"Life is very expensive, please don't waste" this " three most swearing" conference "the most burning" speech is on fire again.
  Recently, the discussion on the topic of college entrance examinations has been hot, and Yang Youping, a teacher of Wuhan Sixth Middle School, has been "fired."
  Her speech at the Senior Three Swearing Conference was called “the most flamboyant” speech. Many students and parents hope to save a speech and spur themselves in the next year and in the longer-term life path.
  Teacher Yang’s speech?
  Since 23 years of teaching, Teacher Yang has been the seventh high school student. She knows the hard work of studying in the third year of high school and knows the importance of hard work and struggle for the third year of high school.
  She said in her speech, "Children, we don't want you to do everything, but you must go all out, don't overdraw, but you must do your best. Trying to do it may not make your future worry-free, but at least it will make us There is no regrets tomorrow. Because, really, life is very expensive, please don't waste."
  Today, we will share the speech of Mr. Yang to everyone:
  " Life is expensive, please don't waste "
  Text / Yang Youping
  Parents, classmates, leaders, colleagues:
  Hello everyone!
  I am very fortunate today, in this special time node, here to talk to you about some of my thoughts.
  Classmates, two years ago, when you first entered the sixth, your foot has already entered the threshold of the university.
  Indeed, only about 15% of junior high school students can stand on the playground of a provincial high school like you, which proves that your ability and luck are not bad.
  Some people say that a diploma is just a piece of paper, and the future is a painting.
  You also said that I can't be a national leader, and I don't want to be a great writer. The dream of my life is to make more money and live. I don't criticize you for being vulgar, but also provide some data.
  In the 2016 China University Outstanding Alumni Rankings, 136 alumni of Tsinghua University have been ranked among the top three richest people in China in 1999-2015, Forbes, Hurun and New Fortune. In 2015, the total wealth of alumni reached 467.5 billion, ranking first; Peking University No. 2; Fudan No. 3; then followed by Zhejiang University, Shenzhen University, Liaoda University, Wuhan University.
  Statistics show that the number of rich people in the 20 to 100 schools is basically a five-star university in China.
  Baidu CEO Li Yanhong, Peking University; Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang, Tsinghua; 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi, Xi'an Jiaotong University; Jingdong Mall CEO Liu Qiangdong, Renmin University.
  Some girls may start to play a small calculation: it is better to marry well. In this life, I am only responsible for being beautiful, looking for an object, and letting him be responsible for the bravery and the world.
  Then I tell you that Li Yanhong’s wife, Ma Dongmin, is more educated than Li Yanhong, graduated from the China University of Science and Technology Junior School, and Ph.D. in the Department of Biology, University of New Jersey, USA; Zuckerberg’s wife is his Harvard classmate; Clinton is in Yale’s love. Sister Hillary.
  Regardless of boys or girls, whether you or me, only you are good enough, you have the confidence and blessing to match other excellent.
  When you are worthless, your self-esteem may be worthless; when you have no longevity, there is no tile, and you talk about freedom often as a joke.
  But success is never fascinating. When you pursue this, you pass by and linger in the wild flowers and weeds. When you lose, you cry and ask for help.
  If you don't look beautiful, you think too beautiful.
  Some people say that learning is better than parents, and the starting point for the rich second generation is my upper limit.
  But what is the use of grievances, please fight for the first time among so many people who are not rich second generation. If you are born, you are not only a child, at least do not make a tortoise; climb, but also work hard, the second generation of parents have also been a generation.
  Remember: you can start from scratch, but you can't be unarmed.
  You probably thought of Ma Yun again , looks and scores are not bad. The college entrance examination mathematics only scored 1 point for the first time. After two years of re-reading, I was finally admitted to the Foreign Languages ​​Department of Hangzhou Teachers College with a score of 5 points. - Fortunately, when the undergraduate was not recruited, Ma Yun was added.
  However, from this mathematics 1 point to the two years of undergraduate course, how much unremitting efforts, just like 12 years later, and the year of Ma Yun holding his own yellow pages, knocking on a door but being rejected; In the streets of Beijing in the night, Ma Yun looked at the lights on the street and said: In a few years, Beijing will not be like this to me; in a few years, you will know what I am doing.
  Therefore, what I want to say is that a paper test is not only your intelligence, but more importantly, your judgment, concentration, control and tolerance.
  In the face of the monotony or hardship of today's high school, you have chosen to do nothing, your future work and life, how many cold eyes, loneliness, refusal, fiasco, or even death, how can I believe that you must have something to do?
  Youth is not only a road, it is not in a hurry to see the difference, but, walking in front of the hardships, walking behind the soil.
  No matter which way in the world, most of this is still the spectrum.
  Some people say that the college entrance examination looks at luck. However, the child, life is determined by the day, in the hands.
  I have not struggled, "I am fortunate, I lost my life", but it is the lazy and the lazy who are naked.
  Thomas Jefferson said:
  I believe in luck. In fact, I found that the harder I work, the better my luck.
  The king of Salem said:
  As long as you really want something, the whole universe will unite to help you.
  Perhaps you also said that people have different talents, and I have fewer roots. But maybe we all overestimate the role of pure talent.
  Some children are efficient in class, and you say that people are talented.
  The truth may be that students who are also in class, poor habits, and things that are usually adapted to high stimulating thresholds are more likely to “slip down” at any time in low-stimulus information flow, such as thinking about yesterday’s game, and getting used to adapting to low Stimulate and enter the state.
  As a result, the time of the former class was completely wasted, and after class, it was digested with doubled time and lower efficiency, resulting in extremely terrible time loss.
  Similarly, when encountering problems in learning , the former who is used to the poor is easy to give up, and the latter is to be on the bar, to kill the big BOSS, to soar a wave of experience, to achieve higher and higher levels in the challenge of snowballing and to succeed. Pleasure.
  There are still some children who seem to know when they are studying. You also say that people are born to be smart.
  But in fact, he may only have accumulated experience more and more than you, and from the middle of it, the analogy.
  For example, probability theory speaks of the chapters of the law of large numbers. A person who has heard of "roads knowing horsepower and seeing people for a long time" may understand it more easily; learning geography and hydrology, I heard that "still water flows deep ( Still water runs deep)" This Western proverb may make it easier to remember that the river has the fastest water flow below the surface of the water.
  In fact, learning not only accumulates the distance of learning, but more importantly, it also accumulates the speed of learning, that is, learning is accompanied by a small acceleration.
  The more you learn, the more you adapt to learning; the more you learn, the better you learn.
  And the talent you often sigh is not as good as people, and half of them may be that you are not as good as people, and you are not as good as people.
  Of course, I do not deny the difference between talent and ability. Not every test can take the lead, not everyone can get into the best university, not every effort will be marked with brilliance.
  But life has a big world, small and small. At least don't take your 500-liter container and roll it into a 250-shape.
  Many years later, you may understand that half of the tears we flow in the future are the water that we entered in our minds. If you have done everything, don't get stuck in a test paper, a score.
  But if you do good things, don't ask for a future; if you are in full bloom, the butterflies will come; if you are strong, your fate will reward you.
  Children, parents and teachers are not intended to be harsh on you. It’s just that we are willing to help you wipe the sweat of your forehead at this time, but I’m afraid that you will go to the tears in your eyes. How much hard you can live today, how much praise you can afford in the future.
  To sum up, children, we don't want you to do everything, but you must go all out, don't overdraw, but you must do your best.
  Doing your best may not make your future worry-free, but at least it will make our tomorrow no regrets.
  Because, really, life is very expensive, please don't waste.
  After reading Yang’s speech again, I’m still in the mood.
  As Bi Shumin said:
  The life of each of us is a one-way train ticket, and each of us has not got the ticket for the round trip.
  Whether you are a child who has entered the college entrance examination battlefield, an office worker who is nine to five, or a middle-aged person who has already entered retirement, please remember:
  If you have a desire to have an ideal, if you really have the power to implement it, you must start immediately, to fulfill your wishes, and to make yourself less regrettable.
  Do what you need to do, because life is expensive, please don't waste!