1, do not know how to pity your man do not give up, not to continue to pay your tenderness and love .
  2, there are some people like me; in Weibo, watching others write the text, looking for their own internals are confused.
  3, the mood for you to write, the signature for you to change, the stealth visible for you... Can you know?
  4. When you find out that I am no longer crying, noisy, and losing your temper, it is when you lose me.
  5. If you say that you will regret a day of marriage, then you will regret it for a lifetime without marrying you.
  6. The past stories are always memories, they will hurt, they will cry, they will remember, and will end in the end.
  7, I am finally drifting, no harbor has no heading, chasing is always a tide, a wave of irony, I do not know what other reasons can make me still alive, what else can let me pursue.
  8, time has never stopped its steps, even if we are hiding in a paradise. Still have to look at the spring flowers and autumn months, to experience old age and death.
  9, be a man, don't pretend, be injured sooner or later; don't be too slippery, sooner or later you want to be jealous; don't be too bad, sooner or later you have to be defamed.
  10, the woman dares to go, it is to see the man will turn back, the man does not return, is to see the woman does not dare to go.
  11, dusty look back, let life incapable, those green and green, so with the pace of the years, go further and further, the old is the years, never old is the inscribed pictures of see you, a memory in memory It’s stranded, but a relationship needs to be remembered for a lifetime.
  12, a person's world, sick, one person stunned; annoying, one person hiding; pain, one person blocked.
  13, the morning breeze blowing the curtains flying, the lonely figure through the curtains to transmit the loneliness of the illusion, Wanxu's thoughts in the quiet morning is particularly quiet.
  14, life; but a flower to open the time, die; it is just a moment of a leaf fall.
  15. I need an unforgettable feeling to forget this heartbreaking love.
  16. If you don't feel it, don't give me the illusion; if you don't have true heart, don't disturb my heart.
  17. Don't rely too much on one person, because of dependence, so expect, because of expectations, so disappointed.
  18, I am willing to slow down for you, follow your footsteps, step by step, the most romantic thing is nothing but with you: ten fingers tightly.
  19, loneliness is actually beautiful, you and I can understand, because we are all vulgar, inevitably the world, one person will eventually go alone.
  20, that like the sea once made me forget how to live, the life is gone, the pillars have fallen, two and two look, each other, the cool evening wind, the heart that broke my land, how can I look down, road Unfinished, but the heart has reached the end of the earth, the fog in your eyes is all your reflection.
  21, the most silent memory is always lost to the flow of the year, I can not think of the room to return, but how to shut down when the two sides face, the original love will lose time.
  22, usually always laughing and joking, nothing does not matter, but turned around, there is a bit of helplessness in the smile.
  23, happiness is a pain in cheating, sad to make a sentence for happiness , all without doubt, barely alive is evidence.
  24, unforgettable thoughts, still in the middle of the night, in the moonlight's hidden shots still appear clear and free, staged a story without ending, the initial vows in the flood of red dust did not have an audio, the ending in the years of the beat At the end.
  25, like, your smile, my rainy day is shined by you, like the warmth and subtlety of being hugged by you.
  26. Who can know his past and present? Walking on this winding red dust road, I always feel that some people who pass by are familiar. But it is certain that I have never met in this life. Is it that the past lives have met on the bank of the Forgotten River? Or rub shoulders on the bridge?
  27. I think of the children who are now swinging back and thinking about our first time. Happy to swing. How long does it take?
  28. If one day, you are tired, you are tired, as long as you look back, my smile is in front of you.
  29. You don't know how sad I am at certain moments. You don't know, waiting for no response is really tiring.
  30, crying does not mean that I give in; taking a step back does not mean that I admit defeat; letting go does not mean that I give up.
  31. Is there a world that will never be dark; whether there is such a kind of forever, never change.
  32. The most terrible thing is to tell the best friend the truth, and she tells others as a joke.
  33. The more you experience, the more you know, the more it is, let me grow up.
  34. Is it true that women are always in love with love, and women are too naive.
  35. We often ignore those who love us, but we love those who ignore us.
  36. You can't escape the humbleness of the world. I can't understand the fissure of time and space. You can't escape the bondage of the family. I can't understand the mistakes of obedience. Finally, in the relay race, the distance between each other is extended, leaving a lonely. Opposite to the back.
  37, one day, if you revisit the place. Whether it will give you a long-lasting sorrow in the place that once gave you the joys and sorrows, can you let you fall into deep meditation. Is it possible to stack the footprints of the year and remember every vow that has been made!
  38. Because of love, love, because hate, so hate, everything is changed because of you.
  39. Seeing others as too heavy, but the result is seen by others as nothing.
  40, woman, give you a big tree, you rely on, just give you a man, you dare to. No?
  41, a love is too painful, maybe just a dream that has not been forgotten, let me be sober, do not know your love, can bury my love for you.
  42. If you don't wear a couple's outfit, you can wear a couple, not to mention that not all lovers in the world can be married.
  43. Wake up, you are by my side, I really hope this is not a dream.
  44, as if the front is the abyss, but there is a smile of your allure. I will jump without hesitation if you no longer weave lies.
  45. Fighting hard not to let the people around me feel sad, but found that the injury was my own.
  46, I don't love you very much, just people who are desperately chasing on the street, and who are very similar to your back.
  47. Sometimes I find myself as a dandelion. I don’t have a home. I always sway with the wind. When the wind blows, I don’t know where I will fall. Every time I stay, is just a good memory, always paying. All of my own want to take root here, but I don’t know that the place where Ni stayed has already blossomed, and there is no place for him. Perhaps the goal of life is to find a destination, but every time he is full of expectations, he may be bruised. I just got used to the sorrow . In the windy days, let me fly in the wind.
  48, is it true that men have a fickle heart, is not a man's heart is cruel.
  49. Once innocent, the cruel reality, let me know: the hypocrisy of the world, the indifference of the people!
  50. It is difficult for people to do things, and there are several rounds in the moon. The tempering of the years has already replaced the once tough face! However, there are too many people who are passionate about love. I am just a dust under the waves on the red dust road. I can only rub shoulders with you for a short time!
  51. Living with the wind, I gradually feel the cold feeling. At this time, I feel that Fenghua is a quicksand. It is a period of time, year after year, day after day, one gathering and one parting. One joy and one sadness, one couch and one couch, a dream in life.
  52, the best revenge is not hate, but the coldness of the heart, why do you want to hate an irrelevant person.
  53. The sadness of affection, let me talk about it, the heart of solitude, how can I still have my thoughts to live, leaving a corpse still lingering, no heartache, I want to forget the whole world. .
  54. Sometimes people who say good night are just to let the other person sleep first but suffer from insomnia.
  55. The reason why you feel lonely is that no one cares about you, but the person you care about does not care.
  56. I believe that people who care about me will not be taken away by others, regardless of love or friendship.
  57, who will have loneliness, when I miss someone. Those memories that used to be like water, never return , leaving only the thoughts and sorrows , let us experience. Some people say that memories are like flowers, but they always feel like poison. When you recall, your heart is like a knife. Whatever you experience and experience, you know the charm... The end of the song is scattered, only the fellow travellers understand.
  58. You cook, I wash the dishes, and share the housework will be more loving. It is not necessary to always tie people to a housework.
  59. I said a happy birthday to my mother. My mother was happy for a week... Love is very simple.
  60. The person who often irritates you, maybe the one that loves you the deeper, but does not understand expression.
  61. Living in different cities, taking different paths every day; breathing the same air and looking up at the same blue sky.
  62. I would rather let others feel that I am so happy that I am not happy, and I am not willing to make myself look grievous.
  63. Please don't take my care for granted. No matter how much I love you, I will end up with a tired day.
  64, heartache? To blame yourself, you have the ability to fall in love with others, and you have no ability to let others fall in love with yourself.
  65. The feathers on my wings have already fallen for you. Do you still expect me to fly for you again?
  66. Quiet silence, melting the past attachments, you know that I am no longer me without you.
  67. When you are online, you don't know what to say to you. When you are offline, you regret that you didn't say anything to you.
  68. You never know how much you like a person unless you see him with other people.