1. Your figure is a sail. My eyes are rivers. How many times I want to retain you, I can't stop. I know that the most rare thing in the world is friendship. What is more precious is freedom.
  2, the world is sad, labor to send the guest pavilion.
  3, friends, will! Friends, treasure! The water is in a hurry, the years are in a hurry, and only the feelings will last forever.
  4, morning trip, I hope the clouds, the sun has been with you to go to the far horizon; flowers, green grass with you spread a long way forward.
  5, you are gone, in that long time, my heart is like the autumn tree, the leaves are helplessly floating in the ground, only hanging the loneliness on the branches.
  6, Dajiang songs turn off the head east, the secret group is the world's poor. The wall of the wall has broken through the wall for ten years.
  7, today to send the king must be drunk, the Ming Dynasty recalls the road long.
  8. My friends, we have to be separated for the time being; if we are serious about it, I will not say it anymore - in the night that I want to go, I will try to build a few small stars; although not much light, it makes The early morning is happy - Hu Shi
  9, want to know not to think about the present day, Hanshui East is a heart.
  10. Don't say cherish, don't say goodbye, just like this, leave silently. I hope that in the golden autumn, the fruit of friendship will hang down the rich fruit.
  11. It's not ruthless, it's not a blessing. It's just that we will meet a lot of people in our life. How many people can really stop and stop? Life is a ridiculous ferry, and even we are all passengers.
  12, although the years go by, when you say goodbye, your eyes will last forever in my heart; pure as crystal, bright as bright moon, Shen Ru Tan Yuan, clean as white snow...
  13, wave goodbye, sail and sail, what else, is the rope of friendship that you throw, invisibly tied to my heart.
  14, gathering and two dependencies. Gathering is the agglutination of power, and scattered is the bright seeding.
  15. We have to separate, say goodbye in a soft voice, and thank you in your heart. Thank you for giving me a deep friendship.
  16, your parting smile is only a short moment, but taken on my heart's negative, but left eternity.I always put it in the palm of my thoughts, the image is so real, so clear!
  17, the blue sky on the white clouds, that is my heart scornful; but my mind is as clear as the sky, because I thought of the reunion.
  18, we hold hands tightly with both hands, let the feelings gently lick in the hands, sharing an unforgettable warmth......
  19, about to be different, there are too many words to say, a thousand words into one sentence - forget me.
  20, the blessings are often difficult to do, toasting each other!
  21, tomorrow you have to go sailing, please put this small step gift in the chest, it will turn into your beliefs and strength, inspiring you to overcome the wind and the waves.
  22, a whistle, fell in the wilderness; infinite shackles and loneliness, at the moment of separation, all from the heart.
  23. If I can, I would like to break everything in my heart into today's distinction. But I can't! Then let us break up with silence! This is the silence of a volcano, it is better than anything else!
  24, parting, can weaken the shallow feelings, but make the deep feelings deeper, just as the wind can blow out the candlelight, but it will make the fire more prosperous.
  25, you leave the image of the flower, you leave the fragrance of the flower, you leave the hope of our common watering. Think of you, my years are always bright, always Fangfei.
  26, no matter where you are, after the end of the vicissitudes of life, we will eventually meet. The life of floating flowers, which is so easy to break?