Let's talk about Wei Jing's speech: not only will the body get sick, but also the heart.
  Good buddies, I am receiving such a task. When I am going to talk about "Opening a talk," I am actually very excited. Because when I joined the company that year, it was thirty-two years ago. At that time, I just graduated from a medical school. I am only twenty years old and may be about the same age as everyone. When I graduated, my first choice was surgery, the second choice was cardiovascular, and I was transferred to neuropsychiatry. At that time, I was still a little unwilling, because I felt that it was an upset. Many people even thought that it was an idle thing. It was not a business. Even my family, or a classmate who was familiar with it, said that your performance was so good. It is this profession. At that time, I couldn't predict today. I used to work in such a field, a profession, able to serve people like this, to get the attention of so many people, and even to talk about my major in such an open lecture hall. I was affected by the teacher told me that at the time of enrollment such a sentence , say you're going to do in this field, is a more unknown territory, if you can accept, can manage, you may be able to get a higher sense of accomplishment . So these two adjectives attracted me, but I didn't think about it at the time. It was after a few years, when I thought about it, I realized that it was in my heart, exploring the unknown and gaining a sense of accomplishment. Something in it.
  Today, our country even has the "People's Republic of China Mental Health Law", now "healthy China", mental health as a national strategy to pay attention to mental health, this is really a change of the times, is the public's needs . Why do you say that? If you think that you have had psychological problems, please raise your hand and have a lot of small hands raised. Then everyone thinks that they have had some kind of mental illness and may even need treatment. Let me see it? There are not a few small hands, so who in the room thinks that they have had mental illness? Only one hand, indicating that our views on these issues, is really biased.
  I tell you that I have ever had a mental illness that can be diagnosed and even needs treatment in our medical framework. That was during the SARS period in 2003, because I lived next to the Union Hospital. Under my window, I saw Dongdan North Street, the big road, the usual bustling road, the bustling, especially troubled road. No one, no car, and occasionally whistling is an ambulance, then turn to the hospital, seeing the armed men, the ones wearing the isolation suit. I stood on the balcony. At that time, we had not done much in the clinic. We just went to work on a regular basis. Even if we were on duty, we were mentally minded and did not see patients with infectious diseases, but we were fully armed. At that time, I stood on the balcony and saw that there was an ambulance whistling downstairs. My tears would fall involuntarily, my heartbeat would speed up, I would sweat when I couldn’t move, and then I would start to doubt and doubt in the various messy thoughts in my head. all. I realized that fortunately, I was doing this profession, and I realized that it was anxiety, so at that time, I made this diagnosis for myself, asked my colleagues to prescribe me medicine, and I took a non-drug Treatment is to be a behavioral therapy.
  At that time, I knew that as a professional, when SARS was so rampant, so panic, then what would the public do? I guess they would panic, and maybe even sometimes, I would panic. So I immediately acted. I called the dean at that time. I said that we need to do something. The dean is very supportive. I gave eight calls and later added to the 16th. I started to call the SARS psychological hotline. . When I was able to put my attention, energy, and my focus into this matter, plus medication, I quickly eased my anxiety during that time. At that time, I was in a mental illness like anxiety disorder, so this is a common problem. Then why do we think this is an unacceptable and unrecognizable thing? I think it is because we don't understand psychological distress and psychological problems. In fact, psychological distress or mental illness, it has these major attributes.
  First of all, it has a variability. It must be when a person deviates from its usual tone and normality. If we have been stable in this way, we will have a slight change in our own tone and will not be classified as psychological. confused. The second one is that it has no selectivity. We may feel that it seems that psychological distress or mental illness will choose some weaker people. This is not the case, whether you are male, female, old or young, no matter What profession are you, whether you are an extroverted or introverted personality, whether you are screaming, quiet, or psychologically troubled, such as depression, you may find you. Of course, if you are at a particular stage, such as pregnancy or postpartum, the attention is higher, because we call it a high risk factor. There is another attribute that is also important. It is reversible, so what are our treatment goals for psychological distress and pursuing it? It is to restore to the pre-illness state, what it used to be, and what to recover, this is your psychological distress and problem solving.
  There is another one, a very important attribute, it is medical, and it is medical. I give an example. Everyone will think that if our skin is scratched, your pain, you think it is Where did you feel it? It is thought that this pain is felt by the skin. It is thought that this pain is felt by the nerves. How many people think it is felt by the brain. Many people are very medically minded. The pain is really not felt by the skin. It is felt by your brain. Then everyone thinks about it. I give an example of this. What I want to express is how our emotions feel. Arrived?
  For example, our fear, what do you think is what you feel, is it really what we saw, what we heard, we will feel the fear? No, it is what our brains feel. I have cut out two diagrams for everyone. Let’s take a look at it together. This is the cross section of our brain. The gray layer on the outside is called the cerebral cortex. There are some sports brains that are in charge of our arms, legs, and movements. Some parts are brains, which is the pain I just said. Where to communicate, you have to know clearly which part of the body is perceived by the brain. In the middle of these colors, green, and blue, we call it the limbic system. These are the emotional brains. Ok, this has a green, such an irregular ball, that is the center of fear, called the amygdala. Our fear is that when we see some images, or after hearing some sounds, the amygdala is When activated, people have a strong fear. Unfortunately, after the amygdala is activated, this fear is generated and it is transmitted to other parts of the brain. At this time, the brain's cognition changes, and it is a terrible thing to judge. It is constantly, when there is abnormal activation, people become very scared.
  Similarly, our emotional brain, the surrounding part, and many other parts are related to depression. It is not a real thing in the outside world. It makes me sick, or makes me, but my brain, and Emotion-related emotional center, or emotional brain, it is abnormal, people feel unhappy, can't be happy, have no interest, people feel that they are not as energetic as before, and they are happy. Very interested, but also laughed. He will feel that all this is uninteresting. He can't feel the parts that are active, happy, and happy. His negative experiences are many. This is our depression and brain. When I feel depression, it will happen. Unfortunately, it will still These nerves, its activation, are transmitted throughout the brain, to our part of the mind, to our moving parts, to parts of our body. So when we were depressed, many of our thoughts were subverted. I used to think about things. When I was depressed, my views were different. I used to be confident in myself, accept myself, now I see myself. It is not right, so it is medical.
  Everyone usually hangs on the lips and says that the heart disease depends on the "heart medicine" doctor. Those who agree with this sentence should raise their hands. Almost all, can you tell me, right, this handsome guy wearing glasses, how do you Understand this sentence?
  Let's talk about Wei Jing's speech: not only the body will get sick, but also the heart (228 issues)
  Audience: If a person has what he calls an abnormality in his heart, he knows where the crux of the matter is, and he has to open his own heart and rely on himself.
  Wei Jing: Then I want to ask you, what do you think is a "heart medicine"?
  Audience: This knot is his "heart medicine."
  Wei Jing: You mean to find the source of his confusion.
  Audience: Yes, the point of confusion, the root.
  Wei Jing: Who might be able to prescribe this "heart medicine"?
  Audience: The person who knows him best is probably the person around him.
  Wei Jing: Please sit down, so we are a handsome guy. He naturally said the misunderstanding that I just said. "Heart disease depends on the heart of medicine," the sentence itself, I personally think that there is nothing wrong, the key question is how do we define "heart medicine"? If you share it with the audience just now, "Heart Medicine" is one of his cruxes, then it is wrong.
  "Heart medicine" is first of all a kind of medicine. When depression occurs, what we just saw for everyone, the emotional brain of the brain, its function is abnormal. At this time, if we go to persuade him to help him find The crux of life is not convincing to him, because at this time, his thinking is completely subverted compared with the usual, and he will tell you what you said, I understand everything you say. If we talk about it, we are tired, we rest and rest to restore strength, right, but if we are paralyzed, can you rest well? No, you have to be treated and it is ill. That is also the case with depression. If we are only in a bad mood, then we will rest and resolve, but if it is depressed, anxious, like these psychological problems, even mental illness, you will not want to do depression. Not enough. He did understand that these reasons are useless, so "heart medicine" refers to drugs plus non-drugs, so who needs to be administered? Not the people around him, this must be looking for professionals.
  Another attribute is that it has identifiability. Everyone has got a name called PHQ9. You can take a look at it. There are nine items in it. This is an evaluation scale we often use as depression. Just answer one point or two points, three points or four points. After all of our classmates got it, they found that they didn’t have one point. How many people? I can hardly get zero points. How many people are there below? If you find yourself very fifteen or even twenty, don't hesitate to go to a doctor and talk. Because of this scale, it asks your mood very directly, your emotional feelings, so it is Knowable. Just like our physical illness, other doctors may be concerned about a person's symptoms, your leg hurts, where the pain is, how it hurts, and if it is psychological, it will be very concerned about this person, and his feelings. . Let me give you an example. For example, everyone may be particularly difficult to talk about, or to talk about suicide, right, because when it comes to depression, we can't avoid this word. However, if we ask a person in the clinic, if your mood is not good recently, you just said it, and sometimes even pessimistic, sometimes you want to live and die? If he tells me that the doctor will, I will think more easily than usual to think about life and death, but I just think about it. If another person answers, I think I am nothing, I am living now is family and The cumbersome society, if his answer is another, well, the doctor tells me that these are wasting your precious time, which means that I have to pay close attention to the safety of this person. So it is also a topic, but we need to say different words to him, to be extremely sensitive, and to be in an assessment state at any time. This is its identifiability. I am afraid that we can't talk about this psychological distress. We don't dare to open the skylight and talk loudly, which will further aggravate our psychological distress and psychological problems. This is a very regrettable thing.
  So this year's "World Health Day" theme has set such a "talking about depression together." I think this is a new opportunity for us. We have to face such psychological problems and problems. We must be able to talk about these problems. We actually hope that these confusions will be solved earlier. Not always dragged to the end. Of course, I hope that in our country, we are now paying more attention to psychological problems and mental health. We can do more. If our mental health has not yet been established, then we can get the material well-being and we will not get all of us. Deeply recognized, so mental health really determines that we have too many things, my speech is here, thank you!
  [ Opening the key points of Wei Jing's speech ]:
  1. Why do we feel that depression is unacceptable and cannot be recognized?
  2. What are the treatment goals for psychological distress?
  3. In the face of depression, many of our thoughts have been subverted. What I have seen before, when I have depression, the current view is different.
  4, "Heart disease depends on the heart  medicine doctor", what is "heart medicine"?
  5, open the skylight to speak, this is very important!