Three-minute wonderful speech by the kindergarten teacher
  Dear teachers and classmates:
  There are many things in the world. When giving others, they tend to be more and more divided, and only one thing is more and more divided. You may be surprised to ask: "What is that?" I will answer you without hesitation: "That is love!" Love is not a request, not an exchange of equal value, but a sacrifice, a giving, and a self-sacrifice. When you really give and give, you will bring you the same love.
  When I entered the school gate and was called "teacher good" by the tender voice, my surprise and uneasiness did not know how to express it. That is the moment I think is the most wonderful, happiest and most glorious. And that moment is always around my ears, long time lingering. When I first stood in front of the kindergarten children, everything made me fresh and curious. Look at this face, touch the head, like a piece of buds lie on the small face, eager for the sun and rain. Every morning, "Teacher, you are early."
  The childish greetings brought me a day of happiness and vitality; every evening, with a cry, "Teacher, goodbye." Give me the light of hope for tomorrow. The pure heart, the holy love, and the deep meaning of the children have purified my heart and aroused my deep love for the cause of education. I will give all my love unselfishly to them. When I dedicated my purest love to the group of lovely angels, they brought me happiness and happiness.
  Just out of the school gate of the kindergarten teacher, I no longer have simple eyes, not a bird-like cockroach, adding a bit of silence, a little more gentle. Looking at a red, tender little face, bright, pure eyes, do not need too much words, I have embarked on the pure, sacred territory of kindergarten education, began my teacher career. The sun rises in our hoarse voice, and the moon hangs in our black scorpion.
  As the dynasty and the dying, Yun Changyun disappeared, and the years of beautiful and moving stories in the indifferent bitterness. We are young but not mad. We are ordinary but not vulgar. We use the young heart and beautiful dreams to spread all the love and all the love. Innocent smiles, nourish our hearts, sweet songs wash our hearts, we find the meaning of life, in an ordinary, trivial little things, reading the glory.
  Many people have asked me: “Was the kindergarten teacher happy? Happiness?” They used to compare the teacher to the candle, the spring silkworm, the ladder and the paving road, and linked the teacher’s labor to these sacrifices and sorrowful images. think,
  Teachers should have another realm, the education should be seen as a blessing labor experience, the children grow up happy in the process is the teacher of life value-added process, your love, your effort, your life wisdom has been turned into a side Face sails, swaying the boat in the ocean of life to the other side of the blue.
  Happiness and happiness depend on oneself for taste. Although you can't point to the stock market and laugh at the political arena, although you can't go to the academic world and walk in the sea, when you are sick, there is a warm word, a bright smile, a pair of small waving hands. With your care and love, can you not feel happy?
  When you pretend to be angry, hear a gentle words like this - teacher, I am no longer naughty, not naughty, please don't be angry, okay? Can you not feel happy? When you are tired from fatigue, there are children vying and shouting "Teacher, let me give you a massage!" "Teacher, let me give you a lame!" Can you not feel happy? When you see a child with a big hand coming out of the harbor and sailing in the blue fairy tale, can you feel the inexhaustible pride, pride, happiness and happiness?
  I want to tell you that as a kindergarten teacher, I am very happy and very happy. In the face of happiness and happiness, I am proud and excited. I am even more memorable. In these happy years, there are all hopes and bright eyes that are crystal clear. The light of my life is so incomparable - just like the sun in the sky, warming up others, and warming myself. Therefore, I want to tell people all over the world loudly, I am happy, I am happy, I am a kindergarten teacher.