gave you the power to hurt me, as long as I can bear it, I will always be with you, you can't hurt me too much. Cold, will be indifferent, hurt, will let go...
  26, enough, wait. Enough, you are gentle and hot. Fed up, what you call a promise. Fed up, suffering from loss. I’m fed up, my heart hurts but I don’t know where to start. More worthy of love without security. - hurt, hurt, cry, tired, scattered, understand.