In November, in a small station on the Sichuan-Tibet line in the snow and ice, pregnant friends were taken as family members of the victims to collect the bodies.
  It was her father, who left home and said that she went out to work to help them share the pressure of their father.
  In the car accident, I didn’t even see the last side.
  The kind of sadness that is boundless, has been buried in her life since then .
  She slowly accepted the fact that her father passed away, but he couldn't accept that when he passed away, it hurts, so cold.
  Sancha was seriously ill, the doctor was powerless, he chose to leave the hospital, two days before his death, just in our home.
  I was ignorant at the time, and his little daughter was even less sensible.
  We both kicked the dice in the yard and the dice were scattered.
  The three screams told us to go over and give us a slap. We are reluctant, saying that he has a heavy hand and will smash the scorpion.
  In the end, he was allowed to tie up. During the two of us, I have been joking and haha, so I have to shake the sky.
  I don't know if the little sister remembers, it was her father who gave her the last time, although it was really smashed.
  Let's play together. When it is dark, we don't want to go home.
  After a while, the family stood on the side of the yard and shouted: "Come back!"
  A few children had to be scattered, and I slammed my mouth and ran to my home, and occasionally turned back, and there was a child who walked slowly.
  He had no parents at the time, only a brother who was a little older than him.
  When the children got together to brag, he also said with great enthusiasm: "My father..."
  But only these three words, the words behind have swallowed, tears.
  When your father is alive, you think he is a frog in the well.
  When your father passed away, you realized that your sky was falling.
  Cherish the time that lives in each other's lives, and when the time goes, never return.