Three hours after I finished this state, I became Yang's girlfriend.
  He called me hungry out of the dormitory and asked me: "What do you want to eat?"
  "Powder soup powder." I blurted out and stared at him.
  Yang Ge frowned, but still immediately slammed me straight to the door of the door.
  I haven't eaten for two days, and I have a face that I can't love. In front of a bowl of delicious fish-flavored paste soup, I have the original shape.
  My mouth contains rice noodles, I am grateful to ask: Yang Ge, why don't you eat? ”
  Yang Geton paused, looked up at the sky, and stared at me and said: "The brother only has ten dollars."
  I almost stopped, sucked my nose and said: "Brother, I am penniless, if you don't give up, I can only agree with myself."
  "Good!" Yang Ge's eyes lit up and smiled.
  In the steaming, I was red-eyed, and Yang’s beautiful face gradually blurred.
  In the messy shop, we used the chopsticks to pick up the hot fritters of the squid soup, and sent them into the mouth with heat. The delicious and soft taste was unforgettable for many years.
  In April 2010, we were in our third year and we were in the third year of college.
  During that time, I was really too damn poor, and I didn’t have a meal when I ate it.
  It’s sad and inspirational. I haven’t spent a penny at home since I was in college. "I am poor, three meals are not good, and my family is on the wall." These words are all created for me.
  In my hometown in the northern town, my mother was sick and sick all the year round. After eating medicine for decades, I just applied for a four-year student loan. I am not busy at the weekend, I am looking for part-time jobs everywhere, sending flyers, setting up stalls, doing tutoring, and being waiters. More busy than our principal.
  Yang Ge, the unknown student of our unknown school, is low-key. On the third day when I lost 800 yuan in living expenses, I saved him with only 10 yuan left in that month.
  I have always felt that the three best words in the world are definitely not "I love you", but "I am there, don't be hungry, eat more." Good love never has to be said, used.
  I met Yang Ge in the study room. When I had time, I went to study. If he didn’t borrow English textbooks from me that day, I didn’t know that he was sitting behind him for two years.
  We naturally came together. There is nothing romantic about the snowy month.
  When Yang Ge was at the age of four, he had already started to pick up the project outside, and he never had to worry about living expenses and tomorrow. And I, a weak and poor-speaking liberal arts woman, often found a job, and could not find a direction at the crowded job fair.
  "Yang Ge, I am too poor, nothing."
  "me too."
  "Are you afraid of it?"
  "There is you now, everything will be there."
  In June 2011, the second day after the photo was taken, I sat with Yang Ge for 12 hours in a hard seat, and the dust rushed from Wuhan to the magic capital. Yang Ge, regardless of his parents’ opposition to graduation, came to Shanghai and planned to start a business with the seniors . I also had an interview.
  Every day, people come and there are people in Shanghai. From the Shanghai Railway Station, Yang Ge took a large bag of luggage and walked in front of me, surrounded by neon lights, night Shanghai ushered in the most common of the 10 million foreigners.
  "Small seven, you hurry." Yang Ge turned and smiled at me with a smile.
  "Okay, I am coming." I took the suitcase and speeded up my pace.
  It’s awkward, but it’s good to be there.
  I rented a partition in Changning with Yang Ge, two kilometers from the subway. The rental contract was paid for one, and I had to pay 2,000 for one time. After paying the rent, we have only 215 yuan left and right. Sitting in a room less than 5 square meters, I was silent with Yang Ge for a long time.
  The aisle was narrow, the lights were dim, the room was airtight, and a bed less than a meter wide, a cupboard and a small table filled the room. Damn, it really graduated, the first time I had this terrible feeling.
  The partitions gather local people from all over the country. There are couples who have just graduated from us. There are a couple of young couples who sell mala, and there is a couple who always drive the sound to a large base, as well as some single men and women who are full of clouds. . Everyone is busy with each other and never communicates.
  Every day, I have to grab the toilet, washing machine, and water shower with more than ten people, and line up to brush my teeth, take a shower, and wash my clothes. The toilet is a blockbuster.
  The bad soundproofing made me collapse, and I could hear the coughing and turning over the next door. In those days, I was in the snoring of Yang Ge every night, listening to the laughter and sorrow of the couple next door to sleep late into the night. Against the dark wall, talk about the insignificant ideals.
  In the morning, Yang Ge got up and diarrhea, squatting inside for more than 20 minutes. A boy next door screamed at the door: "Constipation is still dead? Can you hurry?"
  Yang Ge, who has never been shocked, was gloomy on that day.
  "It's okay, it's better to have better than to live!" I laughed at Yang Ge.
  "Aggrieved you, wait for the money to make a big house."
  "With you, everything is fine."
  My interview was very smooth, and the salary was too low: the probationary period was 2,500 per month, and after the correction, it was 3,200, and occasionally there would be a bonus. Just graduated, take your time, first learn something on the big platform, and the salary is second. I added a few days of chicken soup to my brain and officially entered the job.
  Yang Ge entered the company's company to participate in the project, the salary is twice that of me, every day to nine nine, nine, back home is late at night. me too.
  The biggest problem we had at the time was how to put the 200 yuan into the day of pay.
  A take-away of more than ten dollars is definitely not enough. Fortunately, there is no way to the sky, the next boy throws us a small rice cooker, pats the butt back to the home. I was so excited that Yang Ge quickly went to the supermarket to pick up a small pocket of rice, and the rice scent filled the room every day.
  We ate rice at noon, and we took the mustard and hid it in the grid. Drinking oatmeal at night, Yang Ge is not used to drinking, I bought him a bag of sugar, he also eats with relish. But still very hungry, very hungry and very hungry.
  I was woken up by Yang Ge in a groggy way: "Bread, yogurt, lying in the trough?"
  Yang Ge smiled: "The company sent it."
  "Which company sent this? Do not believe!" I am full of doubts.
  "Nothing, just passing by, when you donate blood."
  My heart twitched, tears screamed and fell down, and I cried while eating: "Yang Ge, I am fucking this is drinking your blood!"
  "Reassured, brother is still there." Yang Ge smiled at me like a child.
  I hahahaha cry even more.
  In the last few days, we will have enough food. When we are hungry, we will smash a bowl of underwater belly and then lie in bed and dare not move.
  "Yang Ge, if you can come to a bowl of paste soup powder, just fine."
  "Yeah, put some peppers and fritters."
  "Yang Ge, suddenly I want Wuhan."
  "Yeah, go to the river beach and go to the East Lake."
  We just had a ride and didn't talk for a long time. When we were sleepy, we slept and hugged each other.
  This one-meter-wide bed has a board that collapses. When I came in, I let the landlord change it. I didn’t move for a month. In order to avoid the hole, we can only wrap together and move to the corner.
  At that time we were the poorest, but we held the tightest in the middle of the night.
  At that time, I couldn’t care about anything. I just wanted to rent a good house. We tried to save money, work overtime or work overtime. Every night, I went to sleep with Yang Ge on the computer. He was checking the information . I was writing a manuscript. Other people's rooms are awkward, we have a keyboard.
  Six months later, we moved to the two-bedroom old house of Xuhui and shared it with a couple. I am excited to run with Yang Ge to buy all kinds of things.
  For the first time, I finally added a floor mirror, a bookshelf, a coat rack, a carpet, a wallpaper, a photo wall, and a flower pot on the balcony. Start cooking carefully, we try not to eat leeks, and save a lot of money in one month. In order to save the subway, I bought a second-hand bicycle and went back and forth for more than ten kilometers every day.
  In 2012, we lived poor and comfortable. Occasionally go out for a good weekend, watch a movie, or go to the library to read a book and spend an afternoon.
  On the day when Yang Ge paid his salary, he asked me to have a hot pot. He resumed the relaxed spirit of the past.
  "Yang Ge, why are you so good to me?"
  "You look good."
  "I know this, don't count."
  "You are thinner and eat more."
  "I can eat very much, be careful to be poor by me!"
  "Nothing, let you eat for a lifetime!"
  I don't know if the hot pot is too hot or too hot, and I will be smashed when I eat it with tears.
  No one's life is smooth, and love is also.
  Shanghai's housing prices rose, and our heart trembled. Unexpectedly, the landlord gave us a rise in rent. Adding 800 pieces a month, we are a total, mom is not worthwhile, save money before the age of 30, down payment, move!
  Finding a house in Shanghai is a tough battle. The information released an hour ago can be robbed of the house two hours later.
  On the day of moving, the earphones just heard the phrase "I want to sell my house, wandering the world" in Song Fatzi's "Zebra", and my heart trembled. how? If you have a house, you will be well treated. What waves are really!
  In 2013, the stock market continued to rise and close for a period of time. Our colleagues around us were all trading stocks. Yang Ge also began to ponder and invest some money. He put all the tens of thousands of pieces that had fallen in the past two years. I don't understand the stock, and advise him to accept it if he is still good.
  He was excited: "You can earn half a year's rent in a week."
  I can't do anything, it can only be by him. Then the market fell and I was blind with Yang Ge, and my eyes were tearful. It’s over.
  Unexpectedly, things are even worse after that. Yang Ge has not paid for three months. In the past few years, how many times the startups have risen, how many times the startups have fallen. During that time, he often worked overtime and went back to sleep.
  Look at him like this, I fight every day. I told myself that if you want to cheer up, you can't fall down, you can't live without the source of the economy. Yang Ge raised me, now I have to raise him.
  I work in the company during the day, come back in the evening to pick up soft texts and write novels until two or three in the morning. Every day the eyes are swollen into a bear. Although the draft fee is very low, it is better than nothing. I thought to myself: After writing these few manuscripts, the money for this week will fall. Write, write, write.
  Yang Ge was very frustrated at the time and was unhappy all day long.
  I thought that relying on me for a while, but my head was hot, and my mother lost her job.
  My new leader, the moment I moved my hands and feet in the anti-lock office, I finally broke out. Fuck, for the monthly salary of less than five thousand, why do I ruin myself under this kind of swearing, I will not do it! The leader roared: "Roll! Hurry!"
  When I got on the subway home, I regretted it. With a continuous day and night and an irregular diet, my stomach suddenly became sore and cold.
  The subway at night is crowded with people. I can't sit down with my hand. This is the Shanghai that I have to take pictures. I sit on the ground directly, and I will probably go all over China.
  I stumbled into the house and fell asleep on the bed.
  I have been tired for the first time in Shanghai for the past two years.
  When I woke up, I was surrounded by Yang Ge’s arms. He held me, and the dim light shone on his face. The air made people feel warm and warm.
  "Yang Ge, why are we coming to Shanghai?"
  "Are you tired?"
  "Tired, but no way."
  After a month, we each found a job. Yang Ge is in Yangpu, I am on the line. We are separated by 30 kilometers apart.
  In the bright subway, Yang Ge was carrying a suitcase in front. Unlike when he first arrived in Shanghai at the train station, his body was much thinner and his back was even more lonely.
  The hand with my duffel bag is shaking. It’s too heavy and too heavy.
  In the feast of the famous car mansion, we took a big bag and lost our souls. Like a refugee who fled from the desert, it was incompatible with the city. Originally, we did not integrate into it.
  I suddenly panicked and felt insecure.
  The psychological defense of a person can collapse and collapse in a flash.
  Shanghai is big, we are small. We walked very slowly, this time Yang Ge did not let me hurry. For two years, we are still us and we are no longer us.
  We are busy on weekdays and stay together on weekends. Sometimes working overtime on weekends, we see it once in half a month or even a month. I began to get used to the life of a person, and the days of my own life in the student days are back.
  I have worked overtime and worked overtime, and finally I was appreciative in the new company and started to raise my salary.
  I don't know if I am really busy or busy. Our words are getting less and less. Just Yang Ge will take the initiative to give me a call, let me eat more, go to bed early, and have enough money?
  I used to work overtime, and my mouth was all um, um, okay.
  In September 2014, Yang Ge’s father was suddenly sent to the hospital for rescue. He returned to Xi’an’s hometown overnight, and I quickly tens of thousands of dollars.
  Two weeks later, Yang Ge called me and his voice was low: "What to do, my mother is only me."
  "I know, you take care of her." Tears swirled in the eyes.
  "Are you coming?" Almost with a pleading tone.
  I spent a few minutes and finally said: "Yang Ge, I am almost 28, I am scared."
  Yang Ge was silent for a long time, almost choked: "I'm sorry, I can't raise you well."
  "Very good...very good... it's very good."
  I hung up the phone and hid in the company bathroom, and I couldn't stop crying. The heart is hollowed out.
  Yang Ge left, went back to his hometown, and never came back.
  I went to check out Yang Ge, and his room was not much.
  We came to Shanghai to start using the rice cooker in the first month. Every day, it is cooked with rice and mustard. Yang Ge said that the most bitter days of that period, I don't think, I don't remember the most bitter days.
  We moved to a two-bedroom computer desk at IKEA. On the weekend, Yang Ge put the speed card on the scum computer and downloaded a movie. We both wore earphones, nested on the bed, and squatted together to see that they were fainting.
  We bought the toaster online. Every day, I baked two pieces of ketchup with peanut butter and I was so excited that Yang Ge said that the sauce on my mouth was not rubbed off. I said yes, where is it? He will suddenly come in.
  The washbasin we just bought in Shanghai is still there. I moved a few times and didn’t throw it. I remember that I didn't wash my hair for five days, and I saw the customer the next day. We didn't even dare to buy the shampoo for 20 yuan. I saw a bag of washing powder. When I didn't say anything, I sprinkled it on my head and plunged into the washbasin. Yang Ge sat outside for a night at the door.
  Everything we have used is still there.
  It’s just that we are gone.
  Returning to Yang Ge in Xi'an, life is slowly settled down.
  My work is on the right track, and one can afford a slightly better house. But I understand that I will also leave Shanghai, maybe tomorrow, maybe five years and ten years later.
  I have struggled for decades and still don't know if I can afford a toilet. Anyway, don't want to.
  At the beginning of 2016, Yang Ge’s roommate Laozhang told me that Yang Ge was getting married.
  I heard the news and didn't know what to say. Turning off the mobile phone and squeezing into the subway where people come and go, all the thoughts in the head are the plans that have not been passed last night.
  There are too many people in the city of Shanghai. Everyone has a story and everyone is very vulnerable. There is nothing that can be compared to the peak subway, which is more gratifying.
  My mom often chanted with me: "You are not too big, so come back and find someone to get married."
  I said, "Okay, okay, take it back next spring festival, Hu Ge is Huo Jianhua, you decide first." He said tears and flowers. When you are older, your tears are getting lower.
  During the Spring Festival, Yang Ge held a wedding. I didn't want to go anywhere in my hometown.
  Later, Xiaozhang told me that on the day of the wedding, Yang Ge was drunk and cried and wanted to go to Shanghai to eat soup powder. How do you say that there will be soup in Shanghai?
  Yes, there is no paste soup in Shanghai.
  There is Wuhan, we have Wuhan in the third year.