1. When you are sad , no one understands yourself. If you say more, you will still not understand. People always forgive themselves. It is easy to forgive others. It is so happy to laugh on the surface. In fact, it is only A mask, I was wrong, and the mask that I took off can no longer be brought back, because no one wants to see such an ugly self.
  2, we will all be lost, take away part of our lives ; we are alive, every day, are looking for this lost life...
  3. Some people, some things have changed, and the memories of the past are always regarded as a joke. Who can wait for me like that, what I found in 2012, maybe everyone I don't feel what I got, but in this new year the world has changed.
  4, broke the contact, broke the thoughts, the last hope has been annihilated, the heart is tired, pain? Do not understand.
  5, when everything can't go back, when I decided to go, you understand that I am cold, I don't want much, but you have not given enough, even a gentle embrace, for me, are happy.
  6. Who has caught my youth and let time go?
  7. Everything is quiet. I can't hear anything. Looking out the window, the night is still so dark. I sit in the corner and can't beat the keyboard. I look at the message you gave me. You didn't need me anymore. I have always been alone, no one cares, bring headphones, the song "I love you not around", I tightened tightly, when I got used to being a person In the Internet cafe night, how can the tears fill the cheeks.
  8. There is always one or a few sly figures in life that float out of the memory, showing a story of the past. It is joy, sadness, regret?
  9, the face that is not sad, is my boy; not squinting eyes, waiting for the years to change; uninterrupted thoughts, slowly spread to you ... but you ... turn a blind eye...
  10. Where are you when I am sad? Sorry to replace the blank?
  11, you have changed, I have changed, the gentleness of not going back, the tears are like a spring, the most familiar becomes the most heartache.
  12, helpless life suddenly has been re-emphasizing, in fact, I don't mind, even if tired, only you can understand this kind of mood, add wounds, tell yourself to be strong .
  13, lock my memory, lock my sorrow , no longer think about you, how can I miss you again, happiness is forbidden, after birth and death, can not find the key to enter.
  14. Standing in the same world, some people saw happiness, while others saw sadness.
  15. They are all dreamers, one goes to the sun, one goes into the abyss, and one looks at the place.
  16. I don't know if you still remember me. Once you told me that you like to write sad words, and you also like to listen to sad songs. I have heard all the songs you said, and those words. They are all in the heart.
  17, fallen leaves, fly farther with the wind, but also finally find a place to live.
  18, looking at the road that I have traveled, I always feel that this road is full of self-harm, how can I always care about the injury, and forget the happiness, ( www.lz13.cn ) their own efforts, others will put It is worthless, I think the world will always be like this, and will not see the desire again.
  19, sitting on the bench of the hospital, watching the patient coming and going, how I faced this before, can be said that there is no feeling of numbness, the wound once again opened a cut in my chest hole.
  20. If I have never met you, if I have never fallen in love with you, if I didn't believe it at first, maybe I would not be this one myself.
  21, sometimes I just drop some words, don't always ask me to be sad, because I don't know.
  22. The reason why people are sad is because we can't keep the years; but what we can't face is that one day, youth, just disappeared.
  23, I hope to be marked with desperation at this moment, the hard practice has never been able to withstand the tempering of reality, standing on the top of the building and smoking a few cigarettes, how the feeling in my heart is getting deeper and deeper.
  24, wipe the tears on your face, but do not take the pain of the heart. When the shoulders that I rely on are not there, when my tears dry, when I decide to let go, my heart is gone.
  25, I believe that a person, what will be obtained, has been waiting hard, but only their own self-satisfaction, then the innocent self is gone, who changed this self, it is no longer important.
  26. Tomorrow, it is something that cannot be avoided. I have no retreat. Who, in this world is not a lonely life, sad death?
  27, no matter where I am, there is only one turn away from you...