Inspirational Film Views: "The King's Speech"
  Like the title of the film, "The King's Speech" gave the impression of being unpredictable at the beginning, far from the temperament of Hollywood blockbusters, and the humanity in the context of modern warfare against Oscar's best film "The Hurt Locker" last year. Thinking is also very different. However, the wave is not a broth, and the "King's Speech" seems to be a restrained and exquisite drama. It is deep in the low-key, and it displays a moving force in the deep. 
  The storyline of the film is very simple, based on real historical events. King George VI of England suffered from severe stuttering from a young age. Finally, under the treatment of Leonard, he finally overcome his vocality and delivered an inspiring speech. The reason why this simple and simple story produces such a dramatic drama is that small things happen to major historical figures and historical events. At the time of World War II, the king who is a symbol of a country needs to give a speech to unite the people. In this context, stuttering treatment becomes especially important, and small things become so big. 
  Whether the king can be cured and stuttered has become the biggest drama tension of the whole film. Until the end, under the "command" of Leonard, George VI finally gave a full pre-war speech, and the audience will breathe a sigh of relief. The tension of the film also comes from the king and the therapist itself. This is two people with very different identities. One is the king and the other is the ordinary therapist. The character of the king is not only introverted, but also easy to be angry. There is always a condescending momentum. This kind of personality collision caused by identity differences has also become a highlight of the film.  The role of therapist Leonard is particularly outstanding during this collision. He did not bow to the knee because the subject was treated. He asked the king to break the routine and come to his own simple treatment room. Receiving treatment, a "my site to listen to me" posture, he used his unyielding patience and sincerity, and finally opened the king's strong heart, and found the psychological shadow of the king's childhood. He even deliberately angered the king and let the king speak fluently. It is this kind of sincere exchange that is not humble and innocent, which makes Leonard respected, and the king also regards him as a good friend of his life.
  At the same time, the film's description of the king is also a kind of flat-view lens. Although the king has a lofty status, but also has the shortcomings of ordinary people, the film shows George VI's bitter taste. It is an easy task for others to think in public. In George VI, it is a very difficult thing. In this sense, "The King's Speech" is also an inspirational film, and because it is the King's efforts to overcome the inner dilemma, the power of inspiration is even greater. When the king was flushed in front of the microphone, he was very painful, but finally finished the speech completely. The inspirational power of the film also gave birth to a long movement. 
  Someone on the Internet suggested that Director Chen Kaige look at this film. This suggestion is really appropriate. When we filmed the king, we couldn't help the grand narrative, but the "King's Speech" made a deep and vast meaning in an ordinary and subtle story. The Oscar judges must understand that the power of touching people is not A certain proposition from the grand, the king's stuttering, can also make people think a lot.