The time is close to 10 o'clock in the evening, Lin Ran licked his eyes and continued to modify the copy on the computer. Today, because of an unqualified copy, she was trained by her boss who was a few years older than her. If Dong Shusheng was knocking on the door and looking for her boss, the young boss’s anger did not know what to burn. time.
  The 30-odd person, the company's old staff, is also very embarrassed because a copy of the copy was relentlessly reprimanded. However, Lin Ran endured a word and said nothing. On the one hand, she had learned to be forbearing at this age. On the other hand, she had to admit that her copy was indeed problematic. In fact, Lin Ran has always been a serious person, but these days her son is ill, her company is busy at home, the copywriting is rough, and there are loopholes in some places.
  The young boss ordered Lin Ran to work overtime to change a decent copy of the case. After the shift, everyone left afterwards. Only Lin Ran was busy at the moment. Lin Ran concentrated on doing the copy, but actually did not hear someone slowly walked behind her. Until something was put in front of her eyes, she looked up a little surprised, seeing Dong Shusheng, he was putting a packaged face in front of her, "Hungry, eat something", see Lin Ran still Looking at him with amazement, Dong Shusheng explained that he went back to the company to pick up things. From the downstairs, he saw that the office in this floor was still lit, and he knew that Lin Ran was still working overtime. It happened that the Lulu noodle restaurant downstairs opened the door. He bought a copy.
  Lin Ran is indeed hungry, and Lu halogen noodles are her favorite. In addition to the company cafeteria, she eats the most Luhe noodles when she eats at the company's side at noon. "But the copy has not been changed, and today's brain is like a paste, and I can't figure out a clue," she said.
  "I will help you see," he said. He was also in Lin Ran's department, and now he is transferred to other departments, but this work for Lin Ran is still in progress.
  Lin Ran did not be polite with him. After working in an office for two years, she and Dong Shusheng had an unspeakable tacit understanding. They all said that it is difficult for colleagues to become true friends, but they often do not care for each other. Help the lining. She gave up her seat, sat in the chair next to open the box of Lu Hao noodles, the office immediately filled with a fragrant incense, Lin Ran felt hungry, buried and ate.
  When Lin Ran finished the bowl of noodles, Dong Shusheng had already changed the copy. She looked at it and was very surprised. Under his revision, the copy has no loopholes, is smooth and organized, and is feasible. "I can make a smooth transition tomorrow," Lin Ran said when printing the copy. Dong Shusheng smiled and waited for Lin Ran to pack things and go downstairs.
  They walked to the parking outside the company. Although it was already late, both of them were slow and didn't seem to be rushing home. When the breeze came, Lin Ran looked up at the sky. "The stars tonight are really bright." It has been said for many years that this lack of smoke and fire is not the case, but it is very natural to say it in front of him. He also looked up at the starry sky and said, "Yes, camping in the wild a few days ago, the starry sky is brighter." Lin Ran knows that he likes outdoor sports. In fact, she likes it too, but because she is too busy, she rarely goes out. She said: "The next camp takes me to go", "Okay," he said. But both of them know that this is just a talk, it’s all about people who are dragging their families, and it’s possible to go out alone.
  When I walked to my car, Lin Ran said, "Thank you."
  "Don't be polite with me," his smile is warm. In the faint moonlight, this smile, somehow let Lin Ran feel the slightest feeling of drinking like wine, this is a feeling that has not been for many years. However, for a moment, Lin Ran forced himself to return to calm. She waved at him, "See you tomorrow," and then got on the bus.
  Lin Ran returned home, the child had already slept, and her husband was lying on the bed and reading the e-book with his mobile phone.
  "Does the child have a fever?" Lin Ran asked. "No", my husband looked at the phone and said.
  Lin Ran came back and said to her husband: "The toilet should be brushed," and her husband snorted.
  Lin Ran lay down, her husband looked at the mobile phone and said, "You will take the time to pay the gas bill at noon tomorrow. The person who just brushed the gas card said that the debt was owed." Lin Ran snorted and felt sleepy. Closed his eyes.
  The company organized to go to the coastal city to expand training. Lin Ran was somewhat fearful. When she completed the "ladder" training program, she was too nervous, her feet cramped, and she was cold and sweaty on the ground. Dong Shusheng kneel down and handed a towel to let her wipe her sweat. After she got better, she reached out and helped her up. His palm was slightly sweaty and warm. He said softly: "Don't be nervous, you can." She saw a kind of trust and security in his gaze, and his care made her feel that the difficulties in front of her eyes all made sense. She later successfully completed the task.
  In the later training, he always had the care of others that was not easy to detect but meticulous. There was a subtle feeling that flowed quietly between the two people. This feeling was warm and irritating and brought a little uneasiness, but Lin Ran had to say that he Like this feeling, this feeling makes her seem to return to the girlhood.
  After the colleagues completed some difficult training during the day, they always went out to drink and relax at night. Lin Ran and Dong Shusheng did not like the excitement. Two people often blew the wind at the seaside. It was a night. They chat, always feel that there are endless words, they talk about favorite books, favorite movies, favorite foods, they talk about their favorite city, talk about their childhood dreams , they find interest and hobbies amazingly similar. She found that he was deeply minded and understood life very well. He found that she was a woman with connotation, but she still had a girllike innocence in her bones. It turns out that there is really a person in this world who will speculate with himself. Lin Ran feels that they really have a rare fit.
  Sometimes when they are tired, they are silent. In the bleak sea breeze, the warm and stimulating feeling is filled with Lin Ran’s heart. She suddenly hopes that this expansion will last longer, and this feeling stays a little longer.
  The expansion of the week is still over. Everyone is back to the company by bus, which is close to midnight. Dong Shusheng’s car stopped at the company, and Lin Ran’s car was not there. They didn't make a trip, but he insisted on sending her back. Sitting in the car, he said: "A woman who goes home alone so late will make people feel uneasy." He is a careful person. Lin Ran remembered that when she talked with her husband on the phone that she might come back very late, her husband just said faintly, "When you take a taxi home, be careful." She knows that the child is still young, and her husband can't take him. When people are at home, they come to pick her up, but it is inevitable that some of them are lost.
  The car didn't drive fast, Lin Ran could feel that Dong Shusheng seemed to be like her, and hoped that the two people would get along alone for a long time.
  After a long silence, he said: "This week has passed without knowing it. Some things, I really hope to come back again."
  "Yeah, I really hope to come back again," she said.
  Lin Ran returned home, washing is finished in the middle of the night. When she lay down, her husband said, "Is it back?", she snorted. The husband turned over and fell asleep.
  Lin Ran has always been a very traditional person. She secretly warned herself that she and Dong Shusheng are both people who have a family. We should not let this unclear feeling persist. She should restrain herself and should keep with him. Some distance. However, she had to admit that whenever he encountered difficulties in her work, she gave her some help when she was helpless. Whenever she saw his skillful figure, whenever she saw it. He will smile with a heart, she will be inexplicably heart-warming. This kind of heart is getting harder to suppress.
  Just when Lin Ran struggled with contradictions, they ushered in a chance to travel together two people. His business trip required Lin Ran to send a person to do some assistance work. He told her boss to let her go.
  She was a little excited when she packed things, and she was nervous. The journey of two unknown people didn't know what would happen.
  The first two days of peace and quiet, they are serious people, and they are doing their best to be busy with business. On the last day, they talked to the client about the matter and went out to rain. They didn't have a good place to take a taxi. He took off his coat and covered her head. Then he pulled her hand and ran in the rain, and ran to a good place to take a taxi. His palm is a little wet, she is also, they can not tell whether it is rain or sweat. For many years, I have not run like this in the rain. They are like two cheerful children. She suddenly hoped that she had been running with him like this, and that he could go anywhere.
  Later they got into the car and went back to the hotel, had dinner together, and drank a bottle of red wine. After dinner, he said that she was talking in her room, she did not refuse.
  The two had been talking for a long time, and it was very late. They were silent, but he did not say that he was leaving. Under the light, he suddenly saw a layer of blush on her white cheeks, as shy as a girl. He was so moved that he did not feel his hand and took her hand. Her hands were softened all over her body. She realized that they were about to happen. She was a little nervous, but she was too soft to refuse.
  At this time, her cell phone rang, it was the sound of text messages. She subconsciously pulled out her hand and took the phone to see the text message. It was the husband who sent it. "Wife, this evening, my son and I ate the dumplings that you had frozen in the refrigerator before going. The son said that I missed you. I hope to return."
  Putting down the phone, her son’s innocent and lively face appeared in front of her eyes, and her heart was filled with an unspeakable taste. She said to him: "I want to be a little bit of a child, so I can go home tomorrow. You can go back to the room and call your daughter." She knew that he also loved his daughter very much and regarded her as a treasure.
  He seems to have recovered his senses, stood up and left her room.
  Two people took the plane back to the city where they lived. He said that he took the taxi and sent her home. She refused, saying that it was not too late. She could take a taxi alone.
  Back home, the son embraced her servant, her husband did not speak on the side, he was wearing an apron, ready to cook.
  The son went to build the building blocks. She went into the kitchen and asked her husband, "Do you want to help?"
  "You peel the roots and use it for a while," said the husband.
  She began to peel the onions and said, "Are you not eating green onions?"
  While washing the dishes, her husband said, "But you like it. After you have been eating for so many years, you are used to it."
  Standing in the kitchen, she suddenly felt that her heart was solid and steady, and with a little luck, she was glad that she did not break this reality.
  Lin Ran, their company set up a branch in the new city of the city, to send a few old employees in the past, Lin Ran signed the name.
  The young boss said to her: "The conditions there may be harder." Lin Ran said: "It doesn't matter."
  She was busy with the work at the head office and it was very late to pack her things. She was left alone in the office. Later, he came over from his office and silently watched her pack things up.
  "Do you have to go?", after a long silence, he said.
  "Well," she nodded.
  "in fact……"
  His words have not been said, she looked up at him, there is a kind of ignorance in her eyes, telling him what to say with nothing.
  She will miss the days with him, but she must leave.
  The two men went out together. He took the box in her hand and she did not refuse. When she got to the pick-up area, she took the box and waved goodbye to him.
  Sitting in the car, he hasn't started the car for a long time, and her car is still. Later, his cell phone rang, it was a text message, she sent it. "Maybe we met the right person, but the time is wrong. Cherish, cherish!".
  He was silent for a long time and slowly started the car.