- Speech by Dean Ye Jingzhong at the 2019 Graduation Ceremony of the School of Humanities and Development
  Fellow students:
  Hello everyone!
  Congratulations on your graduation, you are going to a new position! At this moment, I don't want to summarize the study and life of my undergraduate or postgraduate studies , because the best summary needs to be left to you.
  When you enter the School of Humanities and Development, I will introduce the philosophy and ideals of the School of Humanities and Development.
  In particular, it is emphasized that universities should provide students with not only knowledge but also ideas.
  I believe that between knowledge and thought, knowledge is material, thought is conceptual; knowledge is empirical, and thought is philosophical; knowledge is useful, and thought is free.
  University study is not just about learning to change fate, but to gaining ideas to pursue freedom. An important concern in the thoughts that the School of Humanities and Development hopes to convey is the average person.
  In the five-minute promo film "Them" of the School of Humanities and Development, there are only three sentences in the film - see them, walk into them and tell them.
  What we hope to present is that in the era of great development, people often see high-rise buildings, high-speed rails and high-speed... and can't see the hundreds of millions of ordinary people behind the big development.
  The School of Humanities and Development is to see these ordinary people, enter these ordinary people through education and teaching, academic research, and social action; to tell these ordinary people through papers, social discussions, policy advocacy, etc.
  As you graduate, I want to remind everyone again that in the future work and life, we should pay attention to ordinary people in our society, especially the weak among ordinary people.
  In Robert? In the 1983 book "Rural Development: Taking the End as the First", he reminded those development officials, development scholars, and even students who are living in cities with urban biases to do development work. To make development actions truly benefit ordinary people, then "make it as important as possible to be as important as possible, and try to feel the world like the weak or the poor!"
  Only then can we understand the social reality and the world of life of the weak or the poor, and we can understand the livelihood pressures and needs of the living of the weak or the poor.
  However, in our society, everyone wants to be a strong, no one wants to be a weak; because people think that the strong is a symbol of victory, and the weak is a representative of failure.
  Therefore, “feeling the world like a weak person” is easier said than done, but it is not easy to practice it. Especially for those who have power, resources or identity advantages, it is more difficult to maintain a weak mentality.
  As we all know, the Chinese economy has maintained rapid growth for many years, and the accumulation of material wealth is obvious to all. Almost all Chinese families are beneficiaries.
  Our society has entered an era of enormous material richness, but at the same time we have found that with the rapid growth of material wealth, the suffocation of Chinese society is also rapidly increasing.
  This is not alarmist, and its severity is almost beyond our imagination.
  For example, in restaurants, buses, subways, high-speed rails, and even planes, they are arguing and beating, medical incidents, school bullying, domestic violence, cut-in jams, open-air cars, and even beating others because they seem to be at a glance... The phenomenon seems to be not uncommon.
  In the network field, it is even more arrogant. Those so-called high-end people often say a word in the WeChat group, and the bad words add up.
  So why is our material life getting better and better, but the social atmosphere is getting more and more full of anger?
  Of course, there are many reasons, but I think one of the reasons is that many people always treat society and treat others with the mentality of the strong.
  People who hold this strong mentality are often the only ones who are self-centered and self-centered.
  Such a strong mentality is often manifested in the social relationship, there is no other person in the eyes, but I give priority, can not tolerate the opinions of others, and can not allow others to surpass themselves.
  There are too many examples here. For example, I have seen the parents who sent their children to school in the morning on the West Campus, and parked the car directly at the main entrance of the college with a clear prohibition sign; some owners in the high-end community parked the vehicle directly on the grass; once on the network, once When others make different opinions, they open up the contract; and too many things are added to the restaurant, the road, the high-speed rail, and even the plane because of a little bit of triviality.
  The worst performance of such a strong mentality is the bullying of the weak to the weak.
  For example, restaurant customers insulted service personnel; community owners insulted to fight security; males abused women; adults insulted children; old people insulted ordinary people; rich people insulted the poor.
  Such a strong mentality is not only not conducive to the construction of a harmonious society, but also does not contribute to the practice of the new development concept in social development.
  For example, such a strong mentality is manifested in the relationship between man and nature, which is often to conquer nature, transform nature, and exploit nature without fearing nature and respecting nature.
  Such a strong mentality performance in the rational and emotional relationship is often advocating calculations, efficiency first, contemptuous, and not concerned with experience and action.
  Such a strong mentality is manifested in the relationship between natural science and humanities and social sciences, which is scientific chauvinism, that is, the objectivity and utility of superstitious science, while despising the criticality and sentiment of humanities and social sciences.
  Such a strong mentality is manifested in the urban-rural relationship, generally in the rural areas to the city, especially for urbanization and urban life can sacrifice the interests of the countryside and farmers.
  It is precisely because of the great mentality of the strong mentality in social construction and national development that I will remind everyone again at the last moment when the students are about to leave their alma mater, remembering the social development and daily life advocated by the School of Humanities and Development. Ordinary people's perspective, especially to try to feel the world like the weak.
  After leaving the campus, if you are engaged in poverty alleviation, please try to understand the realities of life and livelihood pressure of the poor. Don't impose the poverty alleviation scheme you imagined on the poor. If the poor do not accept your plan, please don't detract from their quality and vision. You need to try to feel the world like the poor.
  If you are engaged in rural revitalization work, please try to understand the peasant's life world and production logic. Do not think that an outsider's industrial plan and market plan can be imposed on the villagers. Chambers reminded us that "it is one thing to take risks." and encourage others to take risks is quite another, "perhaps farmers also maintained Scott pointed out that" safety first "survival ethic, you need to try as farmers feel the same world.
  If you are a man like me, please try to understand the multiple roles and multiple pressures of women. Do not practice narrow "equality between men and women" in all production labor and work arrangements. In fact, women have always faced traditional gender. Inequalities created by the division of roles, a woman often needs to take on more housework, population reproduction responsibility and workplace pressure.
  In a male-dominated world, men need to try to feel the world like women in production arrangements and job assessments.
  No matter what kind of work you do, please try to understand those service personnel, cleaning staff, security personnel, try to understand those who are powerless and rich, and try to understand those who are old and weak, don't think that you are their god, don't think You are really better than them. Don't think that you are really their savior. Many things may be a small matter for you, but for them, it may be a big event that makes the whole family anxious.
  I want to tell you that a person who has never experienced a poor life experience can never truly understand what it means to live in poverty;
  A person who has never experienced the difficulty of borrowing money, can never truly appreciate the feeling of borrowing money from others;
  A parent who has never raised a child with a disability can never truly feel the variety of benefits and tastes needed to raise a child with a disability.
  It is precisely because people can't really realize the real life and psychological world of the weak. Therefore, we need to maintain an attitude, that is, try to "feel the world like the weak."
  Dear students, people refer to the school they have attended as their alma mater.
  As a mother's college of humanities and development, there is no prominent family, no gorgeous appearance, but we have romantic feelings and simple thoughts.
  We hope that our graduates will remain innocent and true. They can think about society and pursue their meaning in their work and life. They can always penetrate their hearts and listen to the voice of conscience.
  Rousseau once said: "When you see this kind of dignified and simple costume, who still does not despise the vain luxury?"
  I want to say to our graduates of the School of Humanities and Development, "When you see your innocence and innocence, whoever does not despise the sleek and sleek; whoever sees your high moral interest, who does not despise the self-interest; see your respect for the weak, Who still does not despise the arrogance of the strong?"
  Classmates, the words are exhausted, and the feelings are not final.
  At a time when everyone is about to leave school, we want to tell you that the School of Humanities and Development is like your mother. It doesn't care how big your career will be in the future. It doesn't matter how thick your wealth will be in the future, such as mother. The general Humanities and Development Institute wants you to:
  Healthy and healthy, safe and happy! No matter when you are, no matter where you are, you don't need to give advance notice, you don't need to prepare in advance, such as the mother's humanities and development college, will always open your arms and wait for your return!