Inspirational movie view: everyone can beat the king
  Tonight, I organized the whole class to watch the inspirational film "The King's Speech" in the school ladder classroom. 
  The film "The King's Speech" stands out from the crowd and leads the 83rd Academy Awards this year with 14 nominations, overwhelming the previously popular films such as "Social Network" and "Pirates of the Dream". In the end, the quiet and steady "The King's Speech" finally succeeded in blocking the popular "Social Network" and winning the four awards of Oscar's best film, best director, best actor and best original script. 
  The movie tells a real story, and the story is very simple. 
  The Duke of Albert was unable to speak in front of the public because of stuttering, which made him ugly in large-scale ceremonies. Yin Hui’s wife, Elizabeth, is looking for a doctor to help her husband, but the traditional methods have not worked. By chance, she came to the house of the language therapist Linal Rogge, who said that his approach was different. Although the Duke was not interested in Rogge's quirky tricks, the first treatment was not happy.  However, the Duke found himself reading a good reading of Shakespeare when he was listening to music. This made him begin to trust Rogge, with treatment, slowly overcoming psychological barriers. George V died, Edward VIII succeeded to the throne, but in order to marry the widow, Mrs. Simpson, retired to the younger brother. Albert, who was suffering from stuttering, was killed and became George VI. The biggest challenge he faced was how to deliver an inspiring speech before World War II. 
  This is a beautiful movie, it is a work of art. There are no visual effects in the movie, no beauty, no tough guys, no Chinese clothes, no grandeur, and no hot action scenes. The picture lens, like the blooming flowers in the middle of the night, is quiet and there is no climax, every minute is reflected in your eyes, buckled into your chest. 
  This is a story of a big man's efforts to succeed, but it has resonated with many small people who have seen the movie. Many humorous lines make the students laugh. As an inspirational film, it is not as inspiring as we expected, and there is not much hard work to inspire people, but we have seen a lot of expressions about friendship and friendship in the film, and saw the most realistic portrayal of the inner world of the character. And the most vivid description of the changes in the spiritual process. People-oriented, human-oriented, is the key to the success of the "King's Speech." 
  In the face of today's fierce competition, as long as you work hard, there is nothing you can't do. The biggest enemy of life is yourself. The king is also a human being, and we can all beat the king. 
  In the face of intense learning, we can have time to calm down and watch a popular movie, and students may be unforgettable for life. I watched the movie today and also had a task. Each student writes a post-reading feeling, and the number of words is not limited; then they communicate in the language learning group. Finally, one classmate listens to the opinions of other students in the group. After summing up, write a post-reading feeling and post a good work award in the classroom.