Leslie Cheung said to Anita Mui, wait until we are 40 years old, you are not married, I am not married, we are together. But later, he fell on the building on April 1, 2003, and she died of lung failure on December 30 of the same year. That year, she was just 40 years old.
  In 2000, Liu Yuchu met Xie Na, and after three years, the two held high-profile appearances. He promised her: "As long as Xie Na said that she is married today, I will marry her tomorrow." But six years later, Liu Wei married, Xie Na cried for a whole night, the bride is not her.
  Looking at Xie Na’s autobiography, part of it is that she and Liu Wei’s. The six-year relationship has allowed them to grow a lot each other. Xie Na said that they were strong together when everyone was not optimistic , but they separated when everyone blessed them.
  Zhou Xun, who said that Li Daqi was not married, eventually married another good man. But their five-year relationship will be the most exciting time in their lives .
  Before Xin Xiaoqi sang the first "Enlightenment" at the concert, the crying was so sad and painful. Xin Xiaoqi did not end up with the loved ones. It must have been realized. We have always lost time. So, in the beginning of this year, what else can make us tempted, let us believe it.
  Chen Sheng has done a very sensational thing. He pre-sold the tickets for his concert one year in advance, only for couples to buy, and the price of one person can get two seats. However, a couple coupon is divided into a male coupon and a female coupon. The lovers have their own coupons. After one year, the two coupons will work together. The ticket is of course sold very quickly, maybe this is the way the lovers prove their love . "We have to be together for a lifetime. One year, what?"
  The name of this concert is called - do you still love me next year? It seems to be a very simple question, but it is defeated by naked reality. In the second year, Chen Sheng’s specially-designed couple’s seat was a lot of seats. He faced the empty bench with a weird apology on his face and sang the last song: leave the sorrow to himself.
  People who have been in love for many years have become like strangers and live with each other. Perhaps they don't love each other, they can't give each other their own lives. It should be believed that they may still love each other. Just, one does not know how to love, one loves but can't do anything.
  Life is like this. In the end, it is not the person who has been obeying the old man. Maybe it is not the one who has promised to swear by the mountains and promises to be old and white. How much true love is defeated by reality. After all, after all, time will take everything away.
  What made us let go of each other's hands? What made us give up and give up each other? I will always say that there is really nothing, and then silence the story of others. The surface will eventually return to calm, but the inner waves are turbulent but not known.
  Only oneself knows who is the one who really loves, and who is the one who hurts himself. So in the end, when we all have each other's affiliation, you can only be a vague silhouette in my memory.
  A woman suddenly decided to split up with her boyfriend who had been in love for five years and married others in lightning. She said that she was going to get married, she couldn't wait, and although he loved her, he didn't have any meaning at all.
  After a few years, the man was married. The bride may not be much better than her, or how deep his love is this time, but the timing of her appearance is really good, just when he is tired and wants to settle down.
  So, no better reason is needed, she is coming at the right time, then, she is.
  In fact, we have been searching for so long, and we have tasted the sweetness and hardship of every love, and the last choice of lover is just the one around us when we are moving. What kind of childhood, what kind of heart is conscience, what love at first sight, is just an excuse to add icing on the cake, time is the master of everything in the dark.
  Looking back at the past, remembering the love that has passed through life like a meteor, we often blame each other for their fate. In fact, in the final analysis, fate is a concept of illusory abstraction. What really affects us is often the time to meet and fall in love.
  The communication between men and women is full of hesitation and uncertainty and the insistence of words and expressions. A small variable can completely change the direction of choice. If you appear earlier, maybe she won't be close to another person's fingers; or meet later, later, two people slowly learn to be tolerant and considerate, kind and compromise in their love experiences.
  Who did you meet when you were the most beautiful? When you love someone, who is she with? Who is walking with her when your heart is most vulnerable? How much time does love give you, to meet and separate, to choose and regret?
  If you love someone and can't be together, you can't meet each other at the right time. If you love, but you don't love time, in addition to collecting the tears of your heart, walking away without words, what choice can you have?
  The wilderness of time, no one step ahead or no later step, among thousands of people, to lick their own lover, it is a rare fate, more often, we just constantly miss each other, missed Yang Huapeng Flying spring, missed the autumn of Maple Thurso. Until the snow is shining, the years are no longer, and after a sigh of sadness, I can finally understand.
  Even if it is sincere, even if it is intimate, even if two people are already worried, our love still needs time to fulfill and test. The world has such limitations and hidden taboos, and there are too many unpredictable changes and involuntary separations. One turn, perhaps for a lifetime.