1. Even if you are a cactus, I am willing to endure all the pain to hold you.
  2, Sony and Ericsson points, Wang Laoji and Jiaduobao points, immediately Tanabata, and the Cowherd and Weaver Girl have been so for a few years?
  3, just received a notice: the Tanabata married and the men and women who are in love are working normally, and the single children's shoes are on holiday for one day.
  4, if the end is not exhausted, people will eventually return.
  5, there are a lot of helplessness in the natural.
  6. Sorry, I am realistic. I care more about it than me.
  7, learn to be alone, you will not feel lonely.
  8. Don't let Tanabata become China's Valentine's Day. I don't want to listen to those swearing, steadfast, eternal, etc., and I don't want to listen to the so-called beautiful legends of the world. I only hope that there is a canoe. I was able to cross the Milky Way and send the Cowherd to the Weaver Girl. I only hope that lovers in the world will be able to squat.
  9. I watched the news broadcast from a young age until now, and I didn’t see the finale!
  10, I looked up to the starry sky, the stars are constantly flashing, as if there is sad tears. I am surprised, is it true that every star in the sky has an unforgettable feeling. I looked at the two again, they are still flashing, I am even more surprised, they are still crying? I thought their tears had dried up! I am trying hard to find the one that I am, I think, it should be a star that always shines with tears.
  11, you are dead, my story is over, and I am dead, your story is still very long.
  12, you and I really love each other, but because of the distance and space factors, you and I can not spend each other together to spend a warm and romantic holiday so that you and I really miss each other!
  13. I waited until Tanabata, but I didn't wait for you.
  14, in this empty arms, have everything, no heart.
  15. I am like this. If I don't cry, I would rather be a child than bear too much.
  16. In the new society of evil, why are there no marriages, and I am still single today!
  17. Trouble give me a man, a knife and fork together.
  18. A person who knows you is the greatest happiness in life.
  19, each person's life , there is a period of unforgettable, a moment of unforgettable.
  20, the most beautiful you, the farthest distance in the world is not the end of the earth, life and death, but I really love you, but you can not feel my sincere and persistent loyal love!
  21, a man's best love letter to a woman is a marriage certificate.
  22. In the face of money, love is great. In the face of huge sums of money, love can be exchanged.
  23, time can dilute everything, but it can also prove everything.
  24, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl have nothing to envy, it is incredible to make Tanabata a Chinese Valentine's Day - do we still beg the Chinese lovers to be the desolation of people across the river? However, the old "Daughter's Day" is more pertinent - which woman does not need to be well-behaved? In the old society where the man dominates everything, in this modern society where women are more eager for happiness.
  25, I also want to cry, but what is the use of tears - the Galaxy is eternal, the other shore of this shore can never be crossed. I only bowed my head--because I fell under the illusory starry sky. ( www.lz13.cn ) I don't want to be awkward about myself . I just want to say my heart and thoughts to my star...
  26, China's four major love myths: Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai double butterfly, not adult. The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are separated by one day and only one day can be gathered. Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian under a pressure tower, a lonely old man. Meng Jiangnv sprinkled the Great Wall with tears and was unable to return to heaven. You see, history has proven many times that true love has no good results.
  27. I don't understand how natural it is to be natural, but I know how realistic reality is.
  28, Iridium River, I can not find your trace; long night, can you feel my thoughts?