In terms of political ideology, I unswervingly support the principles and policies formulated by the party, earnestly study the important thinking of the "three represents," study the spirit of the 17th National Congress, and be consistent with the party in action and ideology. In the teacher's morality, I will learn from the old teachers and learn from them, and learn from them the noble and rigorous teacher style.
  In terms of education and teaching, I measure myself with strict requirements and high standards, constantly pressure myself, and actively participate in various types of teaching activities. In the teaching, according to the characteristics of students, the main part is pleasant teaching, not full house filling, insisting on students as the main body, teachers as the mainstay, teaching as the main line, paying attention to the combination of teaching and learning. At the same time, do a good job in the correction and counseling work.
  In terms of discipline, I strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school, and are not late, do not leave early, and take the initiative to take time off. In the work, respecting leaders and uniting colleagues can correctly handle the relationship with leading colleagues.
  In terms of teaching achievements, with the improvement of teachers' business ability requirements in the new curriculum reform, in addition to teaching, I also squeezed time to self-learn Chinese texts and actively participated in various modern educational technology training. Teaching achievements have been unanimously recognized by other teachers in the teaching and research group. The class I brought, overall, has a good grade.
  Of course, as a young teacher, I still have various imperfections in my work. As the saying goes: "There is no gold in the red, no one is perfect." In the future work, I will "learn more, do more, Think more, summarize, and reflect more, with a view to greater improvement. Become a good people teacher.