Inspirational movie view: strong dreams, shiny wings
  "Hyun Dance Swan" from the subject matter of speaking, is an inspirational movie, the film's structure and the British film "Billy Elliot" (BillyElliot) are somewhat similar, are telling people dancing teenage dream and insist on the story of unremitting efforts, the final They all reached their dreams, but in the "Hyun Swan" Li Jingjing went through the second rebirth before boarding the stage of dreams. After an accident, Li Jingjing lost a lot, but because of the rise from sorrow, Li Jingjing has the opportunity to realize his dreams. Life is always like this. God will always leave you a door. As long as you wait patiently or look for it, you will always have the chance to succeed . 
  "Hyun Swan" is a small and medium-cost movie. This kind of film also needs patience and sincerity to complete, because the film has limited production conditions, no big stars, no big scenes. If you want movies to look good, you must have movies. The story is real and touching. "Hyun Dance Swan" is adapted from the story of the surviving dance girl Li Yue in the Wenchuan earthquake. The Wenchuan earthquake has been in the past three years, but the pain caused by this disaster has not faded. From the movie, Li Jingjing, the little hero On the body, we can see the perseverance of a surviving young man, and the unremitting pursuit of dreams. This spirit inspires every person who survived the earthquake and is strong in the face of future life. A better life. 
  Sometimes, when the movie is too big, it can touch people's hearts. Just as "Avatar" lost to the "Bomb Hull" in the Oscar's best film competition, the investment gap between the two films is very different, but low cost. The "Bombing Expert" finally defeated "Avatar" to win the best film award, so that film investment is not the only criterion for determining the success of a film. Hyun Dance Swan" investment is not high, but sincerity is commendable, production is serious, starting from the real deeds, the core content of the film is Li Jingjing's experience of learning dance, this is the main line of the film, the vice line is Li Jingjing's father learning for her daughter. The change in dance attitude, from the initial opposition, to the subsequent approval, these constitute the plot conflict before the film. Later, because of an accident, Li Jingjing lost his father and brother, and the family suddenly changed dramatically. The courage to regain survival is the focus of the second half of the film. 
  "Hyun Swan" is actually one thing, that is, a strong dream. When the dream resides in the mind of a person, this person is willing to struggle for his life , then the big disaster will not let This yields. Although Li Jingjing is young, the dramatic changes in her life have made her become stronger. When people have dreams, they are like plugging their wings. As long as they persist, they will have a successful day. As long as you don't give up hopes and dreams, no big disaster will stop a person. This is a problem that all successful people will face in the past and present. Everyone who has achieved great success will not be flat all the way. Firmly believe in one's own beliefs , then the dream will eventually become a reality. Even if Li Jingjing is amputated in the film, he can't stand up, but he can dance like a swan. On the stage, Li Jingjing is a dazzling swan.