Dear leaders and colleagues:
  Hello everyone!
  I am XXX of the Power Monitoring Department. I am honored to be here as a new employee representative. First of all, on behalf of the new staff , I would like to extend my best wishes to all the leaders, colleagues and colleagues who are struggling in the field. I wish you all a happy new year in the new year. Good health, good work, and good luck.
  It has been half a year since I came to the company. During this half year, I have experienced a change from a student to a company employee. This process is painful and happy. The pain is because I have to adapt to the environment that is completely different from the school after I work. I say happiness because I am constantly improving in work and life, more responsible and mature. I believe this is also the feeling of all new employees. The university will gradually erode our childishness and give us more strength .
  Entering Guodian NARI Track Branch, we came to different departments and projects and started different jobs. Although we are in the sky, our hearts are the same, and our love for work is the same. After I came to the company, I entered the project department of Beijing Metro Line 9 and followed everyone's busy work on the 9th line. From drawing to debugging, from Nanjing to Beijing, I deeply realized that the work is not easy and deep. The physique will be shoulder-to-shoulder, and each of our work may be related to the correctness and safe operation of the system, so every nuance needs a hundred times careful and absolute seriousness. In order to help us adapt to the environment and familiarize ourselves with the work as soon as possible, the company has appointed a master for each of our new employees. My master is the project manager of Line 9. She has always taken care of me. She not only patiently taught me technical knowledge, but also set an example to teach me a proactive attitude. During my business trip in Beijing, the master devoted himself to engineering debugging. even if the illness is still insist on work, at home or even attend to young children and seriously ill elderly. There are so many excellent employees in our company. They have struggled in the most difficult environment for a long time but never complained. It is their selfless dedication that supports the excellent performance of our company. They are not only touched by our new employees. It is even more shocking and the driving force for progress. They practice the company's values ​​with practical actions: integrity , responsibility, innovation, and dedication. We must always follow them as examples, strictly demand ourselves, bear in mind our responsibilities and obligations, and contribute to the development of the company.
  In the track company, in addition to the enthusiasm of colleagues, the most impressive thing about me is the harmonious and warm atmosphere here. Here, the leaders do not have a condescending attitude, they will patiently listen to our ideas and make their own opinions peacefully. In such an environment of equality and democracy, each of us can speak freely and brainstorm. In addition, the leaders are also very concerned about the lives of our employees. Even if we are on a long-term business trip, we can often receive greetings from leaders and feel the warmth of home.
  In the past six months of work, we have inevitably encountered various setbacks and made some mistakes. It is the understanding and tolerance of leaders and old employees, encouragement and collaboration to support us all the way to the present. Without you, we will not have us. Today's growth. Here, I would like to thank all of you on behalf of the new staff, thank you for your care and help over the past six months. thank you all!
  At the same time, I also believe that the joining of these new employees will definitely make our team warmer and more cohesive. Our company will also be prosperous and promising. Let all of us work together and work together to build a better tomorrow for the company!
  This is the end of my statement. I wish you all a happy new year, thank you!