Hello everyone!
  In this day of resignation and welcoming, we have ushered in an annual meeting, I am very excited, and I am very honored to speak here. I have worked in accounting for xx for more than a year. This is my second annual meeting of the company. During my tenure, the leaders and colleagues of the company gave me a lot of guidance and help. I am deeply grateful to you. Thank you. ! during my job has always been the spirit of "being a good financial staff," the belief and the mentality of ownership of a positive, enthusiastic, precise, finely completion of the work, strict demands on themselves, to play its due in their own posts effect.
  Everyone knows that the finance department, as a major functional supervision department of the company, is a duty that the finance department should do as “good home, good fortune, and better service to the enterprise”. In 20xx, the finance department successfully completed the work delivered by the company's leaders. The following is a brief report on the work of the year:
  First of all, we work hard. Do your best to do everything in your daily work, and try to be thoughtful and try to make yourself more effective. In the financial work, I always aim at improving work efficiency and work quality, and strive to achieve a unified financial system of the head office and branch companies, proactively understand the problems in the financial work of each branch, report it in time, and solve it in time. The staff of each branch company can complete each work according to the company's system and standards, master the work flow, adhere to the financial system, keep a clear-headed, and timely grasp the contracting of the company and the payment of the project payment. Find problems at work, solve problems, and adopt reasonable suggestions from everyone.
  Second, we have a correct attitude. The finance department is the department that serves everyone. It insists on doing things according to principles, strengthens the cultivation of personal responsibility, performs accounting functions, is courageous, responsible, and humbly learns from colleagues , cooperates with the leaders of the company to complete each work, and strictly abides by the company's The rules and regulations can not be sloppy, can not be afraid of trouble, can not be afraid of offending people, carefully review each business, and work in an attitude that is not right.
  In my work and study, I insist on taking the lead and making up for it. Because I know that financial work always runs through every corner of the company's production and management, we need continuous learning, constantly update our professional knowledge, and combine the actual situation of the company to make reasonable suggestions to the leaders and strive to find better ways to serve the enterprise.