Over the past year, I have loved the party, loved the people, adhered to the party's educational policy, and loyal to the party's educational cause. Thoughts are correct, style is decent, obey the work arrangement of the leadership, and the work is serious and responsible. In the work, it can fully mobilize the students' enthusiasm for learning , stimulate students' learning emotions, rationally use teaching methods, take students as the main body, teachers as the mainstay, create teaching situations by means of inquiry, open up students' thinking, and popularize students' imagination. , to the quality of the classroom forty minutes. At the beginning of the school, you can quickly organize the class committee, select the class backbone, and strive to cultivate the class backbone. For example, Yang Jinhua, Luo Fuquan, Deng Lihua and other students can actively cooperate with teachers to build a good style of study, create a good class, and form a good style of study. Therefore, in the past year, the crime rate of students was 0, the rate of bad students was 0, and it was rated as an advanced class in schools.
  In the teaching work, we must carefully prepare lessons, carefully correct the homework, work in a neat format, and develop good study habits. For individual poor students, they can be carefully coached, often face-to-face assignments, find out the weak links of knowledge, and make timely traps. For example, I often use my spare time, work in a class to help students, develop targeted education programs, and plan to do a good job of transforming students. In the classroom, we use the form of multiple questions, multiple inspections, timely guidance, and timely feedback to improve the cultural basic knowledge of the undergraduates. At the same time, in the class to carry out mutual help and mutual learning groups, carry out a one-on-one learning activities, so that students can correct their thoughts, learn from each other, promote each other and form a good learning atmosphere for you to catch up with. Usually, I also pay attention to "two hands": on the one hand, cultivate a good student, on the one hand, through the guidance of the top students, and advance with the advanced help, so as to promote the win-win effect. For example, at the beginning of the semester, I developed a help-seeking program to carry out the theme of mutual help and learning between “stretching out your hands and helping your friends”. Regular inspections, found that students with progress, timely praise, reward. In this way, the students' enthusiasm for learning is fully mobilized, and the learning craze is set off.
  In the students' ideological education work, we must be tempted, patient, and patient. For example, there was a naughty student at the time, and he was called Guo Huafu. He has poor grades and often skips school. He is a "small bully" in the class. I took the method of talking with him often, making friends with the students, being the intimate people of the students, working closely with the parents, and when I found that there was a little progress, I praised him in time, encouraged him, and established his prestige in the class. Through education, he made rapid progress and later became a good student.
  In addition to my work, I also worked hard to study the textbooks, analyze where each class is successful , where there are deficiencies, constantly sum up experience, and constantly enrich my teaching level and class management level. Through the teaching in the past year, in the class, the students' learning atmosphere has formed, the organization discipline has become better, the homework can be completed on time, the labor is willing to work hard, honest and courteous, mutual help and mutual learning, so that students have achieved comprehensive development.