Classic inspirational film: "When happiness comes knocking on the door"
  When is happiness coming knocking? 
  The story takes place 81 years in the United States, tells the story of an encounter with a young man in every possible way to break through the hard life in the financial period so successful entrepreneurship true story. The actor Chris has a complete family, a wife who works in the laundry room and a 5-year-old son, but life is not complete. As a salesman of expensive medical equipment, he must sell 2 instruments a month. Can barely maintain the expenses of the whole family. If you encounter some unexpected events, then this hard-to-find day will be even worse. Chris, who has not paid the rent for nearly three months, and the family’s complaints, is helpless. When is the happiness in the Declaration of Independence coming to knock on my door? 
  One day, he walked through a business building and saw someone parking a high-end sports car aside. The owner was very rich. Chris asked him two questions without hesitation. What are you doing? how did you do it? He is a stockbroker. 
  At this time, Chris needs a chance to change the life that is now destitute, and choice is more important than hard work. However, to become a formal securities broker not only faces a lot of competition, hard work and the establishment of interpersonal relationships, but also requires a six-month unpaid internship period, and only one of the 20 interns is qualified. Can stay. 
  In the face of such a difficult situation, only the high school Chris has no choice but to learn to be a securities broker from scratch . Chris, who is studying the securities while selling instruments, is facing the hardest days of his life. His wife left him and left his son. They didn’t have the money to pay the rent to leave the apartment and stay in the motel. The days let Chris eventually face bankruptcy.
  After Chris and his son were driven out of the motel, lying in the toilet of the train station, his son was lying in his arms, and in the middle of the night someone pushed the door hard. He stood at the door and covered his son’s ear, tears like rain. Next, there is no way to give a son a safe and secure feeling. There is no way to bring happiness to his son. He is very sad. However, this hardship and the persecution of life did not make him abandon, but enhanced his sense of responsibility and enhanced his willingness to succeed, making him work harder than ordinary people in these six months. Grasping every minute in the company to create performance, every night, the hard work, breaking through countless difficulties and obstacles, through his sincere personality and strong desire for success, finally got his long-awaited position. He was in tears because he saw happiness already knocking on his door. 
  After seven years at Chris, the securities company eventually owned his own listed securities investment company. 
  "I am such a person. You ask me questions. If I can't answer, I will tell you 'I don't know' but I promise that I know how to find the answer. I will find the answer." The interviewer said, "Assume that there is a person." When I was wearing a formal attire, I ran over to the interview and then I hired him. How would you rate it?" "The pants must be very elegant" - Chris interviewed. 
  Father and son are on the basketball court - "Don't let people say that you can't make a big deal, including me, okay?" 
  "If you have a dream , you have to protect it." 
  "Those who don't have the material will say that you can't make it." 
  Happiness, you will knock on your door at any time, when we face difficulties and obstacles, it is incompetent, or lazy to make ourselves forget to look forward. Tomorrow's achievements come from today's accumulation. No one can be lucky. Only hard work, clear direction, firm belief , and fulfilling the set goals every day can bring happiness into the arms. Even if no one encourages and supports them, you can still create a happy and beautiful life like Chris, who is self-disciplined, persistent, tenacious, intelligent, and never give up. 
  Just do it! Now!