"Year of the Year" selection speech: excellent teachers have big love in their hearts
  Dear experts, everyone, everyone!
  I am Zeng Hailing from Tianjian Primary School in Futian District. The topic of my speech is "on the road."
  "The moon is bent, the little boat, the little boat is pointed at both ends. I am sitting in a small boat, only seeing the shining stars, the blue sky." You are so good at reading. If you grow up, you must be a good teacher. - From this primary school teacher's words are like a beam of souls that guide me in the direction of progress. I came to the normal school to practice basic skills. I didn't finish reading the 1012-page Xinhua dictionary. Going to work, convinced by the climax of classroom art, after tempering, the quality class that I spoke was continuously ranked first at the district, city, and provincial levels.
  Am I a good teacher? When I was out of school one day, the performance of the students gave me an embarrassing response. At that time, I arranged an essay , but the voices here did not fall. The whole class complained of bitterness, and suddenly the painful expressions and helplessness of the past writing. The sound, like a scene of the movie, constantly comes to my eyes.
  Since then, I have started research on primary school students' work, and excellent teachers are not teaching materials but building courses. From the two dimensions of language development and thinking development, I have combed 12 topics in six grades of elementary school, a total of 94 units of project content structure, and presided over the writing of 200,000 words of subject matter teaching materials. I took my own research results, exchanged with the Chinese University of Hong Kong Teacher Center five times, and went to the poverty-stricken mountainous areas and earthquake-stricken areas in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, etc. 13 times and sent them to the Fuzhong District Chengzhong Village School. I saw the smiles of the children. I sincerely feel that the excellent teachers are always keeping a childlike heart, always paying attention to the growth of the children, and truly lead the way to the children's minds.
  Now I have published a personal monograph of 240,000 words and become a provincial backbone teacher. I once again asked myself, am I a good teacher? A special child once again caused my deep thoughts. In September 2011, I took a new class and found that a classmate often laughed abruptly and sometimes screamed loudly. He could not integrate into this group. During a class, when he tried to get into a three-person group, "rolling, neuropathy." He bowed his head and turned silently. I walked behind him. He kept tearing his hands with both hands, and my heart was crying.
  I am the mother of a child, I can feel his loneliness, his grievances. My mother took my hand and said, Teacher Zeng, helping my child, he is really pitiful. I have thought more than once to let him drop out of school. At that moment my heart was deeply stinging.
  I have always kept in mind that there is no education without love, but how do you love such a child correctly and scientifically? After three years of hard work, I was awarded the highest level of professional counseling in the country. I know that such children belong to Asperger Syndrome. They live in different ways than ordinary people. They are four times more likely to be bullied than ordinary children. With professional eyes, they find that there are many such children on campus. How eager to get the education that suits them in the regular class. When my mother took my hand and walked for a while, I deeply felt that a good teacher is a big love in my heart, not giving up any life , so that when the children leave the classroom, they are all in the same spring. Step by step soul doctor.
  Am I a good teacher? I have been thinking about it and have been on the road.