100 campus inspirational movies
1, Magic Cinderella (starring Anne Hathaway)
2, 贱 girl (Lin Sai Luohan starring)
3, Cinderella's glass mobile phone [super recommended]
4, the mermaid (the music is also very good)
5, dance my life (inspirational! Just out of the second)
6, admission notice
7, Aquarius girl
8, unfortunate love God (2006 Lindsay Lohan starring)
9, a basket of children
10, Snow Princess (super recommended)
11, my friend is a star [super recommended]
12, hot mom hot girl [super recommended] (Lin Sai Luohan starring)
13, material girl [super recommended]
14, crazy turtle car (Linlin Luohan starring)
15, civilian days (super recommended)
16, Princess Diary (not to mention Le) [super recommended]
17, singing and dancing youth (very hot movie!)
18, Legally Pretty Woman
19, spicy baby [super recommended]
20, love assassin
21, beautiful girl cheerleading team [super recommended]
22, December boy [super recommended]
23, football stunner
24, magic double star
25, super perfect man [super recommended]
25, strong songs flying [super recommended]
26, New York time
27, cow beauty
28, the devil wearing PRADA [super recommended]
29, a natural pair
30, college days (super recommended)
31, like Jordan
32, summer of jeans [super recommended super touching ~]
33, memories of first love [super recommendation gratification ~]
34, sweetheart dance [super recommended]
35, leopard crush
36, female soldiers report
37, the girl turned forward (super recommendation is very inspirational)
38, Miss is so spicy
39, Europe, my line
40, the king of the relegation
41, a talented woman (Hilton's first main film!)
42, who leads the wind (super recommended girl's scary and cute)
44, crazy and reasonable
45, the first appearance
46, beautiful bad baby (very educational)
47, new happy full house
48, almost normal
49, Presidential Journey to Europe
50, hot girl bodyguard
51, I love owls
52, a friend
53, idol has an appointment
54, all night carnival
55, 窈窕美眉
56, the first daughter (super recommended)
57, the savior
58, this commitment [super recommendation]
59, magic babysitter
60. The opposite evil girl looks over
61, change the partner [super recommended]
62, virtual idol
63, Xin Ding arrived
64, strange girl out of the list (super recommended)
65, a kiss on the Jiangshan
66. Basketball brothers
67, popular godmother
68, glamorous
69, American sweetheart
70, super perfect score [super recommended]
80,86 American
87, Little Prince (South Korea)
88, no defense city (South Korea)
89, Kloof Archives
90, ten
91. Love holiday (quick recommendation)
92. Georgia's Law (Linsay Lohan)
93. Beauty and ugly (fairy female Paris Hilton new work)
94. Note I love you (new film! Beautiful love )
95. Jenny Juno (Korea)
96-100 stunned 1-4 (American super satire Hollywood blockbuster big funny movie, highly recommended)