Xiaowu is a girl, a little girl, she is not yet seven years old. In the courtyard, it is not suitable for kindergartens, so at dusk, Xiao Wu is sitting in the sunset and drying in the sky.
  The afterglow of the sunset swelled in the open space of the courtyard, and the layers were stacked and full of beautiful and glamorous. This dusk was calm and gentle. In the chimneys of several houses, there was a smoke in the chimney. Like the fairy fog on the book, Nana rose to the air and was blown by the evening wind. It was scattered and dispersed in the air. At the corner of the west, there is a very old and old banyan tree. The sun shines through the branches of the eucalyptus, and it jumps like a quirky rhythm. The blue bricks are covered with a faint creeper. They are not suitable for the light temperature of Xixia, and they make a slight trembling under the warmth of the wind. Although Xiao Wu does not understand the meaning of "describe", he also feels that this scene cannot be said to look good.
  "Maybe this banyan tree has been cultivated to be refined!" Xiaowu learned the tone of Li’s grandmother in the west and spoke to the old banyan tree, and learned the sound of Li’s grandmother’s toothlessness, and it was very interesting. Suddenly, the movements of the wizards when they danced to the gods bowed to the old banyan tree, sometimes gimmicks, sometimes clapping, and having fun.
  Liang Shuo passed the laundry tub and sweated through his head. He couldn’t help but squint his eyes and whispered. "This girl is a little monster. I have never seen other dolls like her." Xiaowu smiled Grimace on the back of Liang Shuo, not enough to dress up, but also dress up, she is sometimes very naughty, especially for people who don't like it. Liang Shuming is a person she does not like very much, but Xiao Wu is very fond of Liang Shushu and Liang Cheng, Liang Shushu is the husband of Liang Shu, Liang Cheng is her son. Uncle Liang is a gentle-tempered person, and he is so childish. Even walking is like thinking about problems. He often gives Xiaowu biscuits to eat, but he does not dare to let Liang Shu know it. Otherwise, he will be smothered by a small gas beam. Noisy for a long time.
  Today's weather is very good. Xiaowu has moved out of the wall with a beloved white sea otter flower, so that it can also enjoy the rare warmth of winter. The flower of Xiaowu has a very nice name, called "night language", which is taken by Uncle Liang. It seems to be a poem from the poem , but Xiaowu does not understand Tang poetry and Song poetry. She only knows that the flower is her. Good friend, if you can always accompany her, then of course it is very good.
  The setting sun is about to fall, leaving only a trace of light and faint light lingering in the sky, not leaving, like a narrow-eyed phoenix, with a little ridicule and melancholy to look at the world. Jiang Hui grabbed the iron ring and slid back like a gust of wind. A pair of small eyes looked around and gasped and asked Xiaowu: "Is my dad still not coming back?" Seeing the little five nod, he was relieved to lick his face. Sweat, went to the water tank before the "咕咚" and "咕咚" drank an atmosphere, happily hid the iron ring under his own bed, grabbed a book, and sat downright next to the small five, whispered: "Wait My dad is coming back, you say that I have been reading."
  Little five nod, shook his head again. Jiang Hui bowed and then nodded and said: "Cheng! I have been calling you Xiaowu since." The original Xiaowu has a formal name, called Wu Bihui, which is said to be a living Buddha from Tibet. It can bless a lifetime. Peace, every time the fierce singer, but Xiaowu does not like this name, but also hates others calling her Wu Bihui, she is willing to call her Xiaowu. Jiang Hui sometimes deliberately teased her to be angry, and she called “Bihui” and “Bihui” constantly, and she was annoyed that Xiaowu wanted to spit at him. Now she heard Jiang Hui agree, and she was very happy. She couldn’t help but smile. The hair floated gently in the breeze. Although she was very young, she had a long black hair and a long hair. It was like hanging on her back. A soft cloud can make everyone want to touch it.
  Jiang Hui’s father came back with a muddy body. When he saw his son reading the book, his face suddenly opened his heart. He smiled and patted his son’s head and said, “Good boy! Hey, Enough work, go, go home, what do I bring to you with you?" Jiang Hui sneaked back to his father, and did not forget to sneak out his tongue to Xiao Wu, She got a laugh and laughed.
  Xiaowu hasn't finished laughing yet. Xia Cui carries a schoolbag and walks into the courtyard with fatigue. She is stunned and reaches the front of Xiaowu. She quickly said: "I still have a lot of homework today!" Xiaowu didn't smile. Xia Cui seems to be very tired. She drags heavy steps and her back is bent like a shrimp. She is almost unable to straighten up, and she is bitter and looks unhappy.
  Xia Cui is five years older than the fifth, and she is already in the fourth grade. Xiaowu is envious of her ability to carry a schoolbag. It is a coincidence that Xia Cui loves to be a small teacher. So they are very close together. Xia Cui often teaches Xiao Wu some introductory knowledge. Xiaowu now has a simple addition and subtraction. Since Xia Cui has no time, she slowly recalls her previous homework.
  "Little five! Still not coming back?" The mother called her loudly in the kitchen. The sky is completely dark, and the moon is not clear in the twilight. Xiaowu walked home with the "night language", just to see her mother smoked and couldn't open her eyes, and she still coughed fiercely. As usual, the little five put down the flower pot and used to give her mother a back.
  My aunt came and led her cousin Zhang Zicong.
  When they came, Xiaowu was playing mud in the yard. When she saw the figure of the two, she was very bored for a while. My aunt almost never came here because she suspected that the courtyard was dirty and couldn’t get off the ground, but she came back and said that she would bring her baby son Zhang Zicong. Is there something even more strange in the world? ?
  My aunt wore a graceful fur coat, slanting across a black handbag, and the high soles of the boots stepped on the bluestone bricks in the courtyard, as if I was afraid that others would not know that she came, smiled and called Xiaowu. "Bei Hui's daughter, my aunt is coming to see you!" Her words were really crisp and loud, and the women and children of the courtyard were all coming out. Even Grandma Li, who couldn't easily get a glimpse of her door, came out.
  Auntie waited for the opening of the fifth, and greeted everyone with enthusiasm, and saw that everyone was scared by her abnormality, and no one answered. My aunt pulled up the hand of Xiaowu a little, and took a bag of milk sugar from the bag and handed it to her. Xiao Wu squats with big round eyes and dare not eat this sugar. She is struggling to think: Is this woman with a bright color really her aunt?
  Liang Shuo was wearing a colorful apron, washing clothes in the courtyard, snoring from the nose, the sound was not loud, but the volume just happened to be heard by the aunt. Originally, Liang Cheng’s family was the richest in the courtyard. Liang Shuo also always dressed up best, but when her aunt came, she lining her from the proud queen to the aunt of the earthy face. Liang Shu’s eyes were big and big, and she was angry. It’s too small.
  Liang Shuo has a lot of opinions on himself. This is better than anyone else, so she is more proud than anyone else. This is a war between women and women without smoke. She has the upper hand and naturally has proud capital. Auntie has never been a character to get cheap. She is not rushing to Liang Shuming for a few steps, smiling like a spring breeze: "Hey! Liang Dazhen, such a cold day, how do you still wash your clothes with your hands?" Hey your hand, it’s frozen like a carrot, hey!” She thought for a moment, and was busy apologizing: “Hey, I can’t help it. I forgot that you don’t have a washing machine here.” The tone of her voice Weird, like singing, it makes people can't help but laugh, but look at the face of Liang Shutie, and wisely swallow the laughter into his stomach.
  Xiaowu’s mother couldn’t bear to see Liang Hao’s embarrassment. He said: “Let’s enter the room and talk.” Aunt turned back and took Zhang Zicong’s hand and walked into the house with her little five.
  Xiaowu let go of his heart, "哎哟" is the aunt's mantra, only she can say these two words are both proud and mean, she is of course a little five aunt! The little five who let go of the heart ripped open the package and ate a milk candy. It was sour and sweet. After eating it, it was still delicious. Xiaowu thought for a moment, put the remaining milk sugar into the pocket of the small apron, and jumped into the house, and heard the mother rushing and said: "I said how you feel free to do this today. The place to go shopping!" Xiaowu was shocked, and quickly hid behind the door.
  "Oh, my sister, your mother gave you a family heirloom. Do you think you can live with me? That old woman is so eccentric!" Aunt's tone is yin and yang.
  "What are you talking about! Mom is watching you marry well, don't worry if you eat and wear, and give me the necklace. When you are alive, your mother hurts you so much. You can't get along with your mother. You are still full of her, you only Touch your own conscience!" It was the voice of my mother.
  My aunt did not speak for a long time.
  My mother calmed her emotions and felt that the words were too much. The tone was softer: "Sister," she just said two words, and was interrupted by her aunt's lazy voice: "Don't say more. I am also a wow for you! You sold me the necklace and you can live a better life. You, my husband is dead and refuses to marry again. I have a small dumb with depression. I can still have this life. What are you looking forward to? You are jealous of you, old-fashioned, who would believe that you are only two years older than me?"
  Xiaowu didn't want to listen any more. She crept to the outside of the house. The people in the yard had dispersed. She moved the "night language" to the courtyard, letting it sunbathe, and letting herself play a few marbles. After a while, I was impatient to throw the marbles and leaned against the old banyan tree.
  Xiaowu never likes her aunt. Although she is very rich and younger and younger than Xiaowu’s mother, she is always arrogant and arrogant. She is afraid when she sees her. Xiaowu also doesn't like his cousin Zhang Zicong. He always wears a small suit, and his hair is still waxed. He is obviously not nearsighted. He has to wear a pair of gold glasses, which is very knowledgeable, pale face. There is often a sloppy and self-righteous smile floating on it, and there is no difference between a doll and a doll. Compared to Jiang Hui and Xia Cui, their cousin can be too bad. Jiang Hui sometimes quietly yelled at his "fake foreign devils". The fifth was not only not worried about his cousin, but he was very happy.
  Aunt took Zhang Zicong out and screamed out, and licked her eyes. Her leather boots and bluestone rubbed out a harsh sound, like stone bricks helplessly.
  "Night language" fell a silky silky petal, Xiaowu some distressedly picked up the petals, a yellow eucalyptus leaves fell to her eyes, Xiaowu looked up, the leaves of the old banyan tree finally fell, only the thin The sparse branches are like a wonderful meticulous brushwork.
  The real winter is coming.
  Xiaowu's milk sugar and Jiang Hui were finished in a few minutes. The time was like the rock sugar in the palm of his hand, and the temperature of the palm was melted a little. Xiaowu grew taller, and Xiaowu’s mother rejoiced to announce this fact to the whole village, but she did not find any change in her body.
  My mother is not prepared, Xiaowu secretly and Jiang Hui, Xia Cui slipped out of the yard, the whole street is very quiet outside, and occasionally one or two people walk through the small road in front of the yard. They climbed up to the opposite side of the building. This building was just completed and no one lived.
  Three people are lying on the roof top of the building, squinting at the white clouds in the sky. These clouds are beautiful, and they are floating in the sky. People can imagine that it is comfortable and soft. From time to time, there are swallows flying over, for the clear blue sky. Pin out the delicate black characters. Not far away, a group of workers are busy in the heat, they are busy building a new community, the fifth can see the excavator's digging scorpion from the top of the building.
  Xia Cui said in the small five ears: "I heard that our yard has to be demolished to build a building!" Xiaowu thought that this is very good, just a little bit reluctant to live in the courtyard for so long.
  Xia Cui went out of Shinto: "When we live in the building, there will be many good things. Maybe we can have a computer computer. I have a classmate, and many of them are very fun. I can envy other students." Five would like to ask what is a computer, Xia Cui saw her mind, hands and strokes explained: "Hey, it is similar to a big box, square."
  "Liang Cheng! Liang Cheng! Come here!" Jiang Hui suddenly shouted and waved his hand. He didn't know when to slip to the other side of the rooftop and looked down.
  Liang Cheng grabbed a roasted sweet potato in his right hand, holding a marshmallow in his left hand, and ran upstairs. He was an eleven-year-old boy with a shackled scar on his forehead. The mark of a fall when the ostrich egg is on the old banyan tree. Seeing the three men’s sullen look, the heart of Liang Cheng’s heart will be divided into half.
  The four people shared the perfect taste. Liang Cheng felt a greasy playing card and was about to start. The sound of the rumbled motor came downstairs. Jiang Hui whispered: "There is a situation!"
  They ran back to the courtyard in three steps and in two steps. The yard was full of people. There were several men in suits in the middle. They were arrogant and arrogant. They couldn’t hear clearly, and then they couldn’t hear clearly. Two or three workers carried the chainsaw to saw the trees. The small five heard a hoarse and heavy crash and fell to the ground. The workers had already carried the chainsaw and went out. There was a large space in the courtyard. Lying on the ground, the body of the old banyan tree, the branches are still shaking slightly, it seems that it has not completely died, is suffering the pain of dying, the new tree stump is really big, a short circle, the breeze is slowly stroking it The immersion of the light green sap of the wound, the spring is almost bleak.
  Grandma Li licked her little feet and twitched and groaned: "Oh, swear!"! Liang Cheng’s face has also changed. When he fell from the old banyan tree that year, he couldn’t wait to saw it off immediately, but now when he finally saw it killed, it seemed like he hoped it would survive. It’s a strange thing. Psychological, he does not understand.
  Xiaowu didn't understand what was going on. She just looked at her with a pair of fawns and eyes with horror. The old banyan tree was quickly disposed of, and a notice was issued to ask residents in the courtyard to move within half a month.
  Liang Shushu’s family had already found a house early. After two days, he moved away. I didn’t know where to move. In the blink of an eye, after seven or eight days, the people in the courtyard have moved closer to the majority. The courtyard is very old and lost. The more and more desolate, the often bright and green ivy is weak. On the day when Xia Cui moved away, Xiao Wu was sitting alone on the stage of the court. He only felt empty and empty. He wanted to yell and scream and want to cry.
  "Little five! Xiaowu!" Xia Cui ran back to the courtyard, panting and provoked the latter to jump up, she thought Xia Cui did not leave. Xia Cui quickly took a milky white conch out of his pocket and gasped and said: "Small five, this is for you!" Xiaowu used to like this conch before. She asked Xia Cui several times, always wanting Not enough. Holding a small and hard conch, Xiao Wu’s eyes are red. Sometimes she is a precocious girl, especially knowing her sentiment earlier than others.
  After the four houses of the courtyard were all removed, Xiaowu and his mother still lived here. Their homes were very tight and there was no extra money to rent a house. The blink of an eye was the last day of the order. Someone in the hospital called out: "Why are there still people who have not moved?" Several workers knocked on the door violently, and a man with a beard and a fierce face came in: "Why are you still not? Moved away? Didn’t get a notice?” Mom quickly smiled and smiled apologetically. Poverty forced her to bend over and had to bend over.
  The man did not glance at her, just lifted the flower pot on the corner of the wall and threw it out. He said, "Before tomorrow, you must move!" Xiaowu saw a strange rainbow in the air, she pointed Called, grabbed the door to catch the "night language", a pain in the palm of your hand, cut the palm of your hand by the broken piece of porcelain, and took out the red blood beads, looking at the palm of your hand, it seems that you don't recognize it.
  Mother shivered and took out a white bag, and untiedly untied the rope. Inside, there was a string of soft pearl necklaces. The pearls were generally sized, round and clear. Xiaowu once saw her mother take it out many times, but she quickly put it back. This time I don’t know why I should give such a nice necklace to my aunt. She is very puzzled.
  Xiaowu did not know the reason, but her mother was very clear. She slowly handed the necklace to her sister, and her heart was as sad as a knife. Aunt showed a triumphant smile and took a stack of thick "old man's head" from her big bag.
  Xiao Wu actually arrived at the age of school. She was carrying a schoolbag for the first time in her life. At the beginning, she was really happy, but the class teacher of Xiaowu was obviously a less successful teacher. Her class teacher, surnamed Zhao, wore a pair of "beer bottoms". Her face was cold and it was rare to see a smile. She treated the students very harshly. He practiced the dogma of "Jingzhu and the saints" and corporal punishment. Xiaowu has never been a lively and cheerful child. In front of the rigorous and stereotyped teacher Zhao, she is even more timid and can't say a word easily.
  Xiao Wu, under the supervision of Teacher Zhao, is increasingly disliked the school. She originally thought that the teachers in the school were as interesting as the knowledge of Xia Cui. The results were not found in two days. The teachers were hard and hard in class. More importantly, they did not have the warm smile and encouragement of Xia Cui. Discourse.
  One day in Teacher Zhao’s class, Xiao Wu touched out the little conch that Xia Cui gave to her. Maybe in her heart, she felt that it was a silent protest, although Xiaowu just felt awkwardly. To the malicious joy, but it is enough for her to continue the game.
  Although Mr. Zhao’s degree of myopia is nearly 1000 degrees, he is keenly aware that Xiaowu’s mind is low-minded. At first he quietly called: "Wu Bihui! What are you doing?"
  Xiaowu did not notice, she concentrated on playing conch, Zhao teacher shot the platform, shouting: "Wu Bihui, hand over the things in your hands!" The same table gently reached the arm of Xiaowu. Xiaowu looked up and saw Zhao’s expression of anger and anger. The heart was really surprised. She suddenly forgot her name and thought hard: “Who is Wu Bihui?” Teacher Zhao was really angry. He walked down the stage and grabbed the small hand. The conch on the fifth hand was thrown out of the window, and the small white shadow flashed like a small white cloud.
  "Now, you stand for me until class!" Teacher Zhao snapped, and he decided not to do it.
  Xiaowu’s face was white and straight, and she stood upright. For a moment, she felt that she was weak, and her heart seemed to be hollowed out. She remembered crying but said nothing to cry.
  When I was eating that night, Xiaowu was silent and didn't talk. My mother didn't notice her abnormality. She was thinking about her mind. She went to inquire about it. Then a string of crystal-clear pearl necklaces can at least sell the aunt's bid. Twice, it is undeniable that my aunt is a selfish woman. She thought she would have a little bit of love between the two.
  For a long time, my mother whispered: "Small five, you must compete and study hard." Xiaowu glared at a pair of black and white eyes, she did not understand, but life forced her to understand.
  Later, Xiaowu always studied seriously. She was a rare and intelligent child. Once she spent her sleepless nights, she would never be able to catch up with other children. Her achievements are so remarkable. Even Zhao’s eyes are on her eyes. Also often with approval and gratification. Xiao Wu has been rushing to school all the time, and fatigue has made her forget that something has tainted her clear eyes.
  The junior middle school language teacher is a gentle and quiet young girl. She teaches poetry without a set of methods. No matter how dry and boring the old saying is under her fingertips, it can be instantly beautiful. That day, she was teaching the poem "Small building to listen to the spring rain in the night, and sell the apricot flower in the deep lane of the Ming Dynasty." Then I asked Xiaowu to talk about "the thoughts deep inside."
  Xiaowu stood up, but did not know how to answer. Her memory was only eucalyptus and jellyfish. There was no flamboyant and enchanting apricot flower, and she was used to burying her true thoughts. The law tells her that one person is more faithful than two.
  The language teacher is surprisingly good-tempered, seeing Xiaowu standing like a wooden man, and not being angry at all. He still smiles and asks Xiaowu to sit down. Xiaowu listens to the bench and rarely walks away. It’s all over: “Small building listens to the spring rain overnight, and the deep lane Ming Dynasty sells apricot flowers”, and it’s sour and sorrowful.
  Not a postscript of postscript
  After school, Xiao Wu was dizzy to go home. I don’t know why, but I went back to the former courtyard house, but it is not the former courtyard house. Instead, it is a towering high-rise building.
  Xiaowu desperately wants to recall the old eucalyptus trees, the secluded ivy, the jellyfish that she once loved, and the years that are poor but not lost and true.
  The tall building is very foreign, and it is also equipped with a small exquisite garden, but Xiaowu does not like it, and does not like it. She hasn't expressed her mind for such a long time, and she feels strange strange.
  Some people are selling flowers, peony flowers, rose flowers, lilacs, silk flowers, and night scent. The stall owner counted the money with a smile. Nowadays, people in the city are more and more keen on raising flowers. They always love to buy a few pots here. He had never thought that the flowers and plants used to feed pigs in the countryside could sell big prices in the city.
  There are many varieties of flowers, and the small five are looking for them in detail, but they only see the sea otters. "Uncle, why don't you have jellyfish flowers here?" The stall owner smiled and greeted people: "The jellyfish has no aroma. Many people don't like to buy it. If you want it, you can order it first. Hey, what's wrong with you? How did you cry?" He was surprised to see this beautiful and deep eye, they seem to contain silent suffering.
  Xiaowu doesn't know why he will cry, but his tears can't be controlled, and he must flow out. So crying, she is almost a small five.
  The stall owner has never seen anyone crying so sadly, and suddenly there is a long-lost warmth in his heart. He comforted softly: "Taro, don't cry." His heart was good after all, but he didn't understand why.
  The white clouds in the sky are hanging in a leisurely manner, just like the purity of that year. It’s just that Xiaowu learned the phrase “things are things that people are not doing,” and it’s really “thinking before the tears”.