Inspirational film "The King's Speech"
  The "king" has two eyes, but it is a stutter. There is no absolute power, the sun has sunspots, absolute beauty and absolute defects are theoretical existence, and those who are particularly outstanding in some aspects will become heroes, heroes, great men. These idol-level figures have thousands of meanings for all beings. The most important one is that they can use "inspirational" to carry out the expectation, embarrassment, and action of "the heart is longing for." In the "Song's Speech", the king's archetype was George VI. According to historical records, the "early steel plate leg orthosis" mentioned in the film and the experience of stuttering and nervousness are all true, and the dumb brother is exactly The famous Edward VIII, who does not love Jiangshan, loves beauty, is right, wrong, is related to the wind, is political, and stays behind by others. Life has always been richer and thicker than movies. However, the film has always been refined and concentrated in the perspective of “leopard in the tube” and strives to concentrate. 
  First, the weak and the strong 
  When the king is still the prince, Bertie stutters in a mess, the ugliness in front of the public seems to have been a commonplace, the identity and duties of the nobility in this life have become a heavy burden. During the first medical treatment in the film, Bertie's mouth full of glass balls, under the urging of the doctor, tried to send out a few ambiguous syllables, and then sadly lowered his head, and quickly raised, helpless Anxiously looked at the doctor, patience, patience, finally spit out all the glass balls, violently gone. In this scene, the doctor stood up all the time, Bertie sat in the chair, and the shots of multiple doctors and the shots of Bertie in stark contrast. Bertie is extremely helpless. His anger is both right. This kind of pressure and painful resistance is also a kind of protection for the self, so he will look at the wife and the doctor next to him from time to time. He is like a drowning person, struggling to breathe and waiting for rescue. 
  The appearance of "unlicensed practitioner" Leonard is playing the role of a redeemer, and he quickly became the savior of Bertie. The close contact between the two begins with simple communication between the doctor and the patient, and the complex is sublimated into a friend and a confidant. On the level of stutterers and healers, Leonardo is an absolute powerhouse. He repeatedly stressed: "My site, my rules." (I suddenly remembered the song of Jay Chou, "In my place here." I have to listen to me, "Cool." Bertie must obey.  However, Bertie’s identity gave Berdy a dignity and right over Leonard, and for Bertie’s first refusal to treat and the second time to leave, Lai Onnal is powerless. When Leonard’s wife met the Bertie couple who had become kings and queens, the woman who was able to control herself in her usual life was also somewhat helpless. Bertie’s trust in Leonard gave both the latter and the latter’s glory. Therefore, the relationship between the two is always two-way. (This is similar to the two-way rescue between the colonel and the college students in "Women's Fragrance".)  Second, chic and responsibility  Edward's role rejected the responsibility of the royal family and chose his own love, although love is still one. Responsibility, but the film's brilliance lies in the king's responsibility to the nation. Therefore, Edward's temperament is only in love, and Bertie's perseverance insists on meaning to the masses and the people. Here, the author does not make further judgments.   Third, there are sound and silence 
  There is a lot of Bertie in the film. He has been trying hard to say that it is this attachment that highlights the great character of the king. The ancient Roman philosopher Seykaka said: "The true greatness lies in the invincibility of being divine with the body of a fragile mortal." Hemingway said: "Life is not to be defeated, you can destroy him, but not He can beat him." He is not unable to speak, but can not fluently say that this kind of intermittent ridicule makes Bertie embarrassed, and more seriously, unable to fulfill the responsibilities of the prince and the king. In the film, the stuttering depiction of Bertie's nervousness and the details of the trembling that can hardly be heard are achieving the effect of "sounding in silence". Bai Juyi has a poem: "Don't have a quiet and dark hate, there is no sound here." The stuttering Bertie and the basically unsettled Bertie have a shocking effect. The former lies in hard work, the latter lies in long-lasting, long-term Work hard. At the end of the film, Bertie made a slightly slow and difficult speech in Leonard's "circle", almost no stuttering. This is a miracle, and of course the climax of the whole film. No matter how long ago the rugged front, this last climax always makes me wait for H! Therefore, the audience is not tired of the climax, the key is whether the film can make everyone really nervous, entangled, and moved. 
  4. Serious and lively In the 
  elementary school, there are four big characters on the left and right sides of the school: “Unity and tension, serious and lively.” At that time, it was very confusing, united and nervous, serious and lively? Later, I heard people say that this was what Mao’s grandfather said, and later I learned that this is a different aspect. "The King's Speech" is a serious film, and this is beyond doubt. Respect for history is serious, the performance of actors is classic, and the responsibility and commitment, struggle and growth in the film are also serious. There are only a handful of lively rhythm scenes, one is 36 minutes to 37 minutes, Leonard’s muscle training for Bertie’s stuttering treatment, and the other is Mrs. Leonard’s encounter with the King’s couple. Only the Bertie couple came back to the hospital and apologized: "It takes a long time to wait for a king to apologize." Overall, this nobleman is indeed a "serious man" 
  in depression, pain, After struggling, he was born again and succeeded.Let yourself be the real king, not the laughing stock. At the end of the film, Bertie took a sigh of relief and took the queen and his daughters to the masses and waved their greetings. This man is still somewhat cautious, somewhat nervous, and may never be successful and lively, but it does not matter, because he has surpassed himself and fulfilled his responsibilities.